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Baguettes get better every day. they come out of the oven at the bakery around 8am or we bake fresh every morning for whole foods, check our website to see which ones we’re baking for.

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Most frequently asked questions about how to keep the bread.

q) where should i store the bread?
a) short term on the counter. long term in the freezer. never in the fridge.
q) in what should i keep the bread in?
a) paper bag is fine, wrapped in a towel works, just never in a plastic bag (unless it’s going in the freezer, plastic is fine then)..
q) does the bread freeze well?
a) yes, very well. i recommend getting the bread sliced, sticking it straight into the freezer, then pulling slices out as needed and popping them directly into the toaster. you can also freeze the loaf whole, let it defrost when ready, and pop it into the oven at 350 for about 4-5 minutes.

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This is what i’m talking about. check out the crumb on these pain au chocolat. just beautiful.
i understand all food is beautiful, all food is nourishing, and all food is precious. i get it. the beauty i’m talking about is when all things go right from prep, to mix, to lamination, to fermentation, to baking. that’s the beauty i’m talking about, the beauty of a well executed craft.

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Some thoughts for this new year.... the bakery has grown tremendously year over year since it all began in 2012. for this year, i think it would be wise to put the growth on pause, take a breath, and start focusing on being the greatest version of ourselves, not just the biggest.
im flattered by all the offers and opportunities to open here and there, but it’s just not our story right now. we have one bakery, and in many respects, i feel like we’ve just begun. i don’t want to just grow for growths sake, i don’t want to just feed the beast.
so, for this new year, may we be grateful for how far we have come, and in honor of that achievement, may we give our craft and craftsman the energy needed to get to great.

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Most frequently asked questions about new years
q) are you making more panettone?
a) yes, boxing them up right now. best batch yet.

q) will you be open new years eve? new years day?
a) yes, normal hours new years eve, and opening up late new years day (10am, give us a chance to sober up)..
q) why don’t you answer your (expletive) phone, i’ve called like a hundred times!!
a) it’s just so freaking busy, everyone’s in ot, our walk in compressor just busted, and most of the time we can’t even here it ringing cause it’s so d**n loud in here. sorry. emails are best, we’re pretty descent at responding. if we do answer the phone, it’s a miracle, and it’s probably my mama, so be kind 🙏

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It’s pretty slammed these days, so development is not the first priority. but these mini sandwiches would be pretty darn tasty on the catering menu. maybe we can sneak them on.

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Today was slammed, next level slammed. we got slaughtered, 30 minute ticket times, lost tickets, 86 everything by 3pm. still, proud of the ztb team, pure grind 💪 now we drink. merry christmas.

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Who’s excited for christmas? we are! we clearly need a break, and maybe a little b***e (or maybe a little less). open today until 3ish (we’re running on fumes) closed christmas day, back open the 26th. merry christmas!!

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I’m on route 12 this morning. this entire truck is just for whole foods downtown, i’ll be there in 8 minutes. christmas has got this kosher bakery bumpin!

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Here she is, limited edition salt crusted challah.

i love being your baker. thanks for the support today, it was fun.
l’chaim l’chaim

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You’re not gonna believe this. we forgot the salt in the challah. so to accompany our ugly breads, we have beautiful challah with no taste. when it rains, it pours.

so here’s the plan, we’re gonna egg wash all the challahs, coat the crust in salt, and bake it in. it will be like a challah pretzel. it will still be tasty, but obviously not matching our standards, therefor, half off.
who’s getting feshtunkin at the shabbas table tonight? me.

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Well, today’s an ugly bread day. still tasty, just not as beautiful as we would like. not gonna charge you full price for ugly bread, half off seems fair, only available at the shop.
as the great k. clarkson says “what doesn’t k**l you makes you stronger.” amen.
challah should be on point, comes out of the oven at noon. i’ll crank up some @idanraichel when it’s ready, his tunes always make me happy. good shabbas!

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