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😱the special sample box is here and we’re celebrating with a special giveaway!!🎉

these lovely boxes contain 1 serving of each of our eight delicious apollo protein flavors and so we’ll be giving away eight boxes.🤗💜

to enter:
1. like this post
2. tag 3 friends (each friend is an entry!)
3. make sure you are following us @uniconutrition

we will announce our winners on friday evening at 9 pm est!

oh, and just in case you are curious which yummy flavors you can expect in your sample box, here they are. try not to drool on that phone screen!🤤💦

🍦delicious vanilla ice cream milkshake
🌀ooey gooey frosted cinnamon roll
🍫molten chocolate lava shake
🎂🌈birthday cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles (yeah there are real sprinkles in it) 🍯candyshop salted caramel squares
🍫🥜spoonful of chocolate peanut butter
🍌aunt judy’s magicial banana cream pie
🍪🥛cookies ’n cream dream

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Let’s. get. tropical!!!🏖✋🏼😄

meet our newest pre workout masterpiece: “tropical tie dye punch!”👊🏼🤗🎉

this beauty is bursting with mango, pineapple, & citrus flavors...a tangy, satisfying refresher before you destroy your daily workout!!🍹

head on over to the unico shop today to grab a tub for yourself because this first batch will be gobbled up quickly!!🦈🦈

☝🏼contest winners from our ‘guess the flavor’ giveaway to be announced shortly back over in that post’s comments

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💕💪🏻what a weekend we just had in las vegas at the 2018 mr. olympia expo!!

this☝🏼 team worked so hard to create the best Ūnico experience yet and i’m so grateful and so proud and so lucky to have them aboard this crazy Ūnico journey.

thank you mom, dad, chris, susie, andrew, emma, maddie, brooks, shelby, john, kyle, laura, taylor, ian, evan, alex, mike & erin for making this weekend such a blast. upward and onward!! 💫😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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🤔what if i were to tell you that we have a new flavor of athena intense on the way- is that something you might be interested in?

if so, comment below with your guess of what that flavor is!! first 5 that guess it right will receive a free tub when it launches at the olympia expo, 2 weeks from tomorrow. one guess per entrant. 💜🦄

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🤗🚀new athena samples are here!!🎉🛒

athena unleashed pre workout 1-serving stick pack samples have arrived!! now you can try both flavors of our newest pre workout energy booster before you buy.

which will you choose? (the correct answer is both😋)

available flavors:
- strawberry margarita🍹🍓
- purple passion punch 🍏🍉🍊🍇🍊

check out our last ig story post for a fun launch video which contains a direct link to buy now💜

comment 98 star 1,051 August 2018

🤠pourr me somethin’ tall and strong...🎵

make it a strawberry margaritaville athena which is now back in stock so that we don’t go insane!! (grab your jar early this week because this flavor has been tough to keep in stock due to heavy demand!)

hope you all had a great monday #unicofam 💜

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Hi. our best-selling flavor is back in stock. it’s our birthday cupcake flavored apollo pure protein, and it has actual rainbow sprinkles in it. swipe up in our story to grab a tub from this fresh batch! 🤗🎂🎉🌈

hope you all had a great tuesday😊

(🙏🏼huge thanks to local ambassador @samanthakozuch for taking a saturday morning to help us shoot this cool pic on literally an hours notice. love yah sam!!! 💜)

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🧘🏻‍♀️🦄🌄✨attention to all of our local socal #unicofam! join us this sunday in dana point for a very special yoga after dark pre party & yoga class, powered by Ūnico! we will be providing the music & some free samples to all attendees. join us for an evening of good vibes, great company, and a revitalizing class under the stars. swipe up from our story post & use code ‘unico’ for a discount on your ticket. see you all sunday!

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💥😄🍑🌴🍹woohoo!!! it’s a gummy peach ring giveaway for your friday!! here’s how you can win one of ten free jars of this brand new mouth-watering gummy peach ring paradise flavor!!👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

to enter:
1. like this post
2. follow us @ uniconutrition
3. tag up to 3 friends who share your love of gummy candy (one friend per comment)

we’ll pick the winners on sunday night at 9 pst.

ok. giveaway aside. let me tell you about this flavor real quick!!

a few months ago, we made an ig story post and asked you what would be your dream yumino flavor.

we received a ton of answers, some, very creative. (we’re still working on that double ipa flavor🍻😝) but the most common response we got from you guys was for a peach-themed flavor.

so we got to work. going through iteration after iteration after iteration until we finally came up with something really special, which is what we are releasing to you today:

gummy peach ring paradise. as you can tell by the name, we borrowed more than just a little bit of flavor inspiration from the classic (my favorite) summer movie theater snack...we basically just crafted the drinkable version of them🙃.

so. yes. this flavor is going to taste very, very familiar to you. and if you are a fellow connoisseur of these little orange & yellow delicacies, i can promise you will be as in love as we are.

we nailed the perfect balance of sweet & tangy, which makes it a perfectly refreshing summer workout companion! ⠀
we hope you guys will give it a shot we think it’s our best bcaa flavor yet.

if you want to grab a jar today we’re offering a pretty sweet launch special: $5 off plus our free 2-day shipping. dm me for the code & i’ll hook you up! make sure you do it today though the promo expires @ midnight tonight!! happy friday everybody!!! 🧡

giveaway is closed: congrats to our winners!! let’s do it again real soon💜

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🎡🏄🏼‍♀️*new* shaker giveaway! 💕tag a friend and you could win this brand new retro-licious ’santa monica’ bottle or our new electric ‘las vegas’ design (the purple one!).

here’s how to enter:

tag up to 3 friends (1 on each line)
like this post
follow us @uniconutrition

these new colors come in a more compact 20 oz size, and include a loop to make sure you keep it secure on your adventures this summer!🏄🏼‍♂️

friday afternoon at 5 pm we’ll be picking ten lucky winners to be sent the bottle of their choice!!

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”i have not lost any weight, but that is not my goal. i can def. see my muscles becoming more defined and i feel more toned- and that is my goal!”

- lan (verified owner)

🙋🏻‍♀️i love this review lan left for our vulcan because it demonstrates exactly what we set out to do not just with our vulcan, but with all of our products- create a set of tools that allow you to progress towards your individual goal faster, and with greater result.

we never (and really no company should ever) promote a ‘one-size-fits-all’ goal or result...especially of a body-toning product. ⠀
heck we don’t even use the word ‘weight-loss’ to describe vulcan!

that’s because everyone should (and does) use it in their own way, that is healthiest for them.

can you lose weight with vulcan?

oh yeah. lots. and fast. but guess what? it’s going to be because you’re working your a*s off in the gym and staying disciplined with your diet. vulcan’s just going to help accentuate & accelerate those results you’re earning.

and then at the same time, you can use the exact same vulcan product just like lan (and tons of our other customers) do- to ‘re-arrange’ and bring out more muscle tone.

the point is, not one single product we sell is going to do any one specific thing on it’s own.

it’s going to work for you. accelerating the results from the work you put in, following your guidance and helping you lead your healthiest life.

we’re so thankful to lan and all of you guys for proving it back to us over and over that what we make at Ūnico is helping you hunt down your goals more effectively.
⠀ (get it ‘hunt’ because our vulcan has a large predatory cat on it!😺)

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☝🏼question. what would you guys think about a full on Ūnico store..with a little cafe/juice bar..and husky puppies running around everywhere and live dj sets everyday and...

what else do you think would be cool in our Ūtopia store(s)? a full apparel line? a gym/yoga studio? an animatronic irridescent unicorn covered in led lighting??🤗🦄

and where would you have us build the first one??? ⠀
let us know in the comments!!

we probably have a good 2-3 years to iron out the details but we can still start creating the vision now, right?!✨🦄🤗

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