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An up-close view of @rcj6666​'s jaw-dropping wave at nazaré #bigwaveawards video by @plmiranda

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Board testing with @koloheandino22​ on the #northshore. which board do you think looks best? 1️⃣, 2️⃣, 3️⃣, or 4️⃣? | video: @jacobvanderwork

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@rudischwartzzz styles through a thick barrel at the right, western australia | video by @tim_bonython​

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Missed it by that much 🙌 😱 video by @jaidynbartsch

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Endless 🌀by @avg.surfer

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Barrel-fest last night on the #northshore with @john_john_florence, @koarothman, @billykemper, @eli_olson & @konaj_ | 📷 @peterkingphoto

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Launching into golden hour with @koloheandino22 ☀️ photo: @jimrussi

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Join mason ho (@cocom4debarrelkilla ) and tom curren (@curfuffle ), as they spend one week scouting the coastline of this wave-drenched, storm-ridden island in the north pacific. this is #thetyphoon. full edit up on our facebook page .. #thesearch @ripcurl_usa

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@sheldonsimkus​ on a perfect day at kirra | video by @nuggetfilms #thisisqueensland

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2x world champion @tylerwright is ready for the 2018 season 😳💥 video by @_blakewilton_ & @chrisheighington

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@joelparko​ navigates his way through a long kirra cavern 🙌 🎥 @happilystoked​ & @billabong​ #thisisqueensland

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@italoferreira 💯 | video by @lem_ontrees

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@mickcorbs​ on an insane monster! 😱 video by @treeksea

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It was fun while it lasted… @hazza_twins video by @nuggetfilms #thisisqueensland

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@shanebeschen​ showcasing the double hand drag, a stalling technique that we've seen a lot lately but has been around for some time. "on this wave, i was a bit on the shoulder so i was using both hands to try and slow myself down as much as possible to have a chance at getting in the tube. this is a forward technique which means that both feet and weight should be shifted forward to shorten the board and increase speed control. this technique can also be used if you're in early behind the peak to really maximize your tube time, which is basically what we all want as surfers." 🎥 @jacobvanderwork

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@lakeypeterson’s impressive performance at the 2017 #roxypro #goldcoast | march 11 - 22 @roxy

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Typhoons deliver the yin and yang of nature; a joy to some, devastation to others. mason ho was determined to find the yin. @cocom4debarrelkilla @ripcurl_usa #thesearch

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This is how @lucaschumbo​ took the #nazaréchallenge win | video by @johnnydpbp @poorboyzproductions

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@markmathewssurf standing tall in his first barrel back from injury at kirra yesterday 💯🙌

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Surfer ✔, skateboarder ✔, golfer ✔, reporter? @sierrakerr at the @pgatour #genesisopen this week

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