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Making your taste buds ahhh in amazement. 🤣

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Facts. ✔️

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Fluffy churro pancakes with dulce de leche cream cheese frosting. this recipe! 😍 go to @kuwtketodashians instagram to get it. | 📸: @kuwtketodashians

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-insert witty caption here- | 📸 : @convenientketo

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It's all about the buns. | 📸 : @hallen_bc911

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Enjoying summer with delicious low-carb buns.

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Topped with the best low-carb ice cream. 🍦

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⭐announcement | read⭐ we are always tweaking our formula to make the best tasting chef-crafted low-carb foods. as we were reformulating our bread and granola, we understood the concerns around maltitol. we did our due diligence with our independent third-party clinical studies to conclude there is minimal glycemic response to our sola sweetener blend. the small percentage of maltitol in sola was to assist with browning during the baking process. .
however, after listening to feedback and seeing our lovely consumer requests, we decided to move forward with maltitol-free products. it took some time, and crafting in the kitchen but we now have the perfect blend that doesn’t sacrifice taste. .
any new products coming out will be maltitol-free (sola buns being the first!) and we will start reformulation with our breads and granola. currently in the sola store, the deliciously seeded and golden wheat flavors being sold are already maltitol-free. the following bread flavors are to follow with granola soon after. .
as always thank you so much for your support and feedback. we wouldn't be here without our amazing community!

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It's going to be the perfect summer.

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Make yourself a milk shake using our low-carb ice cream!

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What's your favorite part of summer? for us, it's the backyard barbecues.

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Our dreams are sweet & buttery. ✨

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