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The new whip is lookin good t. @taylor_knox

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Shane and i are working on a new project for villager. coming in the beginning of 2018.. @shanejoneill

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Winter in maui with monyca and ola. @monycaeleogram @olaeleogram

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Happy birthday brother!! @ave

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Always fresh. the villager long sleeve is on point too, brother. @prod84 @filmerluke

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This hoodie is my favorite piece in our apparel collection. pick one up on our site! the link is in our bio. @andrewreynolds

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This is rad, brian! you’re killing it! @brianhansen

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The villager long sleeve is on point brother! @prod84

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Thank you to all of the @dodgers players and coaches who supported villager all season long. you’re a legend @droberts10 let’s get it tonight! game 7! #goblue @michaelkelleysalon

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Wow. this is unreal, brother. @shanejoneill

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This hand plant is unreal, pat. @patmoore

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