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Photos from saturday up on the usa surfing facebook page now. sunday up tomorrow.

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Happy birthday! (friday) @tajlindblad - btw last post phones dead

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Jett just back from a couple weeks surfing with @koloheandino22 in oz scoring 9.83 on this wave

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T street and lowers local @_mylesbiggs

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Local groms @texmitchellsurfs and @lucas_owston in a dead tie for priority. tie breaker goes to the surfer who did not have the most recent wave

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The ever taller @nico_coli

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One of the strongest u16s @reef_tsutsui

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@jabe_swierkocki kicking the fins out as the sun makes an appearance

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Steezy airs by

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Santa cruz ripper grom @santiago_hart

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