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Good morning from us✨
i’m holding a glass of warm lemon water - best start of the day with some cuddles🙏🏼

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Photo by: @travel_a_little_lux
loc: bawah island
anambas. riau island
share your photo and use
hashtag #hellonusantara
bring your friend to visit this place!!
⬇our official contact⬇
line: @bvw3344s

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I believe, in a parallel universe, there is a record of all the things you backspaced and did not say.
segregated according to dates, like whatsapp chat backups.
things your typed clumsily over the phone screen, masking desperation and dejection in the chill of the night. words that curdled your very soul.
things that left you sour and empty.
in a parallel universe, these conversations are accumulating in lots and one day, you’ll have access to the manuscripts and understand how different life would have turned out to be, had you said what you always wanted to.

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드디어 다녀온 크림레시피 💫
감바스는 파는 거 아니구요,
사장님 꺼 뺏어 먹었어요 흐흐
말차 멍뭉이 컵케키와 🧁
체리가 아낌없이 가아득 들어 간 체리쥬블레 케키 🍒
커피도 맛있고 디저트들도 맛있고
정말 재밌고 반가운 만남이었어요 ʕ•̫͡•ʔ 💕

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