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#peacesign video out now. (link in bio)
📷: @notachance

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#peacesign video directed by @yonilappin - out now ✌🏾 (link in bio)

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Happy birthday naviyd!!! @fortnav ✉️💚💚💚💚“good news”
one thing everybody looks for, everybody can appreciate, and everybody needs from time to time.
you are that for me , and then some. naviyd....that is why i wanted you to have that name....and spelled that way, because it would be your own. ya’ll know how black folk be getting creative as hell wit the spellin of our kids names. you are uniquely your own....there is no other like you. god sent you through me (you know where you came from)😉👍🏾. naviyd “the good news” you came at a very unexpected time in my life and i’m happy you did. its persian. i can get biblical and all “the good news” (or “gospel” = “good spiel”) is a literal translation of the greek word euangelion. the news of salvation, or liberation from darkness or brokenness.
you humbled me... happy birthday to my lil man...i know you hear that all the time, but you really are a little man....and though age 10 may only entitled you to labels like young man and big boy, you ain’t far from a young remind me so much of myself, within that phase of my life. where i wanted everybody to be happy....with themselves and with me. well i have “the good news” for you mr. naviyd ely raymond this birthday celebration. you cain’t make everybody happy, but what you can do is be happy yourself. no matter what it may look can always make it better with your intentions. i love you so much and want so much for you to be happy 100% , as you are? just keep on living!!! you have been through so much for someone your age and you have so much to see and learn. i’m so proud of you. you are my oldest youngest child. they say it’s not right to have a favorite child and i don’t....but you are singlehandedly my favorite 10 year old. you worry so much about what others think, to the point were you actually have more grey hair than me.😌 take care of yourself and try and stay positive. gotta make sure your mask is on before you can help others.
love you son

#nanaturns10 #naviydraymond #level10

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Peace sign video tomorrow, directed by @yonilappin

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The joy of being blessed is to be a blessing to someone humbled to be with my friends in africa and beyond happy for the opportunity to service at african children’s feeding scheme, pimville (soweto) branch. their energy and love was genuine and the feeling was mutual. #globalcitizens #unl #ur

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No one really understands the respect i have for animals. i love them.
rather i’m with nature or spending time within the wild, i reconnect. this cheetah had a loving spirit...although she had lost an eye. she was gentle and loving. any moment she could have chosen to take my life, but we connected for some reason and she reminded me, we are all one. #wildones #cheetah #theyloveus #lovethem

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The purpose of this performance was to call in the light, the energy of our ancestors. everything was done with love in mind. thank you all for supporting the life long efforts of nelson rolihlahla mandela. we all love you and you are an inspiration to all mankind. i’m humbled by the opportunity to convey my respect and recognition for south africa’s culture. to all of the volunteers who’ve worked tirelessly in organizing the nelson mandela 100 global citizens festival. all the love, care and great intention that went into it. 🙏🏾 to @realblackcoffee and @foundation_ida dance crew for that once in a lifetime performance....done all with love!! we demand freedom, defeat poverty
bless you hugh evans & chris martin for bringing us together once again. #brothers #inservice #globalcitizens 🇿🇦

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“a”frica 🇿🇦
📷: @onair_ent

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Catch us on stage at global citizen festival, sunday 2pm sast! #mandela100

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Honored living legend @quincydjones this week. first composer with a hand and foot imprint on the hollywood walk of fame. a well deserved honor for a dear friend and a timeless talent. much love and congrats q!!!!

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