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While ahana was on a secret date, her mother called molly to ask on her.

and molly failed the ultimate friendship test.

sanjana singh (@blabberer_on_loose ) writes a [ conversation ] 'blackmail'

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this bubble was written on the ttt app by blabberer_on_loose
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Dear school girl gang,

there was a time when i used to genuinely believe that we'll be the kind of best friends that stay together forever and meet all the time.that i'd always be up to date with everything that's going on in all your lives,be there for all the highs and lows and even the usuals.and we did live up to those expectations,for a very long time.but times change,people grow,and bubbles burst.we started realizing we don't always agree on everything.we met new people and made new friends and probably decided we liked them better.and that's okay.
because unlike eighth grade, i now know that when it comes to friendship,the world is never black and can't just fit your feelings for someone into being either 'best friends' or 'not friends at all.'it's more complicated, and more real, than that.unlike eighth grade,i can now look behind the rosy facade, and accept how flawed we all really are.
but the thing is,no matter how many great friends we make,there will never be anyone who knows us the way we know each other.there's no one who knows my crazy better than you do,no one else who's seen me sing and dance like a complete r****d without the fear of being judged,no one who knows more about the little things that make me happy.and i know all your quirks better than anyone else, because i've been seeing them and dealing with them for the past seven years. and no matter how much we drift apart,or even if there comes a day when we start despising each other or if we just simply lose touch,i know i would be able to count on you,i know i'll have the right to believe that i'll have you when i need you,no matter what.
because that's what growing up together has done to us- we just can't not care about each other anymore.
even if we don't talk anymore, even if we don't feel the connection that we felt in those 'good old days,' even if i have a million other people i am closer to,i'll be there for you. and i'll love you.even if i won't say it. and i know you'll love me too,even if you won't say it back.
not everyone gets the privilege of having someone they can take for granted like that,and i want you to know how grateful i am that i do.
~sanjana aggarwal

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It's okay, let it be - deb roy (@theparadoxwhowrites )
not much is said until it is time to say goodbye. we are at the airport, waiting to board two different flights. you walk right by me, with headphones around your neck, carefully hiding the daffodil you decided to get last week. for a moment, i look around. everyone is so oblivious to the obliviousness between us.

you take a seat the farthest you can from where i am, and while i smile at the absurdity of this love seemingly lost, it just feels like one of those things you do not believe. perhaps, just one of things that your mind conjures to make it easier. "the oblivious airport", i begin to type in when i hear someone playing kuhad in the background. there's a tap on my shoulder. a tap so familiar that i wait for it to repeat. once. twice. and again, till you are standing right in front of me.

the smugness almost makes me laugh, before i realise how we had been fighting only hours earlier, back at the house which had seen us going through the motions since before this love had begun to set in. maybe it was always there? maybe we would never know. "nice to meet you," i say.standing up and putting my hand out.
"what are you doing here?"
there's that smugness again, that fades away for a moment when i stare at you with no obvious answer. for a while, i wonder what to say and when there is nothing that comes out, i turn to face the other side.
"yes?" i say, and feel your hands around me. you hold me there like that, now oblivious to the people around us.
"why is it so difficult leaving you behind?"
"you are not leaving anything behind"
"home will always be right where you leave it, meera." #terriblytinytales #ttt #microfiction #wordporn #words #wordgasm #writer #author #poet #poem #writing #amwriting #writersofinstagram #writersofig #poetsofinstagram #writerscommunity #writingcommunity #poetrycommunity #instapoet #storytelling #stories #story

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What does hope look like? - mahek amitabh (@inaaayat_ )

has brown eyes
jiggly thighs
scars from a dark past
words that never leave her mouth.

has trembling hands
doesn't understand how pain can be beautiful
stumbles over things that are not even there
doesn't speak too often.

wears glass bangles that alert you of her arrival
she eyes the chocolate in your hand, but is too shy to ask for a bite
remembers the words you will always regret
cries a lot.

sleeps with the lights on
her keys between the pages of a book because she can't find a book mark
she will always share her favourite food
she loves the rain.

wears black like an armour
has one foot in the clouds
she spends time on cobblestones
she leaves lipstick marks on mirrors for strangers to find.

likes to laugh,
but doesn't do it often

knows how to walk alone,
but appreciates a hand to hold

is scared of intimacy
but will always be the first to hug you.

looks a lot like you.

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What does hope look like?- kavya lakhani (@kavyalakhani916 )
my mother knocks my bedroom door at 11 pm.
she is carrying a group of words in a language i haven't even tried to learn, or love.

she tells me she needs me to read them because her bestfriend died last month and she needs someone whose eyes she can watch as they take in those words.
hope looks like quotations in hindi.
my grandmother comes back from a funeral,
her god gets tremendously silent on those days.
on that afternoon, hope looks like a bottle of hair oil and a glass of lemonade.
i fight with my sister,

and tonight, i am too tired to reconcile.

one photo album and some popcorn later,

we are laughing about how she has the same expression in every photograph.
hope looks like what we know we used to be,

even if we cannot put our finger on who we are.
the women in my family are omnipresent in all that i write.

it is because from them i have learnt,

hope looks like anything that can make today stand tall,

even as yesterday was shaky legs, sore throat, too much noise and not enough space.

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The prompt for day 19 - i don't know
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so get your own notepad out or challenge someone who think should attempt this prompt.
p.s. you can also follow the hashtag #napowrimoxttt on instagram to get updates and read the poems.
happy writing :) #napowrimo

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Love across timezones - vimal sangam (@thatshinodagirl )
it's 3:03 am ist
i wait for your phone call
you are three minutes late
and my heart is already beating
faster than it should
i count the freckles on your face
in my screen lock
it's a picture of us 
at our coffee table
the last time you came
i remember you joking
that no one in new york
cooks biryani like me
and it's bittersweet 
for no matter what i do
the aroma won't
flit across the screen to you

3:15 am ist
my heart skips in sync
with notification lights 
are you curled up with work
or with another woman?
i read a poem once
about a distance that makes
the heart grow fonder but
it's frustrating when
all pretty magnets of
the statue of liberty
and empire state building
joining dots on my refrigerator
still won't pull you back to me

3:20 am ist
i wonder why they say
distance is romantic
when i can't dance with you
on a bon jovi song 
even if my mobile network 
is stronger than my heart
maybe you will never know
the colour of my toothbrush
or that i buy white lilies
on my way to work
when i miss you
and maybe it doesn't matter 
but at 3:24 am ist when
you still haven't called
i can't help but fear 
that if you died in an accident
on your way back 
it would take 7 working days
for your lifeless body to reach me
i wonder if words get lost
in timezones, sometimes?

but when the phone rings
at 4am ist and i hear
your tired voice saying
"sorry! i'm stuck in traffic"
and my heart
does a mini somersault,
and i understand
that maybe it isn't always
about dinner dates and 
holding hands
sometimes, love is scouting
calendars for holidays
and running into your arms
with a handful of luggage
or in 'i wish you were here!'
on st. patrick's day and diwali
because i have loved you
in the shape of every continent 
on this earth and 
even if you're seven seas across
this love knows
how to swim
for long enough

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Shambhvi gupta (@shambhvigupta ) from kanpur writes on #dictionaryofagotfan .
"when they ask, tell them what happened here." a dictionary for every #gameofthrones fan out there.

feel free to add your own in the comments - we'll publish all the best ones! :d

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Muskan gupta writes a [ thought ] called 'goodbyes'
to read more, follow the penname: muskan.gupta on the ttt app. download the app from the play store or the app store to create your own.

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Questions, answers, and everything in between.

no contest. no character limits. no deadlines.

just [ talk ] #tttalk

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