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Taking my art out for a saturday morning walk. #reporteronduty

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Beyond excited to be part of the team launching exhale magazine in boston this fall. exhale serves busy, real women juggling multiple jobs and passions, just like the staff that runs it! #reporteronduty

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Chips and guac and manuel gonzales. #monday

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Every lady should be equipped with a good pair of shoes and a good stack of books. sharing my #latinalit list on the blog later today! #stylishintellectual

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My mother immigrated to the u.s. from san martín, argentina. i’m not sure i want to celebrate america today, but i will celebrate all the immigrants like her who bring hard work, passion, and empanadas to this country. 📷: @rebeccatakespics #vivalatina #strongertogether

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Gotta stay hydrated on a day like today. ☀️🥂

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Dealing with monday and this heat wave the only way i know how: chocolate. 📷: @nissycookies #bostonburgerco

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Curators plan exhibitions years in advance but they have a funny way of becoming specific to our moment. “we wanted a revolution: black radical women, 1965-85” is exactly the art we need right now. #reporteronduty #vivalaresistance

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“you’re not crazy. you’re a woman.” raw, painfully real reading. but ultimately a reminder that you’re not the only one and you’re not alone. #stylishintellectual

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Finally getting paid to interpret celebrity gossip through an art historical lens 🙌🏼 #reporteronduty

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It’s not summer until i’ve been to a rooftop party. p.s. i’m wearing my art on my sleeve, can you guess the famous printmaker? 📷: @lindsey.dicosta #livelantera #stylishintellectual

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