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But seriously, where is the music coming from? 🤔🤦🏻‍♀️

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On wednesdays we wear (and drink) pink. 💕🍓🥤this pb & j smoothie is one of my faves - full of flavor, low in sugar, and absolutely delish! recipe is on the blog under drinks!
btw, anytime you’re adding a nut butter to your smoothies, make sure to check those ingredients - a lot of times there’s sneaky sugar or poor-quality oils added in there. stick with the brands that keep it really simple!

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Who else was so excited when starbucks came out with those sous vide egg bites? 🙋🏻‍♀️🍳 it seemed like there was finally a healthy on-the-go option that was high in protein, low in carbs & sugar, and (i thought) made with simple ingredients. i looked up the nutrition facts and ingredients on the starbucks website (they actually have a really handy nutrition guide - go check it out and see how your drink/snack orders stack up!) and turns out some of the ingredients were a little nasty. the egg white and red pepper bites have carageenan, three different types of gums, maltodextrin, canola oil, and a bunch of other thickeners and additives we honestly don't really need in our bodies. 😳😳😳 all of that to say... 1. even if something “looks healthy”, it’s worth taking the time to check what’s in it! and 2. make these homemade egg bites to take with you to work this week! super easy and customizable recipe on the blog!

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My smart, talented, beautiful friends... sending you lots of love (and wishing i could send this bouquet of ornamental cabbage too - better than roses in my opinion! 🌹). alright, i’m going to interrupt your valentines scrolling for a second and ask you to share a little self l❤️ve today. why does it always feel so much easier to criticize than compliment ourselves? it feels normal to say negative things and awkward to say what we love or feel proud of. let’s change that. even if it’s out of our comfort zones, let’s pause for one second and share something below that we’re proud of, a quality we love about ourselves, or a recent success. self love time, ready set go! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
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Hey galentines, are you team going out or staying in tomorrow? i don’t really care what the holiday is... i’d pretty much always rather have a diy pizza night at home! 🍕🍷 if you’re thinking the same thing, i’ve got two healthy pizza recipes that would be perfect for your cozy night in!
1️⃣ portobello 🍄 pizzas that are seriously so easy, quick, and fun to make
2️⃣ grain-free artichoke pesto pizza (swipe 👉🏼) which is my homemade version of one of my favorite pizzas from @nectarinegrove!
grab both 🍕 recipes from my recipe box under “mains”. and btw both can be easily modified to be dairy-free with an almond milk cheese (i like @kitehillfoods ricotta best on these!)
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Valentine’s day is just around the corner which means there are tempting little treats everywhere we look! 🍬🧁🍭back in my cubicle days, there were always bowls full of candy scattered around the office, which were super tough to resist unless i had emergency backup. so here are two things that can help you cut back on a whole bunch of sugar and artificial ingredients this time of year without feeling deprived...
1️⃣ keep a high-quality bar of lower sugar 🍫 in your desk (i love @hukitchen & @thegoodchocolate ) so you always have a better option when you’re about to reach into that candy bowl
2️⃣ whip up some festive homemade sweets like these coconut butter mints & chocolate matcha mints that are made with just 3 ingredients and a ❤️-shaped silicone mold! recipe is on the blog under desserts 😘

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Beyond excited to be featured on @mydomaine today (obviously penny was thrilled too ☺️)! check out my full house tour by clicking the link in my bio!
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Having fresh ingredients at home is always great, but what about those days when there’s absolutely nothing in the fridge and you still want to be able to throw together a nutritious meal or snack? having your pantry and freezer stocked with tons of healthy staples is key!! there are several items that *always* keep on hand so i don’t have to stress about what make when the fridge is bare. i decided to put all of my staples together on a free guide, and you can now download it by clicking the link in my profile! just click “get my free pantry & freezer staples guide”, enter your email, and it will get sent straight to your inbox!! 💌

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Food is such a special part of our lives but it’s something we often take for granted when there are so many people who aren’t able to eat every day. to support and fundraise for the @bbscfoundation_ community food project, which provides 300 meals per day to children in ghana who live in poverty, i’ve created a recipe using one of ghana’s staple crops, plantains. please help us feed more children by donating today (link in bio) and btw, not only will you be doing a great deed, you’ll also be entered to win a complimentary dinner-for-two in your city! #eatwithafrica #bbscf .
head over to the blog to check out the super easy recipe for these 3-ingredient paleo plantain chips that will seriously cure your salty, crunchy cravings!

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Considering it’s been so cold in the mornings lately, i’m thinking we could all use a hearty bowl of warm coziness in our breakfast rotations. now, this may look a lot like your usual bowl of oatmeal, but there’s a secret ingredient in here that makes it totally grain-free and paleo. i’m guessing it won’t come as a huge surprise, given the fact that i use this ingredient all the time, but this cinnamon vanilla “n’oatmeal” is made with... drumroll please... cauliflower rice! 😯 now before you keep scrolling through your feed because you’d rather not eat cauliflower for breakfast (which i totally get, btw!), let me just assure you that it is so much more delicious than it sounds! and hey, if cauliflower can be turned into gnocchi and pizza, who’s to say it can’t be turned into a warm bowl of rice-pudding-meets-oatmeal!? 😉👏🏼 this recipe is loaded with fiber, healthy fats, and protein to keep you full all morning, and i swear after one bite, you’ll be totally hooked!
grab the recipe on the blog! direct link to all new blog posts is in my bio 😘

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Friday feeeeels ☀️🍑👊🏼 go get ‘em, girlfriends!
also it’s the last day of the back to basics new years challenge and i’m just over here bursting with pride over this incredible group of motivated, supportive, strong women who put in the work over the last 4 weeks to create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that lasts. already counting down to the summer challenge! ✨☀️

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If you’re craving a big bowl of coziness — and considering that it’s freezing cold pretty much everywhere, i’m sure we all are! — then this cauliflower gnocchi with turkey bolognese has your name all over it! i made it last night on my stories and it was beyond delish! i saved the stories in a highlight so you can see all my tips & tricks for making @traderjoes cauli gnocchi nice and golden on the outside! (hint - don’t use 💦 and cook in butter, ghee, or olive oil in a non-stick pan!)
recipe is on the blog under mains - click the link in my bio to go straight to my recipe box! 🍝❤️

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