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My hair was like, hey batch, i want to be a tidal wave today

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Lil g @biggigantic

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Okay so i have a theory....once you go to buy a christmas tree, like a big one, in matching socks from @hotsoxco , you can officially be like “hey you’re an adult now.” because of this theory, i am not here to buy a tree, but to merely look at it and sprinkle glitter on it. hoho 🎄socks are from @hotsoxco #hotsoxrock #ad photo by @stephanieparsley

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You can’t go out and find the truth. we make the truth. who is to say what’s true and what’s false? we are only human and only have access to a certain amount of knowledge for a reason. we make the language, and we decide what’s “true” based on popular agreement.

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Strong, long hair is on my list this year. i’m super stoked to drive into the holidays with @sugarbearhair by my lil side to get the job done since i’m not sure santa can pull it off. #ad #sugarbearhair photo by @blakeephoto

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Last night, i went to a turtle sanctuary & got to release baby turtles into the ocean. they were 45 minutes old when released and it’s so crazy how as soon as they’re born, their instinct is to go straight into the water where the sun meets the ocean. the usual survival rate of baby turtles is 2/1000 which is insane. with these releases & sanctuaries the rate is 1/100 now....fin, noggin, duuuuude @stephanieparsley @ninaornstein @theparadisestory

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Lace in the lion’s den 🦁 shot by @stephanieparsley wearing @swimlikeamermaid with @ninaornstein & @theparadisestory

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Well...we’ve officially lost her

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I’m so fortunate enough to be able to travel. traveling has opened up my mind and my heart this year, and i can’t to see what’s around the corner. i made it to todos santos with @theparadisestory @ninaornstein and with my best friend @stephanieparsley for the weekend. 🌺 staying at @hotelitotodossantos #thehotelito #theparadisestory wearing @swimlikeamermaid

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