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Did you know that when we kiss or hug our loved ones, we can actually transfer over ingredients in our skin care products to each other? when these ingredients include toxic chemicals, they affect our health is so many negative ways, especially our endocrine system. we always hear about the these impacts on female hormones, but men are affected as well!

studies have shown that pthalates and bpa, which are rampant in conventional products block the production of testosterone, lower s***m counts rapidly, produce less mobile sperm, and cause a host of other issues like thyroid dysfunction, obesity, and diabetes. did you know that there is a 50% decrease in s***m counts worldwide?

infertility is on the rise and it’s not always the women with reproductive issues. luckily, just by switching to safer products, studies have shown reduction of toxic chemicals in the body just in several days!

this is why i’m so excited about the newest line for men that beautycounter launched today: counterman. these 8 new products are exclusively designed to meet the needs of men’s skin, while using safe ingredients that are also high performing. check out the amazing new products like the cleanser, oil-free face lotion, shaving cream, beard oil, and body wash, all in the link in my profile.

and as always, thank you @beautycounter, for living up to your mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone.
📸: @rightyhsu .
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New sauce recipe to spice up your whole30: garlicky roasted red pepper sauce to put on eeeeverything. 🌶 not only is it easy, tangy, and delicious, there are so many ways you can use it! my favorite way is to drizzle it on pork chops or chicken. keep it in the fridge and use whenever you need a little bit of a flavor oomph in your dishes! recipe link in profile.

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Several of you have been tagging me in your sheet pan philly cheesesteak photos, and i’ve been drooling at every one of them!🤩 i clearly need to make it again soon. and best of all, they are whole30 friendly and take under 30 minutes to make. don’t forget the cashew cheese, because it’s not a cheesesteak without that creamy tangy flavor to balance out the tender steak and crunchy veggies! recipe link in profile.

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#squadgoals❤️ i’m sick with a cold and planning to rest all weekend but i got these guys here to keep me company so i’m not too sad about it. 🐶🐶🐶 for those of you that don’t know, i have a side gig as a dog sitter and i do it more because i loooove meeting new dogs and keeping my dogs social than for the money. this adorable pug, beau, is a regular and is probably our funniest house guest (just look at his face 😂). hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, friends, and for those of you who woke up in an arctic tundra like i’ve been seeing in so many stories, stay safe and warm!

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The one thing that i need to be mindful about during this whole30 is to include more carbs! it's amazing how much more satiated i feel with some potatoes or sweet potatoes on the plate, especially when i can't snack on chocolate, dessert, or some gluten free toast😭 during the day. since it's *almost* the weekend, i'm sharing my delicious whole30 home fries on the blog that you can add to your brunch menu, and it's just the way i like it: crispy on the outside and velvety soft on the inside! 🥔 recipe link in profile.

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What i’m really craving today: my instant p*t chicken soup. 🍲 i’m coming down with something and my throat has been killing me, so i need to make this healing and comforting soup soon. not only is it whole30, aip, and keto, it actually makes bone broth while it cooks because it’s made with whole chicken! if you have any leftovers, you’ll see the broth gel with all the nourishing nutrients it’s packed with. 🙌🏼 grab the recipe in the link my profile!

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Saving me on this #januarywhole30: @milkandeggscom grocery delivery! 🍎🍋🥦🥔🌶🍳 they actually have a whole30 section on their site, and that’s where i’m shopping my groceries from this month (except butter since i like to make my own ghee!). a few things that’s making my whole30 way easier: keeping a well stocked fridge so i don’t slip when i’m hangry, making a big batch of everything because leftovers are gold, and always keep snacks around. 💫 how’s your whole30 going so far, friends???

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Sharing my all-time favorite recipe from my childhood and in #koreanpaleocookbook on the blog today, kimchi braised keto & whole30 pork ribs (dweji galbi kimchi jjim), and i've included both the instant p*t and stovetop instructions! 🌶🍖 the spicy, tangy kimchi and the fatty pork ribs are a match made in heaven, and you are not going to regret making this. also included: a list of all the whole30-compliant/adaptable dishes from korean paleo to make your whole30 waaaaaay more interesting. all in the link in my profile!

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7 days of clean beauty giveaways start tomorrow in my safer skincare facebook group!🎁 many of you make new year’s resolutions about cleaning up your diet or exercising more, but what about our skin care routine? what we put on our skin impacts us just as much as what goes in. to help you get started on cleaning out your personal care products and educate you on the importance of safer ingredients for our health, i’ll be hosting a giveaway everyday of this coming week starting tomorrow of both skincare and makeup products that i love! each giveaway will come with an actionable educational piece to help you take a step toward a safer and cleaner routine.🤓 go join here to enter: http://bit.ly/saferbeautygroup clickable link in my profile!

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Easy peasy whole30 egg-free breakfast or snack: bruschetta sweet potato toasts! 🍅🍠these are deliciously refreshing and so fun to serve. i’ve been missing my gluten free toasts on the whole30 and these sweet potato toasts are making my january a bit easier. what else do you like to top your sweet potato toasts with?? grab the recipe in the link in my profile!

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Giveaway closed!! the winner is @sadiepaulin! please message me you name and address. 🎉 .
g i v e a w a y 🎉 for those of you who want to feel better in the new year, this one’s for you! i started taking @purehimalayanshilajit about a month ago and it’s been amazing for giving me extra energy, clarity, and feeling good overall. i’ll be honest, i was a little hesitant about it at first, but i really love how amazing it makes me feel and the immense amount of nutrients it has!
what is it?
shilajit is a dark and sticky substance found in the rocks of the himalayas and it’s considered the an ancient medicine of the earth.🖤 it contains incredible amounts of trace minerals, fulvic acid, and vitamins b, c, and e. it’s known for:
💪🏼reducing inflammation,
💪🏼fighting fatigue,
💪🏼building a stronger immune function, 💪🏼strengthening bones and joints, 💪🏼and promoting healthier skin! ✨here’s how to win…✨
one winner will win a box of shilajit in different forms and sizes. to enter, you must complete all 2 steps:
❤️like this post.
🌿follow me and @purehimalayanshilajit .
👫bonus entry: tag your friends!
winner will be announced next tuesday, 1/8. good luck, friends!

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My first whole30 recipe of 2019 is up and it's a good one! 💫 if you are like me on the whole30 challenge, you don't want to think too hard about your next meal because life is busy and you just want a compliant dish in front of you quickly. enter: this instant p*t whole30 chili, with spaghetti squash!🌶 i don't mind bean-less chili, but i do like the heartiness that the beans add. in this version, i add spaghetti squash for that comforting texture, and it's amazing as leftovers and freezer-friendly as well! also - did you know you can cook an entire spaghetti squash in the instant p*t whole without cutting it up? it's a game changer.🙌🏼 recipe link in profile.

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