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These grain-free chicken enchiladas with roasted tomatillo sauce are on the #wnbchallenge meal plan this week and they’ve been a huge hit! have you tried them yet? 🌮🌮🌮 the roasted tomatillo sauce is my fave part... so worth it to go homemade (and it’s so much easier than it seems!). recipe is on the blog!

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How do you guys stay organized and on track at work? i’ve been so distracted and unproductive today... trying to do everything at once but literally finishing each task halfway, starting emails and not sending, basically just driving myself nuts. 🤯 so i’m looking for tips! i know some people swear by time blocking, de-cluttering their workspace, putting their phone in another room... probably all things i need to do. any tricks or habits that have helped you stay focused at work?? 💻📝🗂

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Every bachelorette party should end with this australian brunch - soft scramble on sourdough with all the greens & pesto and a slice of toasted paleo banana bread with a caramelized banana to share with the girls 🍳🥗🌱 #waxslastshansky

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Which latte would you choose... the classic, a matcha, or a london fog? ☕️🍵☁️ normally i’m a matcha girl, but lately i’ve been all about the london fog at @loftycoffeeco ... earl grey tea, homemade coconut milk, and vanilla - so cozy and tastes like the holidays! ✨

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So you know those nights when you're trying to throw together a quick dinner and there's literally nothing in the fridge? it seems absolutely impossible to whip up something healthy without any fresh ingredients, so you end up boiling pasta again. we've all been there! that's why i'm all about keeping the freezer stocked. one of my freezer staples is a big pack of frozen wild-caught salmon (actually a good deal at @wholefoods!). and thanks to the trusty instant pot, you can cook up that salmon in about 10 minutes start to finish (no thawing required!). head to the blog to grab my recipe for instant p*t lemon salmon - i’m sharing everything you need to know to cook salmon in your ip from fresh or frozen!
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Nothing like a chocolatey smoothie bowl and some chocolate granola to kick off a friday morning! 🍫🤤 my almond butter cup smoothie pairs perfectly with @kitchfix’s granola, which is paleo, gluten-free, and adds the perfect crunch (and it’s low in sugar, too!). head over to @kitchfix’s insta story today - i’m taking over and whipping up this smoothie bowl and i’ll also show you a fun way to use their paleo waffles for lunch! and ps, all of their products are available at @sprouts if you’re wondering where you can stock up! #kitchfixpartner

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Natural skincare… are you on board? 🧖🏻‍♀️🛀🏻 it’s something that's been on my list for a long time, and after lots of trial and error, i’d say i’m about 90% of the way there. you may be wondering why it's an important thing to do, and i was the same way. but think about it... we spend all of this time and energy buying healthy, organic groceries, reading ingredient labels, and putting the best foods in our bodies that we possibly can, but what about what we use on our bodies? it’s actually just as important because what goes on eventually goes in. kinda icky to think about when there’s so many weird, toxic chemicals in our products.
so when i started looking through my cabinets, panicking that everything had to go, i did what any girl does in a crisis... text a friend who has all the answers! and that natural skincare queen is nadia from @bodyunburdened, a non-toxic living expert, nutritionist, and author. a good gal to have on speed-dial if you ask me. she’s such a wealth of knowledge that i just had to share all of her tips with you!
head over to the blog to read my interview with nadia on all things natural skincare for the new girl... she’s sharing where to start, her fave products, what to look out for on labels, how to get that glow, and even a diy mask you can make at home (which you know i love because it has matcha in it!). excited for you to check it all out! 💆🏻‍♀️✨

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Why is the new #wnbchallenge called back to basics? maybe it’s just me, but it seems like healthy living has gotten pretty complicated lately. there’s so much information out there, so many products promising to change our lives, too many trendy diets, and “being healthy” suddenly just got real confusing. should we jump on whole30? well that makes it so hard to go out to dinner and maintain a social life, and if we mess up, we start over at day one! 🤦🏻‍♀️ should we all do a fast? but no, i actually really love to eat. 😂 should we throw 100 magic powders in our smoothies and take baths in rose petals to be healthy? probs not. 🤔 you know what we should do though? slow down, simplify, and get back to the basics.👏🏼👏🏼
that’s what this challenge is all about. you’ll learn what foods you need to make your body feel your best, you’ll start whipping up 20-min healthy meals like a pro, you’ll master balancing your weeknight bites with your dinners out, and you’ll go into fall feeling like a healthy, calm, confident babe.
head to the link in my profile to learn what’s included in the challenge (so much) and go sign up! but be quick, there’s only a few spots left with the $50 discount - use promo insider at checkout!

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Jumping for freaking joy because sign-ups for the weeknight bite back to basics challenge are officially open and the challenge is starting on monday! 🤸🏻‍♀️🎉
so many of you have been asking for a fall-reset after all of the indulging that summer brought our way. and you all saw the deliciousness that went down on my italy trip, so i’m right there with ya. you’re looking for a healthy routine that lasts. you're ready stop yo-yo dieting and stressing about food all the time. you want to figure out how to cook healthy meals at home without spending all night in the kitchen and you want to learn how to balance that with your weekends out at your favorite restaurants. you’re ready to get that healthy glow and feel fab before the holidays roll around or in time for your sister's wedding (<-- this is actually me, 60-day countdown until her wedding!).
this is why i created the weeknight bite back to basics challenge - a 4-week reset to jumpstart a new and improved healthy lifestyle. 4 weeks of meal plans (treat meals included!), easy recipes, and grocery lists. plus all my guides to healthy living - literally all of them. you’ll also get weekly live nutrition sessions with yours truly and an amazing community of women motivating you among the way. and weekly prizes because who doesn’t love that! click the link in my bio to see everything that’s included in this challenge!
ps the first 50 people to sign up will get $50 off using the coupon code insider. get it girl!

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Sunday strawberry shortcake waffle stacks with extra coconut whipped cream, please! 🥞🍓🥥 it makes me so happy that there’s a healthy swap for pretty much everything these days, even my childhood favorite - toaster waffles (thank you for that, @birchbenders paleo waffles!). no need to deprive when you can upgrade! ❤️👏🏼

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What’s everyone making for labor day weekend? i’ve got a batch of this 4-ingredient cherry nice cream in my freezer and am so excited to dig in. because no matter how many pumpkin spice posts are popping up on your feed, it’s still summer and i am hanging on tight!! ☀️🍒🍦grab the recipe on the blog under desserts!
and in a week when we have to face the facts that fall is right around the corner and maybe it’s time for a little reset - my september back to basics challenge will be here for ya! get on the waitlist at the link in my bio!

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What is your favorite weeknight dinner? mine definitely has to be a big bowl of all the goods… a yummy base (broccoli rice in this one!), some protein, lots of veggies, healthy fat, and a sauce of some sort. throw it all in a bowl and call it dinner! this is how i cook the majority of the time, and i’m really excited because these types of bowls are all over the meal plans in my september challenge!
have you gotten yourself on the waitlist for the challenge yet? if not, click the link in my bio. then you’ll be the first to hear all the details including when it’s officially open for sign-ups! it’s going to be the best challenge yet!! and ps, right after you get on the waitlist, you’ll receive my guide to healthy living… 10 pages full of all my tips and tricks, my go-to grocery list, my guide on how to read nutrition labels, and my favorite healthy things to incorporate into my daily diet (swipe for a sneak peek)!
📷: @currentlykristen

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