The Kimberley, Australia Welcome to the remote, wild and stunning Kimberley region ☀️ Western Australia #thekimberleyaustralia to be featured
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Horizontal falls! who's had the pleasure of visiting this part of the kimberley? 🌊🛥️ taking over for one more day! #thekimberleyaustralia

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Nature - what an artist! taking over for a couple more days! #thekimberleyaustralia

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This is kimberley country during the wet. vivid green, waterfalls and endless opportunities. taking over for a few more days. #thekimberleyaustralia

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A pearl lugger at cygnet bay - the tip of the dampier peninsula 👌👌 taking over this week. #thekimberleyaustralia

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In february 2017 i was with @kimberleyspirit travelling through the eastern kimberley. lucky for us it was one of the biggest wets of the decade! this waterfall was spotted within the cockburn ranges 🚁 taking over this week. #thekimberleyaustralia

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Growing up in broome i’d be on this beach pretty much every day. the world famous cable beach 🏖 ☀️ taking over this week. #thekimberleyaustralia

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G’day everyone, i’m yane from it’s great to be taking over the kimberley australia page, i’ll be looking back at some of my favourite images as well as some new kimberley scenes over the coming week. for more images check out the web link in bio. #thekimberleyaustralia

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Saturday feels. enjoy the day, get out there and make the most of it. 😎🌈🌴 @kimberleyspirit #thekimberleyaustralia

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Comment ❤️ if you love these images shared by @mowanjum_arts (and give them a follow).
repost @mowanjum_arts : these divine photos of the nulgit family just came back from dutch photographer @jimmy.nelson.official. he has just launched a new book celebrating indigenous cultures across the world. we were honoured to take part in this project.
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The sun rises at 5am in wa. by 7am it’s 30°c. by 9am we’re really ready for our first swim. this is lake kununurra, the place you will likely begin or complete your adventures in the kimberley. this spot is swim beach, and is part of the ord river that was dammed in the 60s. here a lonely submerged tree waits patiently for swimmers to fly off the rope swing attached. what we found during our travels through this all-consuming region is that it possesses a supreme diversity of landscape and swims. we had the most incredible journey. until next time, this is caroline and dillon from @placesweswim signing off from our tka takeover. thank you for having us. and if you are looking for more of the best swimming around australia, pick up a copy of our recently released book places we swim, available in all good bookstores and on our website (link in bio). #placesweswim #thekimberleyaustralia

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We’re coming to the end of our @placesweswim takeover of tka. we pull up to the red cliffs of james price point, a short trip 65kms north of broome. it’s a beautiful, raw landscape and an area of major ecological significance. just off the coast, the largest humpback whale population in the world migrates to the warm indian ocean waters, where calves are born and nurtured. you can drive right along this wild, red coastline, even on the beach itself if you are feeling confident (we stuck to the dirt track). renowned for its vast, intact landscapes, this is one of the last great wilderness areas of the world, and one we need to preserve. #thekimberleyaustralia #placesweswim

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Nothing can quite prepare you for the stretch of beaches like the ones you’ll find in the dampier peninsula. after weeks of travelling unsealed, inlands roads, we were relieved to get to coastal broome before heading north along the peninsula. the sea breeze rushed in, cooling our hot bodies in the 35°c plus heat of the wet season build-up. a swim at cable beach was essential as we passed through the coastal port, but it was further north that the beaches really blew our minds. on the western side of the peninsula, the india ocean roars on to the white-sand beaches, bound by red cliffs and blue water. the currents are strong here and it’s advised not to swim, though some people do try to fish. watching sunset drop into the water is picture-perfect here – byo drinks. this is caroline and dillon from @placesweswim heading into the weekend. #placesweswimwa #thekimberleyaustralia

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