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This is great news for surfing and bodes well for surfing to continue as an olympic sport beyond 2019 pan american games and tokyo 2020. both france and usa are gold medal contenders and the local organizing committee's are likely to include surfing and likely sup! @orangecountyregister @isasurfing

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270 photos from saturday's santa cruz makeup event at a salt creek are up now on the usa surfing facebook page. sunday's will be up tomorrow.

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Hard to tell from how far i am but i think this is @haydenrodgers_1 that just landed this reverse

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@jettschilling boosting over one of the bodyboarders plaguing the comp zone all day

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@geo.williams with some air time of his own

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@visslasurf rider @sage_burke - make sure to check his piece on surfline. pretty sick

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@kikonelsen ripping the south area

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Pat eating out for another round today

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@treylockhart_ going to 11

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