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Congratulations to #usasurfteam 's @cole_houshmand for his 2nd place finish at the powerade surf open acapulco qs 1000. the #iceman is killing it!

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Nico coli 🇺🇸 nico landed this rotation at thursday's team training for what would have been a huge score in a wsl event. he is coming on strong and on the move!👊🏻↗️🏆 @nico_coli

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Noah hill 🇺🇸 rock solid and ripping everything he caught at usa team training in oceanside! 👊🏻 @noah_hill_surfer

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Levi slawson 🇺🇸 levi had his best usa team training performance last thursday in oceanside...on fire!👊🏻 @levi.slawson

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Brock crouch🇺🇸 he's a great all around athlete and always a standout in the water!👊🏻 @brockcrouch

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Nick marshall🇺🇸 on fire and sticking some big turns at usa team training in oceanside👊🏻 @nickmarshall3

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Caleb crozier🇺🇸 "getting after it"at usa olympic surfing team training last week in oceanside👊🏻 @_calebcrozier

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Kirra pinkerton🇺🇸 kirra was dropping multiple scores in the excellent range at yesterday's usa junior team training in oceanside...3 heats with scoreline total over 14 points. looking ready for a huge result!👊🏻💥🏆 @kirrapink

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Alyssa spencer🇺🇸 there is a reason she is #1 on the current wqs junior girls north american ratings...and you are looking at right here! wsl judges "go big" in the scoreline for turns like this!👊🏻💥. @alyssa_spencer1

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Kayla coscino🇺🇸 surfing with power and commitment yesterday in oceanside...and "sticking" a lot of those difficult final turns on the double up's! 👌🏻 @kaylacoscino

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Nicole fulford🇺🇸 another standout performance at team training in oceanside...speed, power, flow...with some "pop"👊🏻 @nicole_fulford

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Bethany zelasko🇺🇸 full commitment power jam at yesterday's usa junior team training in oceanside 👊🏻 @bethany.zelasko

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