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New weekly events ! open 7days a week for lunch and dinner! come visit us!

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It's a corned beef and kölsch kind of day

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Yesssssssss ! #cornedbeef is banging ! #stpatricksday !! #cornedbeefandcabbage pairing with our kölsch today $15 !

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Perfect day to open this beauty from our friends @manitou_brewing #barrelaged #imperialstout

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Starting next monday #bogo #crowlers and every monday! choose from over 25 draft beers and take home a couple big cans !!! back to full time hours next week! mon-thurs 12pm to 9pm, fri 12pm-10pm, sat 11am-10pm, sunday brunch all day 11am-8pm!

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Full time hours starting next week !!

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Tapping the #firkin of hype forager #hazyipa for the firkin tour today! we dry hopped this beer with our estate grown neomexicana hops, and aged the horizontal cask on the hops for 3 months! only $4 per pint, today only !

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Spring is right anround the corner and our new 'what it is.' kölsch is about ready for the season. taking a few tastes off the zwickel today #trinitybrewing

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Biramisu, lady fingers soaked in our deluxê hazy imperial coffee cream ale, layered with cocoa and honey infused whipping cream. this weekend only!

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Sweetheart's pairing today! aaron paul oops! trinity brewing .... aperitief is b dubbs bourbon barrel barleywine paired with st. agur (super creamy stinky blue cheese). main course stay here 1 year aged 100% marris otter imperial stout and smoked farm raised kielbasa sausage, petit fours is new tricks pina colado smoothie paired ancho chile chocolate truffle, and instead of espresso after the meal we are serving a glass of our deluxé hazy imperial coffee créme ale 😋 @trinitybrewing

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Getting ready for the big release tonight ! b-dubbs #barrelaged #barleywine (aged #portwine barrles that witnessed a single pass of bourbon), paired with almond stuffed and #bacon wrapped figs! #trinitybrewing #babeer

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