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Friday night, out here, stomping these streets. #yeehaw #itsoverforyouhoes

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Goooomornin🐣so i have super sensitive skin, & i wanted to
try something new, so i found japan’s #1 top selling exfoliant, @cureaquagelofficial & i was actually kind of shocked. it’s made of 91% water & doesn’t even have those micro-beads, it’s super gentle, & manages to get all your dead skin off. #curenaturalaquagel #jbeauty #silkysmoothskin #bestexfoliator

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Alright, y’all already know that i’m obsessed with @adventuresofbrucewillis but now i just got @furbodogcamera to watch him while i’m gone and it throws treats to him when i log into the furbo app and choose to. it also has a lil microphone so he can hear my voice. you have no idea how excited i really am about this new lil gadget. #treamtime #dogcamera #caughtonfurbo #furbo
check out the link in my bio!

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Hormones. documented.

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I’m sad summer is over because the sun is beginning to set sooner and sooner :( but i am super stoked for fall. for some reason, i feel like fall is a time where all my friends and i come together and do awesome things? anybody else? 🍁🎃👻 @hotsoxco #hotsox photo by @blakeephoto

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Hi guys! good morning! i don’t want to make this weird, but i think i’ve already reached that point by just saying that..? i know a lot of you guys are probably worked up or anxious about something right now, myself included, which is valid, because we are humans. try taking a step back, changing your perspective, and asking yourself is my reaction to this situation making it worse than it actually is?
let go & be in the now, not in your head.
i got a lil deep and preachy there, but these are things i’ve been training my mind to do, and hope it helps one of you guys!
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The morning scnuggles 🐶
so i just found out about @daysyfertilitytracker which is a non hormonal fertility tracker (omg finally yay?!) basically it’s a thermometer, you take your temperature every morning before you get out of bed, and it tells you in you are fertile, infertile, pregnant, expecting your period or on it. i’m super stoked to just get aligned with my body and cycle. i was on regular birth control earlier this year for the first time and i personally had terrible experience, as i was having symptoms of depression, anxiety and fatigue. so im super happy that i found this product and wanted to share it with you guys if you’re curious or were also looking for a non hormonal tracker. 😊 #daysy #daysyfertilitytracker

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Got my go go gadget outfit on from @showpo because i got a month full of shaking my t*****s ahead. i get to see @brasstracks tonight, @biggigantic on friday, @biggigantic at redrocks at the end of this month (rowdytown yee haw), and then i’m driving from co to ar to finally see @odesza’s show. so excited to get groovy, cry my eyes out, go to space and spend time with the people i love👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 photo by @davis.bates

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