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Finals are successfully done and i’m so f*****g happy.

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I highly recommend y’all to see american assasin because my man dylan looking fine as f**k and his acting skills >

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May the last months of 2017 be the plot twist you have been waiting for

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This is hot

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Imagine thinking hailey baldwin isn’t pretty...i’m sorry sweetie

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Look, tomorrow you will wake up and feel a bit better, a bit calmer. you are going to figure things out eventually, it dosnt have to all be done tonight. take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, and get some rest. you will manage

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What a f*****g queen

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My parents reunited

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She looks amazing

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No joke i would die to capture moments like this.

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I honestly can’t wait till all the pieces come together & i finally understand why i went thru everything i did.

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Nobody talks about how ugly taking care of yourself can be yes, sometimes it’s taking a warm bath and texting memes to friends and keeping an aesthetically pretty journal. sometimes it’s crying silently on your couch at 3am, hugging yourself and reminding yourself that you’re a good person. self care is not always ‘aesthetic’ and cute…and that’s ok. don’t be embarrassed, just do what you need to do

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