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I bought saltwater by jessica andrews yesterday and started it last night, so it''s going to be my weekend read - fingers crossed the small one plays ball and i get some reading time in (or that i can sneak off for a long bath). i have read and heard some amazing reviews, more recently @amberjanereads raved about it and in a couple of weeks, we are off to hear all about #saltwater when jessica waters and daisy johnson discuss it @waterstonesmcr, i am very excited!

qotd - what are you reading this weekend? •

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I finished #tigerbook last weekend, and i have to say, i loved it. in fact, it’s in my top reads of this year. i had the pleasure of listening to polly clark talk about her book and her love of the siberian tigers along with martin royal last night @blackwellsmcr, it was a fascinating evening and i feel that a learnt a lot about tigers (plus polly was just lovely).
i love it when i book just takes you by surprise and is something completely different to anything you have read before, tiger was definitely this book. it was an absolute joy to read, i read it slowly as i wanted to savour itand enjoy every last page. polly clark's writing is stunning, the sense of place, the tension, heartbreak and passion, i could feel it all, it was such an emotive read.
one thing which i loved about this book (and there were many things!) was the way in which polly clark writes about the environment, icould vividly see the surroundings, whether this be frieda’s bunk at the zoo, the camp in which tomas lived or the forest which was home to edit and zina. each scene was carefully crafted and polly clark drew on her knowledge from visiting the forests of russia to create the isolating, dramatic and tense environment which just seeped off the pages, transporting the reader. 🐾 
in my most simplistic of synopsis tiger is about community, isolation, love, loss, feminism, passion but it is so much more than this, the narrative is a clever and complex in which three human lives all touch with a tiger dynasty living in the depths of a russian forest.
a full review will be up on the blog over the weekend but in the meantime i highly suggest that you pick this book up, it’s beautifully crafted, atmospheric and emotive, as i was leaving the talk last night i picked up larchfield, and i cannot wait to make a start.
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Sunday morning reading time, it's what weekends were made for. i love saturday and sunday mornings, when there isn't the rush of work and nursery, we can all cosy up with a book before the madness of the day begins. it's a perfect snap for this weeks #jointhebookcult prompt which is it's autumn somewhere, cosy book post. •

my reading has taken a big hit this week, life has just taken over and it's meant, that frustratingly i haven't managed to read as much as i would have liked. i am just finishing #tigerbook which is just stunning, it's a book that deserves to be read slowly as there it's so rich with characters and surroundings. i am hoping that this week, i will fit more reading in - fingers crossed. •

qotd how has your reading been this week? what are your sunday plans? •

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A very belated april wrap up! •

april was a good reading month with, columbine being my stand out read, i cannot stop thinking about it, it has definitely made a lasting impression. it has also helped in my non fiction fear (which is completely ridiculous, i know!) and my quest to read more non fiction this year is going to continue, this month i am reading can we all be feminists alongside my fiction reading. you can find reviews of all my april reads over on the blog - link in the bio. •

qotd - is there a book that you really want to read this year? •

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2019 for me has been all about expanding my reading, exploring new genres and saying yes to books i would normally shy away from. so, when i was approached with the opportunity to read ellie and the harpmaker, i said yes. always honest in my reviews, this wouldn't have been something i would have normally picked up, but if the book eleanor oliphant taught me anything, it's never judge a book.

i am so glad that i picked this one up because this book really charmed me. it's an unlikely story of friendship between dan and ellie, triangular sandwiches and a pheasant called phineas. what i loved about this book was the characters, they were real people – i know that sounds a bit daft, but they had flaws, made mistakes and didn’t have all the right answers. i found this really refreshing and it made the characters all the more real and relatable, something which i find really important in a book.

we meet our two main characters; ellie and dan, when ellie stumbles across his barn in the middle of nowhere. dan makes exquisite handmade harps. each harp is crafted with great care and attention, with each one being made using a different type of wood and each harp has a different pebble placed within it.

i really fell for hazel priors' writing style. there is something very hypnotic and poetic about her it and ellie and the harpmaker was an absolute joy to read. i particularly enjoyed how she incorporates nature within her writing, it’s clear that hazel prior has a love of the landscape and nature which surrounds her and this was evident in how she explored the woodland and described different trees and animals. the landscape almost became a third character, a love song to exmoor.

ellie and the harpmaker took me through a range of emotions, some of which were completely unexpected. it made me laugh, in parts it shocked me and it made me feel quite emotional. it's a book about finding yourself, friendships, love and seeking out your independence. i highly recommend picking it up, it definitely surprised me, but in the best possible way.

full review is up on the blog  now 🙂

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This month i am hosting #jointhebookcultchallenge with the fabulous @eleanor.reads.books and @meghsbookshelf (do check our their pages, they are both fab). this weeks #jointhebookcult prompt is 'inspiring non fiction'. i am going to be honest with you, non fiction is something i struggle with, i tend to shy away as it brings back memories of uni - i am not the most academic of people! however, this year i set myself a challenge to read more non fiction, last month i read columbine (which is amazing, highly recommend) and this month i plan to read can we all be feminists. •

i chose these three books as my inspiring reads as feminism is something i am passionate about. i have always considered myself a feminist but in the past couple of years i have found myself hungry to read more, i have attended women's marches, and my fabulous sister started @feministbookmcr which is a feminist book club in manchester which i attend, i just want to sponge it all up! the reading i have done so far on this journey has certainly opened my eyes and made me question all kinds of viewpoints and ideas of feminism. i am really excited to see his can we all be feminists shapes up. •

qotd - what's the most inspiring non fiction book you have read? •

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month or so, you will have heard of this book, it's gorgeous pastel front cover has been everywhere, with bookbloggers and bookstagramers gushing over its feel-good factor and the warm and fuzzy glow it leaves behind.
ever since i was a child, i haven't been good at missing out on things and this is ramped up tenfold when it's book related. so of course, i bought the book! i bought the book and read it within 24 hours, in fact i was hard-pushed to put it down.

the little income that tiffy makes doesn't stretch to london flat rates, so she does something quite radical, she answers a flatshare ad in the paper from a man named leon. leon is looking for someone to share his one bed flat, he works nights and at the weekend is with his girlfriend, so in theory the new flatmates paths never really have to cross, even though with those arrangement they will technically be 'sharing' a bed. from the opening chapter i was completely s****d in, i love a dual narrative and it worked perfectly as each chapter alternated between leon and tiffy. however, what stole the show for me was the introduction of the post-it notes which each character wrote the other before they left the flat for work.

although this book is a big, warm paper hug it also addresses some big issues, domestic abuse being the main one. the relationship between tiffy andjustin is one which is extremely unhealthy. beth o'leary highlights emotional abuse and in particular, gaslighting throughout this book and it's handled sensitively. beth o'leary very deftly demonstrates the lengths that a perpetrator will go to get what they want. what i also found really engaging was the relationship between leon and his brother, this was a sensitive, loving relationship between two brothers. it made a refreshing change, to read about a relationship between two males which wasn't steeped with undertones of toxic masculinity. both of whom talked openly about their feelings, discussing everything from their own experiences of domestic abuse within their upbringing, to ptsd and depression.

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This weeks prompt for #jointhebookcult is - most owned author. i could have had a couple of authors for this weeks challenge however i decided on philip pullman. •

his dark materials is definitely one of my favourite collections of all time, i remember vividly soaking up the world of lyra and will, and subsequently being heartbroken during the final installment. when a couple of years ago the book of dust was announced, i was beside myself with giddy anticipation, i wasn't disappointed by any means but i definitely didn't need it to cement this series as one of my favourites. philip pullmans writing led me to seek out other authors such as neil gaiman and terry pratchett. however, as i have got older i found myself moving further away from these authors and the fantasy genre, this is something i really want to remedy and begin to explore once again - any recommendations would be most welcome.

qotd - which author appears on your bookshelf the most? •

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I started reading this book around one week ago and i was unable to put it down, on 20th april 1999, two boys entered their high school with a mission to cause as much death and destruction as they possibly could. 13 people, 12 students and 1 teacher lost their lives and the high school in littleton, colorado would no longer be unknown, it would become a media circus and one of the most infamous schools in america, if not the western world for the next two decades. •

going into this book, i thought i knew columbine, during my time at university i looked into school shooting as part of an assignment – it turns out i knew nothing. the story behind columbine was largely orchestrated by the media, grabbing snippets of information in those first crucial hours which they then shared with the world, as an explanation as to why this had occurred, this would go on to have devastating consequences for all involved. •

the detail within this book is meticulous, his extensive research left no angle uncovered, this had a profound impact and the book left me feeling heartbroken, angry, and confused. dave cullen works through events in chronological order, flashback chapters run alongside the main narrative which discuss the preparations which both boys undertook, insight into missed opportunities and how their behaviours escalated. •

the way in which dave cullen writes is so rich, the detail of the people whom he is talking about, the places he describes felt as if i was sat opposite the individuals - listening to them talking me through their experiences. columbine is a lengthy book, the subject matter is not easy to digest, however it is a testament to dave cullen’s writing that it doesn’t feel dense or difficult to negotiate in any way. •

i genuinely cannot recommend this book highly enough, i will go as far as to say that this book is one of the best books i have ever read, it’s had a huge impact on me, and it is a book that i know will remain with me for a very long time. thank you to @katyaellis_ and @quercusbooks for sending me a #gifted copy of columbine.

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I bought this on a whim for the small one before we set off on our easter camping adventure and what a huge hit it has turned out to be! he has repeatedly asked for the green dragon book over the weekend and loves the fun imaginative interactions such as popping the water balloon, flapping the pages to help the dragon fly and blowing out the fire - this is going to provide hours of fun for hom. •

my easter weekend reading on the other hand has been a bit slow. i am almost finished with columbine, it's a book not to be rushed. so thoroughly researched and carefully considered, it wasn't at all what i was expecting, dave cullen's writing is exquisite and he is so respectful of the families and the community.

qotd: have you managed much reading over the weekend? what are you reading? •

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This weeks prompt for #jointhebookcult is easter egg: an unexpected plot twist. 🐣

it had to be lauren groff's fates and furies, the twists and turns in this book book made my head spin! the characters, i changed my mind about several times over the course of reading, i went from liking to disliking, being sympathetic to feeling they deserved that! it was a right rollercoaster and needless to say one which if i share any of the plot with you, it would spoil it completely. it would make a great book club choice and it threw up some cracking discussions during our evening so i would recommend it. 🐣

qotd: which book had some unexpected plot twists and took you by surprise? 🐣

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The confessions of frannie langton - full review is up on the blog but here are just a few of my thoughts. •

i was captivated by this story from the onset and immediately warmed to the character of frannie, i found that as her story unfurled, that i was right there beside her, and by the end i felt that i really knew who she was. in the end, frannie felt like a friend.

i have to say i am in awe that this is a debut, it was an absolute joy to read! sara collins has a way with words and frannie's story has been beautifully crafted. the story was paced perfectly, with sara collins exploring a range of complex issues with such finesse and a quality which didn't minimise, but also didn't make the book seem dense. it's a rich exploration of the complexities of relationships - the power dynamics, the frustration, the control, the insecurities, the love, frenzied feelings and the jealousy that a person feels when they develop relationships with people.

i fell for frannie instantly and i have a feeling that when you pick this book up you will too. •

qotd: who was the last character which you took an instant liking to? •

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