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A little piece of russia arrived today! i picked out this ring in moscow as a memento of my literary pilgrimage. the stone, malachite, is native to the ural mountains and was used to decorate many of the imperial palaces. #stylishintellectual

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Today felt like a french gangster auditioning for the ballet kind of outfit. #stylishintellectual

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One of my resolutions this year is to rest more often to avoid a crash from my 24/7 work schedule. what do you recommend for a cozy night in?

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How much fur do i have to wear to be transported back to russia? #stylishintellectual

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Cheers-ing my way into 2019! what are your resolutions for the new year? #happynewyear

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Merry christmas from me and my bundle of fluff to you and yours! #happyholidays

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Growing up my family didn’t watch christmas movies but we did have christmas books. re-reading these old favorites transports me right back to my childhood holidays. #christmaseve #stylishintellectual

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Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on my work today so i can enjoy the holiday break! (see what i did with the dots there?) #stylishintellectual #punqueen

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Is it too early to start eating cookies for every meal? #holidays

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I spent last night cozied up with euripides at the newly opened @revolution_hotel. too bad he’s such a drama queen. #stylishintellectual #revolutionhotel

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This book tree at @mtwyouth is the kind of holiday decor i can get behind! #stylishintellectual

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Got into the holiday spirit this weekend at @capecodderresort’s enchanted village! bring on the carols, chestnuts, and sappy netflix holiday movies. #trendsandtolstoytravels #capecod

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