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Spice-rubbed roast chicken and potatoes tonight! ready at 4:30. please call the shop for reservations 📞

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We love seeing what’s on your grill! the cases are loaded with all your favorite steaks and sausages!

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Dinner is ready for pick 🤤 lamb + beef kabobs with saffron rice, roasted tomatoes, padrone peppers, tzatziki, and fresh herbs. feeds 2+, $25

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Tonight’s soup is chicken pozole
thursday’s dinner box: lamb and beef kufta kabobs tomorrow with saffron rice, roasted tomatoes, chilis, and herbs

hot and ready for pick up at 4:30
please call the shop to reserve

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Get your grills ready for dad! we’ve got all his favorite chops, steaks, sausages... and sides - don’t forget the macaroni salad and potato salad! happy father’s day!

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It’s never been a better time to be a dad. fathers day treats galore!

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Father’s day weekend starts with a hearty breakfast. full disclosure, these have been known to cause uncontrollable joy!

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The cases are stuffed with a sausage to please everyone’s tastebuds 🌭 seasonal basil peach and mangalitsa boar cherry are back along with overlord, bee-line brat, kielbasa, hot italian, grandma’s italian, and more!

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We’ve been aging some beautiful ribeyes and porterhouse steaks for 45 days 🥩 ready just in time for father’s day!

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Tonight’s dinner is in the oven and smelling heavenly 🙌 chinese pork with cold vermicelli noodles, daikon, carrots, and fresh herbs
ready for pickup at 4:30!

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We’re cooking up dinner so you don’t have to!
tonight’s soup: minestrone
thursday dinner box: chinese pork and cold vermicelli salad with veggies
ready for pickup at 4:30!

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Gonna be another scorcher 🔥 let us do the cooking so you don’t have to heat up your house - spice rubbed roast chicken and potatoes ready for pickup at 4:30

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