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Yo, y’all are allowed to k**l my inactive a*s

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Three pretty ladies

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You’re not over exaggerating. you’re not too sensitive. you’re not too much. if it hurts you it f*****g hurts you. if it makes you angry, then it makes you angry. there’s nothing wrong with you for feeling

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Hey b***s 🖤

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The art kinda reminds me of purpose’s cover

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Good morning loves

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Who cares, do better, move on

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Got my nails and eyebrows done. today is a good day ladies

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She’s so gorgeous

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Look at my favorite human being

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7 things to quit 1. getting your self esteem from others. 2. constantly attacking and putting yourself down. 3. thinking that others are better than you. 4. expecting things to not turn out well. 5. living in the past. 6. fearing the future. 7. being afraid of change. @urbansophisticationtm

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Help i’m so obsessed with fornite i look like a 11 year old

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So what are we mad about today

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Do you ever just f*****g hate yourself for not working hard enough to reach your full potential?? cuz same

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So beautiful so pretty so pure

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Today is a good day ladies.

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Queen of getting thru it!!! even if i gotta cry along the way….b***h imma get through it!!!!

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College study tips that actually help put your phone on silent and put it across the room listen to classical/soundtrack music without lyrics make index cards for important vocab wear pajamas make diagrams and pictures. they don’t have to look pretty, as long as you understand it make timelines for historical events have a light snack drink coffee or tea to keep you going take a break every hour or so have one pencil/black pen and one colored pen or highlighter. anything more will just distract you. the aesthetics aren’t important, your knowledge is don’t be afraid to email/message your teacher or a classmate if you don’t understand something. the last thing you want to do is learn the incorrect information know that sleep and health is more important than your grade. you cannot perform as well on a test if you are tired or sick. take care of yourself it’s not a race. it’s not about who can learn something in the quickest time, it’s about learning take a deep breath prioritize your homework by how long it will take you and when it’s due plan some you time in between studying and school if you’re mentally exhausted, set a timer for 30 minutes and take a nap. any longer and you’ll wake up even more tired don’t understand something? that’s perfectly fine, don’t stress over it. ask for help rather than complaining have a goal in mind and write them down. say things like “i am getting an education so i can get the job of my dreams. the life that i want. the happiness that i deserve” be thankful. it is a privilege that you get to go to school and get an education. you got this.

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Deep conversations laid back in the whip while 90s & early 2000s r&b plays>>

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