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Disney world things

comment 29 star 1,448 16 hours ago

Two klints, one danny. πŸ“· @fknstrada
@klintslvyvll @svddendeath

comment 16 star 1,673 Yesterday

Secrets out, i always have @sullivanking under the dj table to tell me what 2x drop to play next. whos coming to our b2b next month? 🐘🎸 @fknstrada

comment 54 star 2,247 2 days ago

L.a. was goin down like....🐘 πŸŽ₯ @fknstrada

comment 67 star 2,600 3 days ago

Palladium night 2 βœ”
shoutout @svddendeath for coming out.
big ups @slanderofficial for having me both nights

comment 13 star 1,754 4 days ago

Palladium night 1 βœ”

headbangers ball continues tonight for round 2

comment 20 star 1,777 5 days ago

L.a. getting that spicy double dose of action this weekend 🌢🐘

comment 10 star 1,322 1 weeks ago

"man this is a great moment...it just needs....a little more flanger!!"
- @dirtmonkeymusic
thanks pat -___- πŸŽ₯@snapaholix

comment 66 star 2,630 2 weeks ago

2019 = more festivals, more shows, more music, more memories || @rukes 🐘

comment 90 star 3,419 2 weeks ago

After hearing about @betanightclub closing, i knew a lot of people would take it hard. my brother, one of the main reasons i became a dj, has been a resident at the club for 5 long years. we always thought we had more time to do a brother b2b, but it looked like it wasnt going to happen after the sudden news. luckily, i found a flight the night before and surprised him at the club. memories like these will forever be with me. thank you @shankaaron for being the coolest big brother. big ups everyone that made the night special @furyjungle @12thplanet @dirtmonkeymusic @itsbeargrillz @imfigure @midnight_tyrannosaurus

comment 38 star 2,808 2 weeks ago

First time playing @betanightclub was bittersweet. glad i finally got to do it...sad it wont be here after this weekend. i see what all the hype was about. holy s**t denver 😍😍😍😍 @snapaholix

comment 53 star 2,259 2 weeks ago

Elephants...they protec but they also attac 🐘😈 πŸŽ₯ @rieks__

comment 20 star 1,852 3 weeks ago