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It’s never good to go in on a fall, so @kyussking knows he’d better stomp this, or he might be surfing on into the night. 📷 @_danielrusso_

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@sealtooth x pipeline. we don’t see it very often, which makes it that much better when we finally do. 🎥 @mattp.aul

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One of the billions of reasons to do our part and help preserve this beautiful planet. #earthday 📷 @jimmicane

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It’s good to get off the grid and venture into the jungle every now and then. @wyattmchale deep in panama. 📷 @_danielrusso_

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One of the more visually pleasing rail-grab carves in the business. @danedamus wave painting in fiji. 📷 @toddglaser1

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The best kinds of waves are uncrowded ones. make hiking to your next session more comfortable in the #ultrarange. shop various colorways on or at your local retailer. @maudlecar @leilahurst

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“i had to keep reminding myself i was in a lake.” -@dylangraves after getting barreled, while filming for a new season of #weirdwaves a couple days ago. read about his fresh water score through the link in our story. 📷 @jimmicane

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Next time someone tells you they couldn’t fit in that barrel, show them this photo of @knostthankyou. where there’s a will, there’s a way! 📷 @grantellis1

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It’s probably easier to draw straws or flip a coin on this one. @alclelandjrsurf weighing the options before his next session. 📷 @_danielrusso_

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With all the sharks cruising around in west oz, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra eye in the sky. photographer @badboyryry_ keeping a close watch over @nathan_florence and nailing the shot while he’s at it.

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A single day at firing jeffreys bay. @tannergud just dropped “project two” on the paradise projects. check it out through the link in our story. 🎥 @alexkilauano

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Forget the cake and candles. all @rasmusking wants for his 13th birthday is another indo boat trip. happy birthday rasmuscle!

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