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Heyy youu❤️ yeah you!😉 come share the love in our 1st ever valentine’s day pickup line giveaway contest!!!😍

to enter: share your smoothest ice-breaker in the comments below and then tag your wing-woman, (or the beau that it worked on!😂), and you will be entered into our contest to win any full-size Ūnico product of your choice.

so strut your best stuff and you could be the one taking this tall, strapping, handsome strawberry cheesecake apollo pure protein home with you!!🔥💃🏻😄🌹

we will announce six winners at midnight (pst) on our story.🏆

happy valentine’s day #teamunico!! 💘💘💘
(so totally looking forward to these submissions!😂) ———————————————————————————————contest closed! congrats to the winners and thank you for all who entered and all the laughs! i’ll keep some of these lines in my arsenal for future uses!! 😂

comment 353 star 633 2 weeks ago

🚀💫needless to say, we had a blast last weekend bringing our ‘space station’ Ūnico experience to the @thefitexpo!

being able to present our brand physically is so much fun and we’re only gona do more & more of it as we keep growing.

it was so cool to show so many new folks what we’re all about, and it’s an even more special feeling seeing how much our #teamunico has grown when people stop by and say “i love your guy’s products i use them all the time!” very, very cool. we love you guys and we can’t wait to bring the booth back to la again soon.

big, huge, massive thanks to our team who take so much pride in what we’re doing. we’re working hard & havin’ fun doing it😊 thank you andrew, brooks, taylor, kelly, john, emma, chris, susie, mom, brianna & jenna you guys kick butt. 🙏🏼💪🏻😍

comment 32 star 239 3 weeks ago

🎊😄to all our unico family- thank you for an amazing year in 2018!

we are so thankful for your support this past year & are so excited for what i promise you, is going to be our most energetic 7th year as a brand.😎

over the course of the next 12 months, you can expect several thoughtful, entirely new product launches from us (many of which we have spent all of 2018 developing!😱), some refreshing enhancements to some of your favorite existing product lines, & a continued pursuit of excellence in all areas of our business.🕺💃🏻

what i'm trying to say is-

we vow to stick to what we do best this year: ⠀
1. paying unrivaled attention to detail (no matter what the cost)🔬

2. embracing our 'no-idea-too-crazy' creativity🎨

3. maintaining unwavering pride & relentless work ethic to keep improving in our unico brand!💜

from all of us at unico, we wish you a healthy, safe, and joyous 2019.

let's do this!! 👏🏻💪🏻

comment 96 star 573 last month

🎅🏻🎁✨ merry christmas, #unicofam- may your day be merry, and bright!

where are you spending the holiday?? let’s see how far & wide #teamunico reaches on this beautiful christmas day! ✨🎅🏻❤️🎄🎁

comment 24 star 500 last month

🎅🏻🚂 alllll aboard!!

as the first gift of christmas, through 9 pm tonight we’re giving you 20% off plus free guaranteed christmas eve delivery. use code xmas20 at checkout to redeem. use link in our bio to shop all products now. remember we take apple pay, paypal, and amazon pay- you will be on your way in no time...

cue dancing hot cocoa waiters.👨🏻‍🍳☕️👨🏻‍🍳☕️👨🏻‍🍳

actually you know what...let’s make this fun. tag a friend and then tell us your all time favorite christmas movie and we’ll pick a winner at random tonight for a $50 gift card. (sure beats the jelly-of-the-month club...😉)

comment 63 star 165 December 2018

👾💥boop-bip-boop-bip—zap!!👽⚡️ unico cyber monday is here!!! you win!!🚀👏🏻

use code cyber for 26% off plus free 2-day shipping. but wait. if you really want to level up…drop us a comment below and tell us…what was your very first favorite video game growing up??🎮👶🏼

you know. that one that you would play for hours and hours to your parents exasperation🤠. (if you are like me and were forbidden from video games👀, these first games were at a friends house and you really remember them fondly!😄). don’t forget to tag your gaming buddy (or just a friend if you were pwn-ing solo!) to complete your entry.

not only will we enter all commenters into a special giveaway to win a tub of a product of your choosing (winner announced at midnight), but i will personally dm every single person who comments with a secret leveled-up code that is even deeper than the standard.

*please don’t sleep on this last day of blockbuster savings because at midnight tonight all of this money saving fun will be _game over!!

comment 719 star 596 November 2018

🎅🏻give santa a break this year.

Ūnico black friday is here!💃🏻

...but time is ticking- just a few hours left to save 28% & get free 2-day shipping so act fast🕰!!!

your code to use at checkout is ‘blackfriday’

comment 11 star 187 November 2018

😍🍓🍰a berry sweet surprise!!

we've finally done it. we've finally created our very first berry-flavored apollo pure protein powder! 🤗and what a beauty it is…say hello to: joan’s homemade strawberry cheesecake!!😱🎉👏🏻

we married all the decadent taste of homemade cheesecake (w/ graham c*****r crust, of course💁🏻‍♀️) perfectly together with the sweet, tangy taste of fresh-picked strawberries (there are real organic strawberry bits in it!🍓) in what might just be our finest masterpiece yet🏆…

that’s right. it’s just like mom used to make!!💃🏻

since we named this flavor after the beautiful mom of our founder, (and the best cook we know😍), we want to know who your favorite chef in the whole wide world is!👩🏽‍🍳❓👨🏻‍🍳❓

so tag your favorite culinary genius (or your favorite sous-chef!) below, and we’ll dm you an exclusive mystery launch sale discount code to be used on your fresh tub of this yummy new flavor.🙌🏼

comment 319 star 1,335 November 2018

😱the special sample box is here and we’re celebrating with a special giveaway!!🎉

these lovely boxes contain 1 serving of each of our eight delicious apollo protein flavors and so we’ll be giving away eight boxes.🤗💜

to enter:
1. like this post
2. tag 3 friends (each friend is an entry!)
3. make sure you are following us @uniconutrition

we will announce our winners on friday evening at 9 pm est!

oh, and just in case you are curious which yummy flavors you can expect in your sample box, here they are. try not to drool on that phone screen!🤤💦

🍦delicious vanilla ice cream milkshake
🌀ooey gooey frosted cinnamon roll
🍫molten chocolate lava shake
🎂🌈birthday cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles (yeah there are real sprinkles in it) 🍯candyshop salted caramel squares
🍫🥜spoonful of chocolate peanut butter
🍌aunt judy’s magicial banana cream pie
🍪🥛cookies ’n cream dream

comment 1,912 star 2,144 October 2018

Let’s. get. tropical!!!🏖✋🏼😄

meet our newest pre workout masterpiece: “tropical tie dye punch!”👊🏼🤗🎉

this beauty is bursting with mango, pineapple, & citrus flavors...a tangy, satisfying refresher before you destroy your daily workout!!🍹

head on over to the unico shop today to grab a tub for yourself because this first batch will be gobbled up quickly!!🦈🦈

☝🏼contest winners from our ‘guess the flavor’ giveaway to be announced shortly back over in that post’s comments

comment 124 star 1,244 September 2018

💕💪🏻what a weekend we just had in las vegas at the 2018 mr. olympia expo!!

this☝🏼 team worked so hard to create the best Ūnico experience yet and i’m so grateful and so proud and so lucky to have them aboard this crazy Ūnico journey.

thank you mom, dad, chris, susie, andrew, emma, maddie, brooks, shelby, john, kyle, laura, taylor, ian, evan, alex, mike & erin for making this weekend such a blast. upward and onward!! 💫😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

comment 41 star 1,393 September 2018

🤔what if i were to tell you that we have a new flavor of athena intense on the way- is that something you might be interested in?

if so, comment below with your guess of what that flavor is!! first 5 that guess it right will receive a free tub when it launches at the olympia expo, 2 weeks from tomorrow. one guess per entrant. 💜🦄

comment 361 star 933 August 2018