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“the wilderness must be explored!” -pixar’s up .
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Orange you glad you got up for that sunrise?
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Any day on the water is a good day.
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No end in sight to the road trips! 📷: @womenwhohike @im_nicolemarie
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Thanks everyone for following along during our takeover of @yakimaracks ! it’s been so wonderful sharing our stories and some tips with you. happy adventuring!!😁 @henrythecoloradodog

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Watch to see how we easily get henry, who weighs 80lbs, into the skyrise tent ⛺️😊 #rackpack @henrythecoloradodog
that green thing is a yoga mat!

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What’s the best part of camping and hiking for us? endless hugs and kisses from henry and baloo ❤️ @henrythecoloradodog

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Hey guys 👋🏼 @henrythecoloradodog here! when we first introduced henry to baloo, we were surprised to see them bonding almost immediately! baloo’s mother abandoned the litter, leaving him feeling neglected. and henry has separation anxiety and was desperately looking for a friend. so when they met, it only took about 24hrs for them to realize that the other was exactly what they needed. as you can see, they’ve been inseparable ever since 😊

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So you want an adventure cat? well here are five tips for training your adventure kitty! @henrythecoloradodog -

1. if you are getting a kitten, try to pick the one that isn’t shy or too wild. baloo was the curious, yet the laid back one of his litter!
2. exposure! start taking your cat everywhere with you. the more your kitty sees regularly, the quicker they will get used to sometimes scary, outside stimulation!
3. once your cat is 8-10 weeks old don’t wait to take them out! the sooner the better. baloo went camping when he was twelve weeks old and now thinks adventure is just part of his life!
4. when introducing the harness and leash, don’t put everything on and immediately take them out. instead, have them wear the harness all day for a week or two in the house until they are used to the feeling! once they’re used to it, take them to a park/yard and just hang out. let them get acclimated to their surroundings before asking them to walk and so on.
5. be patient and listen to what your kitty is telling you. when your cat gets scared, don’t let them run, even when on the leash. if they run they will learn that bolting works because it gets them away from whatever is scaring them. instead, get down on the ground with them and reassure them while not letting them run by encouraging them to stay and face “that scary thing” ! :) #adventurecat #rackpack

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The story behind the cat hat @henrythecoloradodog -
when we adopted baloo, we wanted to get him adventuring as soon as possible, so we took him on a hike in golden, colorado his first week with us. baloo shocked all of us as we watched him immediately start walking up the trail, with little to no encouragement. as we strolled through the aspen trees, i had this idea for a picture to introduce baloo to henry’s followers. how cute would it be for baloo to sit on henry’s head as a kitten? so off we went into the woods to try to get the shot. henry laid down in a cozy spot and i placed baloo on his head. we stared in disbelief as baloo bear-hugged henry’s head and closed his eyes. he just sat there and henry let him. they had only known each other for five days and already had so much love and trust for one another. and thus, the cat hat was born.

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Hey guys, henry and baloo here, @henrythecoloradodog ! we are taking over @yakimaracks account this week and can’t wait to share our adventures and some tips and tricks for adventuring with our furry friends with you! we are a family of four based in colorado, made up of one pup (henry), one kitty (baloo), and two humans (cynthia + andre). they’re both rescues that love to get outside and do absolutely everything together, from backpacking to snuggling! we will be spending this week sharing our little family with you and answering questions😊 hope you enjoy our stories because we are so excited to share them! #rackpack #neverleavethedogbehind #neverleavethecatbehind

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Chillin' like a villain.
photo: @theadventureproject_tap #yakimaracks

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