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Eeny, meeny, miny, moe! tough decisions with @sealtooth earlier this week around home. photo: @jimmicane

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@wyattmchale on his way to a third place finish yesterday in the under 16 division at #usasurfingchampionships. 🎥 @jimmicane

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Made with the perfect blend of weight and stretch material, and team-tested at maxing off the wall, you can find @nathan_florence’s signature colorway era boardshort at or in your local surf shop.

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Legend has it that one backside hack from kai garcia can offset tides within a 100 mile radius. tavarua and namotu should probably brace for a flood after this one! happy birthday borg! photo: @jimmicane

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If @kyussking could pick a non-surfing sponsor he’d choose, “my mum!” well, thanks mum for sending your son off to indo to score perfect left barrels. photo: @hampositive

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Walking on a dream at the @joeljitsu #ducttapeinvitational down in la saladita, mexico last month. video: @_danielrusso_

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@tomloweyo harnessing his inner @larryenticer and just sendin’ it yesterday in puerto escondido with @vans_europe. 🎥 @nnm.project

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Summer is officially here for the northern hemisphere! we know @danedamus and @wyattmchale won’t be caught wasting one second of it. photo: @_danielrusso_

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@dylangraves considers calling it ‘game over’ for this pair of sandals after rolling up on the sandal tree of death. photo: @jimmicane

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Feliz cumpleaños to our favorite mexican super-grom @alclelandjrsurf! hope you’re celebrating your 15th with some boost sections like this. photo: @jimmicane

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Thanks to all the rad dads out there for guiding future generations. happy father's day! @nathanfletcher and lazer zappa fletcher. photo: @_danielrusso_

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When the waves are flat on the north shore, @i_van_florence finds other ways to hit the lip. photo: @_danielrusso_

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