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It’s 10:37 pm so why not give y’all something to look at 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Link in bio!!!

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Trynna break us is like trynna break steel 😋

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Happy new years ♥️

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Bringing in the new years with the same person i started with ♥️ #oldpic

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Snapchat seen it first ❤️

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On this day at 9:07am i welcomed you into this world. you are the sweetest little boy that i know. i thank god everyday for allowing me to be your mother. today you are 1 years old and i can’t believe how fast time as gone. it feels like i just had you yesterday. i wouldn’t trade the last year with you for anything. i’m so excited to see what the future has planned for us. i may not be the perfect mother but i try to do the best i know. i love you baby boy. i am forever grateful for you 💙 happy birthday to my twin!!

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Photocreds: @damienprincejr

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I love everything about you ❤️ make sure y’all go ahead and follow my baby @damienprincejr

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I’m young but i’ve been through a lot ❤️

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You complete me in so many ways ❤️ i love you forever my baby @damienprincejr

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Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on.

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Photo creds: @damienprincejr 💙

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My forever ❤️

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It’s the kyky show 💙😍

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