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Coffee is an interesting subject. there are several myths out there claiming it’s bad for you while others claim you can drink as much as you want. so, what’s the truth? ⁣

despite what you may have heard there are plenty of good things to be said about coffee. and the big one is: coffee really shines in its high content of antioxidants! in fact, the typical western diet provides more antioxidants from coffee than from fruits and vegetables combined. can you believe this? ⁣

i've tried so many different brands of coffee until i fell in love with deliciously rich flavor of isagenix coffee. what makes isagenix coffee different?⁣

it begins with quality 100% arabica beans from shade-grown nurseries. a licensed coffee grader selectively picks the beans for their robust level of natural compounds and flavor. the beans are then slow-roasted by a certified roast master in small batches for an ideal medium roast.⁣

mmm, delicious! shop my personal health and wellness store (link in bio) to pick up a bag of this goodness! ⁣☺️😋

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We are getting ready for spring. it’s right around the corner. we can feel it. 🌸 ⁣

planting herbs with the girls is such a fun activity! it gets them curious and engaged. teaching them a simple process of planting, cultivating with care and harvesting the results. it’s like in real life - you will always harvest what you plant, right?

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Happy international women’s day, beautiful friends! ⁣

today and everyday i wish you to truly love yourself, to value yourself for who you are and be happy to be you!! amazing, beautiful, authentic, strong, talented, kind and loving you, absolutely perfect in your uniqueness and magnificence!⁣

my favorite definition of self love is by louise hay in her book mirror work. “loving yourself means having great respect for everything about you, inside and out. it is deep gratitude for the miracle of your body, your mind and your soul. loving yourself is appreciation to such a degree that it fills your heart until it bursts, overflowing with the joy of being you!”

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I usually post a photo of our house in the first veil of snow sometime in december when we are all excited about it.⁣

this time i hope this is our last snow of the season! we are so looking forward to spring and sunshine!⁣

i was lucky the snowstorm stopped early sunday when i had my beauty event and then resumed late sunday night. giving my guests a chance to experience all i had in store for them!⁣

the event went great! i witnessed all the guests transforming into beauty pageants during their makeup session and i was so honored and excited to be taking photos of all the amazing women who joined on sunday! i am still at awe how much joy this event brought me and i hope all my beautiful guests as well!⁣ ❤️

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We are welcoming spring. we are getting ready for our beauty event this sunday. ⁣

if you are in the boston area and want to join our beauty event this weekend, dm me. ⁣

the girls and i made this beautiful spring wreath to go on our entrance door. more decor is in progress, stay tuned for more beauty and glamour updates!

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How to find joy in washing dishes 🌸⁣⁣
. ⁣⁣
adjusting to our routines after a vacation is not easy. especially going back to some least favorite chores like washing dishes at night. ⁣⁣
to make this unavoidable chore more pleasant, i’ve decided to create ways to add a little fun to this daily task. sharing the following 5 steps with you and hoping they will make the process of washing dishes more enjoyable! ⁣⁣
listen to your favorite music while loading a dishwasher. and dance! because why not?⁣⁣
listen to your favorite podcasts. i personally love listening to cayla crafts mommy millionaire podcast. @mommymillionairepodcast it is loaded with so much value!⁣⁣
use your favorite soap scents. or run a diffuser with your favorite essential oils that make you happy!⁣⁣
change your perspective on washing dishes. instead of looking at it as a total drag, think about it as time to yourself. use this time to think, pray, dream, practice mindfulness and gratitude. i like to count my blessings while i am doing dishes. it makes the process so much more enjoyable and even uplifting.⁣⁣
and finally, reward yourself. my favorite reward is a piece of dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts. mmm, so good!😋 ⁣⁣
i hope you found these useful. share your favorite ways to make washing dishes more enjoyable! ❤️

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Mexico was so fun! great vacation with good friends and lots of adventure, laughter and great food! ⁣
the school break is over and tomorrow everyone is off to their regular school/work schedule. but for now i am still floating in tropical vibes 🌴

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This girl has been surprising us with her adventurous spirit during our vacation in mexico. she is not afraid to zipline over the jungles, she doesn’t think twice when jumping into an underground water pool from a 5 meter tower, she is eager to snorkel and explore the underwater world, she is not afraid of big waves on a windy beach, she is all about experiencing life and squeezing everything each day has to offer! i love that so much in her and hope she will keep exploring all the wonderful things this life has to offer!❤️

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Mexico, thank you for being so colorful and fun! we are loving all the experiences, flavors, sun rays on our skin, sandy feet and careless being that feels like eternity. 🏝

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Don’t wait for the perfect moment. take the moment and make it perfect.
with so many things going on in my mom and work life, i feel i am constantly rushing from one thing to the next, going 100 miles per hour just to get things done on time.
interestingly, a slight shift from doing to being mode balances out the crazy rhythm of life.
by reminding myself to be mindful and on purpose in everything i do, makes things so much more enjoyable.
what makes you stay balanced in life?

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Single mom life. it’s fun! especially when it’s negative digits outside and you have a flat tire! 😅waiting for my hubby to be back home from a business trip and making the following my rules for the next couple of days: love myself as much as i can, love my kids as much as i can, have fun and laugh as much as i can! who is with me? 😄

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Hey guys, there are still 4 days left to join love your gut challenge that starts on february 1! 💕 the structure is very simple. you will wake up and first thing on an empty tummy mix 16-24 oz. of water with your greens (green juice) and drink that down with a live cell microbiome probiotic. add to that a delicious smoothie loaded with nutrients and you will have an amazing start to your day! 💕 trust that you are going to be feeling incredible loving on your gut intentionally for the month of february! let me know if you are interested! let’s do it together!!❤️

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