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The cases are loaded with @stemplecreek grass-fed goodness 🤤 perfect for sunday night supper!

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The sky is blue and the breakfast sandwiches are back! breakfast sausage @ranchollanoseco, cheddar, @skyelarkranch eggs on @theoriginalgratefulbread brioche. also fancy sauce.
saturday and sunday 10-noon!

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Rump roast! @stemplecreek grass fed & grass finished beef might be the answer to the age old question, “what’s for dinner?” we’ve also got a couple new sausages in the case: bangers and eggnog boudin!

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Dinner box this tonight is an all time favorite: african pork and peanut stew
braised @ranchollanoseco pork with chilis, and peanuts served with braised greens and local rice.
reservations welcome, ready at 4:30

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Asian beef noodle soup is a new favorite around here and it’ll be hot and ready for you to pick up for dinner at 4:30!

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It’s a busy time of year and we’re here to help with a little cooking for easy weeknight dinners! all hot and ready to pick up at 4:30. please call for reservations 📞
tuesday: roast chicken and potatoes
wednesday soup: asian beef noodle
thursday dinner box: african pork & peanut stew with collard greens and rice

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Smoked turkey b****t - great on sandwiches for this week’s lunches and the perfect addition to salads!

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There are a few too many raindrops on the horizon to do breakfast sandwiches this weekend... but that means it’ll be a weekend to stay in and make some soup or braise some beef 🤤 we’re all stocked up on bone broth, pork chops, roasts, and more... and don’t forget to place your holiday orders while you’re here!

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The holiday order book is officially open! what’ll it be this year? pork cracklin’ roast, beef rib or tenderloin roast, rack of lamb - we’ve got you covered! swipe over for the whole list!

photo | @rachelvalley

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Bbq dinner box tonight!
1/2 rack ribs, bbq @stemplecreek beef, baked beans, and sweet potatoes. $25, reservations recommended

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Happy h**p day meat fans! we’re cooking up some favorites this week: tonight’s soup is turkey noodle and thursday’s dinner box is 1/2 rack pork spare ribs, bbq beef, baked beans, roasted sweet potato.
please give us a call for reservations - number in bio

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Turkey and andouille sausage gumbo anyone???

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