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⚠ here's the olive-toned smokey eye i wore to classes the other day ! yall luved this 1 so much ?! wasn't expecting that ! but u asked 4 pics + product deetz so here it is 4 u ! 😛 ask & u will receive 😇☁
only used the @strobecosmetics divinity palette on my eyes (shades oshun, milda, and bastet) • @blackmooncosmetics moonlighter in glowworm on my inner corners • lashes are @theboldfacemakeup in mega b**e • @suavecitapomade matte liquid lip in reina on my lips • chunky chain choker is from @nnnastygem

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💌😈 have been so inspired by the demon looks that @laur_elyse has been puttin out for spooky szn ! so i turned myself into a lil pink demon 😛 eye shadow shape is inspired by an @dausell look ! ☁ horns r edited bc i wanted em 2 b long n sharp enuf 2 stab meanies w 🔪 .。*゚+.*.。゚+..。*゚+
used @strobecosmetics creepy cute palette & @sugarpill eyeshadow in tako on my eyes • @nyxcosmetics epic ink liner for eyeliner & faux bottom lashes • top lashes are @theboldfacemakeup in lashes out • @lagirlcosmetics pro coverage foundation in white on my face • @blackmooncosmetics liquid to matte lipstick in nightmare on my lips & for freckles • wig is @annabelles_wigs in bettie • horns are clip-on from e-bay (edited to be longer & sharper)

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🔗 all chained up 🔗 i luv monochrome grey looks so much ?! also how perfect is this @blackmooncosmetics lipstick on my lips 😢 my new fave grey in 1 of my faaave lip formulas evr 💌 wishin i kept the chain design to one side of my face instead of continuing it on my other eye but aaaa is too late ! nbd ! 😛
used @blackmooncosmetics liquid to matte lipstick in ashes, @sugarpill eyeshadow in tako, and @strobecosmetics creepy cute palette for the chain design • lashes are @theboldfacemakeup in thrill seeker • @blackmooncosmetics liquid to matte lipstick in ashes on my lips • @freck for faux freckles • grey wig is from @vceebeauty_wigs (code "visiblejune" for 15% off💸)

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💡 i know this 1 looks like it's inspired by ahs:hotel but i didn't like that season that much 😛 this 1 is inspired by a piece from @aykutmaykut of @beautyspock 💖 as soon as i got this wig i knew i had 2 recreate this piece !! yall know how much i luuuv puttin neon signs on my face 😈💡also btw i'm goin to b living in this wig , ok ? ok . 💌 。・゚゚・・゚゚・。
used @strobecosmetics creepy cute palette to create shadows • @nyxcosmetics white liquid liner & @karity 21 matte palette for neon letters • lashes are @theboldfacemakeup in meant to be • @bitebeauty amuse bouche liquified lip in flambé & @atasibeauty liquid lip in vermillion blended on my lips • wig is @annabelles_wigs in bettie

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☁comatose☁ inspired by a @serendipitytheartist piece that i fell in luuuv w bc of the way she painted the lil sheepies!! they r so chubby + cute on her piece , go check em out on her page !! 💌😛 also i got a whole lot of ppl fallin in luv w this blu wig on my head!! its frum @wigisfashion n u can use my code "visible" to save sum ca$h if u grab it 4 urself ! 💰
used @strobecosmetics creepy cute palette & @colouredraine vivid pigments in drip drop & neoblue on my eyes • lashes are @theboldfacemakeup lash goals, painted w blue liquid lipstick • used @karity 21 matte palette & @sugarpill eyeshadow in tako for the sheep and clouds • @bitebeauty amuse bouche liquified lip in flambé & @atasibeauty liquid lipstick in vermilion with @wetnwildbeauty clear lip gloss ontop on my lips • wig is from @wigisfashion

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⚫⚪ these sunnies from @sunglassspot inspired me 2 do sum dotwork on my eyes ! it's been a while ! mostly bc dotwork is a pain in the a*s !!! 😛 also big bottom lashes bc y not ?! we live 4 the drama 🌹 ●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○
used @sugarpill eyeshadow in tako & @nyxcosmetics epic ink liner on my eyes • top lashes are @theboldfacemakeup in super boost & bottom lashes are chopped up from @yesstyle • lips are @suavecitapomade in cupids bow • sunnies are @sunglassspot "50's inspired polka dot cat eye high fashion sunglasses"

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Hi hello ! 👋🐶🎉 a lil look inspired by the @mokuyobithreads sweater that they sent my way ! i obviously fell in luv w twiz bc he's the cutest , happiest lil clown !!! 😢 needed 2 draw his sweet lil face onto my cheeks 😛 last 2 pics r me showin off my sweater 4 u ! it makes my happy ! ignore the wires behind me im a garbage person & am too lazy 2 try n edit em out !!!! ☁
used @sugarpill eyeshadow in butter cupcake & tako, @colouredraine vivid pigment in drip drop & neoblue, and @karity 21 matte palette on my eyes & face • @nyxcosmetics white liquid liner for linework • lashes are @theboldfacemakeup in lashes out • @inkofelation liquid lipstick in cleo on my lips • @freck for faux freckles • sweater from @mokuyobithreads

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⌛ the lil bruisey-toned eyes i wore to classes yesterday ! 😇 i luuuv bruisey-tones so so much , need 2 do em more often ! they r honestly the closest i'll get 2 a neutral eye 😈 also am rlly into how perfect this lip goes w bruisey-tones 😛
used @strobecosmetics creepy cute palette, @morphebrushes 35om, @karity 21 matte palette, @sugarpill eyeshadow in butter cupcake, and @colouredraine vivid pigment in neoblue & drip drop on my eyes • @blackmooncosmetics moonlighter in catshark on my inner corners • lashes are @theboldfacemakeup in worth it • lips are @inkofelation in mezzanotte • @freck for faux freckles • chunky chain choker from @nnnastygem

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🏠 a lil clowny moment 4 u 😛 i tried this window concept before in a look i didn't post bc i didn't like it as much as i like this 1 !! not too confident in this 1 either but i think the red wig + red brows tie it alllll 2gether 🌹 also how cute r these clown paper lashes from @paperself ?! 😩 .。*゚+.*.。゚+..。*゚+
used @sugarpill eyeshadow in buttercupcake & tako, @colouredraine eyeshadows in drip drop & neoblue for the windows & on my eyes/face • lashes are clown from @paperself@blackmooncosmetics liquid to matte lipstick in sanguis on my lips & on my brows • wig is from @uniwigs@freck for faux freckles

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⚪🌟⚫ here's sum pics of the look i wore out the other day ! a lot of u said that this gave u burlesque-vibes n i am honored 😇 i nevr take pics of this side of my face 😅 hi hello u r seein a brand new side of meee! 👋🐶❤ i'm goin 2 try 2 incorporate a black shadow in my day-2-day looks so i can get better at blendin out black & not b so afraid of it ! fear is not 4 me no thxu 😤
used @strobecosmetics creepy cute palette & @sugarpill eyeshadow in tako on my eyes • lashes are @theboldfacemakeup in lashes out • @nyxcosmetics epic ink liner for eyeliner & stars • @blackmooncosmetics liquid to matte lipstick in sanguis on my lips • @freck for faux freckles

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📎close enough to a safety-pin emoji right ?! 😛 anyway ! i put a shiney glittery safety-pin on my face 4 u 😇 this is part 2 of me usin this silver glitter 2 put weird things on my face ☁
used @sparklepigglitter in silver fine for the safety-pin design & on my eyes • lashes are @rouge.and.rogue in miss fury • @suvabeauty hydraliner in grease for linework • blue highlight on my nose from @blackmooncosmetics moonlighter in jellyfish • @atasibeauty lipstick in violaceous ashen on my lips • @freck for faux freckles • wig is from @musegetes • top from @youvimi

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⚡ voltage ⚡ worked together with @tattoojunkeecosmetics on this look to show u guys 1 of their newest lipkits that just released!! 😈 can u guess which 1 😅 used their lip paint + liner kit in "voltage" on my lips & for lettering!! if i can use a liquid lip for lettering then it's a keeper in my book ! 😛 these lip kits r only $8 too uuuh can we appreciate that price point pls & thx 💸💌
used @strobecosmetics single shadow in unicorn tears & creepy cute palette on my eyes • lashes are @theboldfacemakeup in thrill seeker • @freck for faux freckles • @tattoojunkeecosmetics lip paint + liner kit in voltage on my lips & for lettering

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