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It’s here! 💛✨🍲 my favorite soup i’ve ever made (yep, i said it!) is officially up on the blog. this curry roasted cauliflower soup is bursting with flavor and is just about the creamiest dairy-free soup you’ll find! i love serving it over chicken sausage (although it’s a great vegan option without it!) and spinach and topping it with some extra roasted cauliflower for a super hearty dinner. click the link in my bio to head to the blog for the recipe (and ps the step-by-step story is saved in my quick recipes story highlights too)!

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Have you ever tried cooking fish in a parchment pack (or “en papillote” as a true 👩🏻‍🍳 would say)? it’s one of my favorite ways to make fish because the prep and cleanup couldn’t be easier (and it’s fun to wrap up your meal like an empanada), and it’s perfectly cooked every single time thanks to the steam that builds up in the packet! plus you get to look super fancy for your dinner guests when you cut open the packet right at the table for extra drama - they’d never guess you whipped up such a gourmet meal in under 15 minutes! will share a full recipe this week so you can try it out - you’ll love it!
📽: @currentlykristen

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Spent the day baking, shooting, learning tons of styling tips (see my stories!), and eating all sorts of deliciousness with my sweet friend @bakeritablog (i say sweet because she truly is, and also because... have you tried her sweet treats!? 🙌🏼)! we kicked off the day with @traderjoes cauliflower gnocchi with vegan pesto, sautéed kale & broccolini for lunch. so satisfying! have you tried this gnocchi yet? a little tip - skip the water and just sauté the frozen gnocchi in olive oil, avocado oil, or butter until browned (the water makes it super mushy). grab the recipe for the vegan pesto on her blog! 🌿🥦🍝

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When it comes to entertaining, you guys know i'm a huge fan of a giant snack board. rather than making a typical cheese & c*****r platter that can be pretty heavy and will likely leave you and your guests feeling stuffed and lethargic, go for a snack board that's loaded up with healthier grain-free crackers like @simplemills sprouted seed crackers, some fresh, seasonal produce, nuts, and delicious dips. 🧀🥕🍇 today on the blog, i’m sharing this thanksgiving snack board with a super festive spiced pumpkin dip with browned butter & sage (so good!), and i’m spilling all of my tips on how to assemble a board that’s equally gorgeous and delicious! we’re just about two weeks out from my favorite holiday, so it’s time to start planning what you’re making, and this stunner of an appetizer will be the showstopper of the whole thanksgiving feast! click the link in my bio to head to the blog. #simplemills #fallintoflavor #ad

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On monday, i was feeling a cold coming on and today i’m good as new, so i figured i’d share what worked for me since it seems like these pesky colds are going around! 😷🤧
1 - sleep!! a must!
2 - lots of liquids. i drink a ton of soothing herbal tea with lemon, plenty of water, bone broth, and i’ll also drop a @nuunhydration tablet into water for extra electrolytes.
3 - miracle sprays. propolis spray works magic on a sore throat within a day or two. it’s amazing. i like @beekeepers_naturals from @thrivemkt. another miracle worker - oregano oil spray. i use a spray called immunity shots from whole foods or amazon that has oregano, zinc, colloidal silver, and a bunch of other immune boosters (tastes disgusting but it works).
4 - probiotics. i take them daily anyway but i’m especially diligent about keeping my gut happy when my immunity is weak!
hope that helps with your next cold! i’m curious what natural remedies you use to fight a bug, so please share your tried-and-true tips below!

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I was dreaming that i‘d walk downstairs this morning and this whole spread from the #jswipedright wedding brunch would still magically be in my kitchen (plus the waffle bar & omelet bar), but we’re back to the regular weekday routine, so smoothie time it is (wah wah... i’m missing you, pumpkin bread pudding with bourbon pecan caramel sauce 🤤). should it be snickerdoodle, mint chip, or almond butter cup smoothie!?

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Can’t believe the big day is here... my sister is getting married! taking my maid of honor duties seriously and making sure she’s well-fed (@mendocinofarms mama chen’s salads, no wontons) and hydrated all day... now let’s see if i can hold back the tears later today! 👰🏻😭 #jswipedright

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So i could tell you to avoid the bowls of candy that are stashed everywhere, treat yourself to good-quality chocolate that’s low in sugar so you don’t feel deprived, and fuel up with a healthy meal before the halloween festivities tonight, but let’s face it, no matter what we do today, there’s still going to be so much of this everywhere we look tomorrow. so here are my tips, and the first may be pretty obvious...
1. get it out of the house! otherwise you’ll grab one (or four) every time you walk by the bowl, and you’ll be doing that until thanksgiving rolls around! if you can’t bear to toss it, take it to the office and leave it in an area where you never walk past - out of sight, out of mind! (sorry everyone else who sits over there 😂🤦🏻‍♀️)
2. if you go for it tonight, most likely you’ll be craving sugar even more tomorrow and even more the next day, so break the habit before it gets out of control. start your day with a breakfast that’s low-carb and has plenty of protein and healthy fat. and take the rest of this week to take some space from all that candy and focus some lower-sugar ways to satisfy those cravings (maybe my collagen hot chocolate recipe or coconut butter chocolate mints!).
3. get that workout in tomorrow! and remember to hydrate!
4. eat real food! nothing makes you feel better after too much candy than a day of unprocessed, fresh, and healthy eats.
happy halloween! 🎃🍫🍭

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Well it’s finally below 70 degrees in san diego today (don’t worry, it‘ll be back up to 80 by friday 😂), so i’m going to pretend it’s fall for the day and put on a sweater and cozy up with this delicious lentil minestrone soup. 🍲 it’s full of veggies and is super hearty thanks to the lentils and the protein-packed bone broth (you can also swap for a veggie broth to make it totally vegetarian). if you haven’t tried this one yet, it’s the perfect meal to warm you up on those chilly days! recipe on the blog!

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Couldn’t let #nationalpumpkinday pass by without posting a fall glamour shot of penny and the pumpkins 😂🎃🐕
ps - don’t let those pretty heirloom pumpkins go to waste after halloween - clean them out, slice them up, and roast them in the oven for a yummy side dish!

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So i had a full-on sugar hangover for 24 hours after my birthday. (i’m looking at you, @sprinklescupcakes 🍰). i was bloated, lethargic, and had 3 new zits the next day, hello 31! 😂 after majorly indulging and waking up feeling gross, i totally understand that thought process that we all struggle with ... “ugh i completely fell off the wagon” or “i ruined all the progress i’ve made” or “i need a cleanse”. but here i am 48 hours later, and my diet didn’t spiral, and i’m feeling back to normal. so before you get down on yourself or go jump on a juice cleanse (please don’t!), just give yourself a day or two to balance it out. waking up with a workout yesterday, followed by a smoothie, a lot of veggies throughout the day, tons of water, a one-day break from sugar, and a good night sleep made all the difference. i woke up today with so much more energy and am ready to repeat that healthy day again! we all have our splurge days, but it’s how you treat your body afterwards that matters. no guilt, just move forward in the healthiest way you can!
📷 #repost @mackenzielaurino whipping up the pb & j smoothie with cauli rice for extra veggie power! ps, tag me when you make any #weeknightbite recipes so i can share! 😘

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Thank you all for the birthday love and happy wishes today! 🎉❤️😘 30 was quite a year. to be honest, it was full of ups and downs (a lot of which don’t always make the instagram highlight reel). i was feeling so ready to just say “see ya! 👋🏼” to the last year and move on to 31, but i’m realizing that with the hard times came a lot of learning and perspective and it revealed a strength and resilience that i never knew i had. and because of it, i’m a different person today than i was on my last birthday, and i’m oddly grateful for that. and i’d take all the tough stuff to gain the incredible things that happened this year... amazing travel and memories with my # 1 through it all - @mitchsurowitz, the happiest moments for my family and friends, my biggest year for work and connecting with so many through the wnb challenge and this community, and the year of my sweet angel sidekick, penny! 🐕💛 it was worth it for those ups. and now it’s time for a fresh year with a lot of possibility ahead and i’m feeling pretty excited and optimistic. if you made it to the end of this caption, thanks for letting me get all emo on my 31st birthday and for always being there with support, comments, dms, and love! ❤️
📷: @currentlykristen

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