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Please help and watch the full video on my youtube page!!! link in my profile 🥰 the more youtube views i can get, the less i will have to rely on making/posting ad flipbooks... and instead i can post more fun random junk like this!!! consider subscribing too if ya don’t mind! thanks so so much!!! i’ll post the full video here soon! plleeeassee??? 🙏🙏🙏

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My main creative outlets are flipbooks and very specific @peeweeherman fan art. this is a tribute/catalog of all the different character stockings in the pee-wee’s playhouse christmas special (...which is on netflix and is highly recommended!) love that attention to detail!!! any pee-wee fans in the house??? youtube: ‘pee-wee proposal’ if you want to see the happiest moment of my life...with pee-wee actually helping my propose inside the playhouse!!!

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Here’s a few holiday flipbooks i made over 10 years ago. (with some sound effects 🔉)
special thanks to my wife for the ‘hundred/hungry’ backup vocals.

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It’s officially a trilogy now. all can be seen here: #doesryanseacreststillfollowmeoninstagram

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The fun thing about flipbooks or any art it doesn't have to make sense or follow any rules. i knew i wanted to start with a pencil but that’s all i knew. i just kept going with it until an idea came together. just took it one page at a time, and eventually came up with this little bit of weirdness. any ideas for a title? (🔊sound effects on this one!)

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Hey!!! since i might have some new faces because of the @instagram feature, thought i’d post a little compilation of some of my more popular flipbooks so you won’t have to go digging around.
i am currently taking a break from custom orders, but to celebrate...leave your short custom flipbook idea in 3 sentences or less only in the comments below and i will pick one to create and send to your use before the end of the year! for freeeee!!! open to everyone everywhere! i’ll message the winner within a couple weeks!

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This is sooo coool!! i am so dang grateful to @instagram for this honor but mostly just grateful that they exist so i can have a place to share my flipbooks. i ❤️ you. check their ig story for a brand new never-before-attempted flipbook where the animation escapes one book and hops into another. madness!!!

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...probably the most perfect request for a flipbook i could ever dream of! thanks @nickelodeon for letting me have so much gross halloween fun with this one!!!

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Volume up!!! 🔈🎃 i love halloween soooo much!!!! one of my favorite things to get me in the mood lately is listening to the podcast ‘spooked’ which tells really polished, well-produced, scary/true(?) ghost stories. i cannot recommend it highly enough!! this is from the episode called ‘the perfect tenant’ ...this is not an ad...just me spreading the spook!!! find ‘em at @spookedpod or on spotify or wherever you get yer podcasts!! 👻🍵(...get what i did there?)

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Grandpa flippist giving the youth what they want...fortnite dancin’ candy corn!!! 👴🏻🕺🌽

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I love new flavor discoveries! these #redrockdeli chips were tasty! 🌶🥥 @redrockdeli #snackingfantastic #sponsored

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Hi! working on some fun halloweeny stuff, but while we’s a little dance flipbook compilation. sound up to hear a funky royalty-free bruno mars knockoff.

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