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It was worth going to london just to see this piece. #trendsandtolstoytravels #reporteronduty

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Popped into a painting today. i can see why art sometimes wants to imitate life. 📷: @shanoninon #trendsandtolstoytravels #sintraportugal #penapalace

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Popped over to portugal to climb 1,000 stairs and eat 1,000 natas. 📷: @shanoninon #trendsandtolstoytravels #visitlisbon #sheisnotlost

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Went to london to embarrass @shanoninon with the taking of this photo. #trendsandtolstoytravels #sheisnotlost #londontown

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My moscow travel guide is finally up! check it out for saucy historical intel and literary swooning.
#trendsandtolstoytravels #intellectualpilgrimage #linkinbio

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It’s true what they say, your priorities do shift over time. #fridaymood #stylishintellectual

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Do you ever wake up excited to eat breakfast? i wake up excited to read my current book. check out my stories to see what’s on today’s menu. #stylishintellectual

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Rainy days always make me want to shop! this season i’m looking for a fur m**f because 18th century ladies knew what was up. if you know any local vintage sellers who might have one, send them my way! #stylishintellectual

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Strutting by the art hoping it notices me. #stylishintellectual

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Some days you have to make your own rainbow (or at least try). taking some time to unplug tonight with a book and a glass of wine. what strategies are keeping you positive this fall? #stylishintellectual

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Pro tip: blend into your surroundings for hours of uninterrupted reading. p.s. it’s the last weekend to visit @hourglassboston! #stylishintellectual #stealthyintellectual

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I already loved my brother’s girlfriend and then she picked out this necklace for me. it’s adapted from a 19th century etruscan revival brooch in the @mfaboston’s collection. #welcometothefamily

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