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Been here? eye candy 🍬 from zug🇨🇭
(between zurich and lucerne) brought to you by @raymondinauen

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For those of you who love valais, or wallis: stunning views of 🏰 sion 🏘 brig and 🏔zermatt, all seen by @mindz.eye
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🇨🇭📍one day, all photo spots will have been featured on this page... today is not such a day: enjoy the views at sentiero di gandria (not far from lugano) seen by @gliscattidibarbara🇨🇭📍

tempted to go? tag a hiking buddy. find more amazing ticino photo spots with the locations an a map, in the bio link right now!

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Jet d’eau ✖️ lgbt 🏳️‍🌈 merci @alibao qui dit ”a l'occasion de la journée internationale de lutte contre l'homophobie et la transphobie, le jet d'eau arborait les couleurs de l'arc-en-ciel.” 🏳️‍🌈 ⛲️🌈🇨🇭
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Huge congrats netherlands 🇳🇱 ❤️ on winning eurovision song contest this morning! how did you like our song from switzerland 🇨🇭? photo by @daniel_czeczot

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”what’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been to?! innerthal🇨🇭 definitely makes it to the top of my list” said @solspier , ”the sun finally came out today so @canmandawe and i went on a little spontaneous adventure this morning and woooow was it worth it 😍🇨🇭even the sheep in switzerland are adorable! .
woow, thank you @solspier and @canmandawe for sharing this moment with us.👋🏻😊🇨🇭.
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💧💦 whats’s your favourite waterfall in🇨🇭? and no plans for the weekend?
now is the best time to visit! ⛲️🚿
current situation at rheinfall, schaffhausen. 📸 @swissdaytours today
👉🏻📸 photographers: find this and more amazing waterfalls and their locactions on or simply click the bio link right now.
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Sunrise in wollerau near lake zürich🦆🌅 .
meet nadia @nadiaknechtle from bäch sz who becomes our 'photographer of the week'. since 2016, these features go to amazing lesser-known pages from switzerland: @nadiaknechtle .
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Do you love appenzell too? fälensee seen by @intohimoni from austria 🇦🇹 who can't wait to visit switzerland again this year🇨🇭😀
find the exact location and more photo amazing spots from appenzell on or simply click the bio link right now👆🏻😉
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Thanks everyone for sharing your simple #visitswitzerland moments every day!
just like @nola.lone from 🇩🇰 who said: ”i took this quick snap with my iphone yesterday, and it reminded me of what @instagram actually was about - a simple way to communicate and share moments ... i miss it a little bit.” anyone else who agrees? what do you miss in particular? opinions? like the best comments and check their pages!
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”the best part about cold water dips”, said @vivoffgrid , “no one is willing to join you, so you get the whole river to yourself 🥶despite some crowds from the easter weekend, angus and i were the only people we saw swimming on this beautiful day. 10/10 i’d go again.”
📸💡 visit switzerland photo hack no 5:
you are planning to visit a busy famous place like lavertezzo? try to avoid weekends and holidays. get there early before the crowds. be considerate to nature, wildlife and inhabitants. enjoy your own place - just like vivian @vivoffgrid 😉 #visitswitzerland_photohacks .
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Soothing sounds of water🚿🎧 by @ananya.ray from stäuben waterfalls in unterschächen, uri (find the locations of this and other amazing waterfalls in switzerland in the bio right now) .
📸💡@visitswitzerland photography hacks: #visitswitzerland_photohacks when visiting places everyone has seen before on instagram, try new ideas instead of the always same perspective. for example, do a short still video to capture the sound of a water. use a tripod, just like @ananya.ray

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