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I’ve always had a tricky time drawing cars...even tougher drawing them at 200 mph in this #daytona500 flipbook for @nascar. i made it to the finish line tho...where’s my confetti?✍🏻🏁

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Posted my largest compilation ever on my youtube page. link to it in my bio. subscribe there to see my longer videos first :) making flipbooks is my heart and soul on paper and i love it so much. i hope they bring a little bit of joy into your day ❤️ thanks for watching!

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As the semi-reigning king of mario kart against my wife, it felt natural commemorating 20 years of #daytona500 history for @nascar featuring the no. 3 car winning in 1998 & 2018. 🏁

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(sound on 🔊) is it ok to bump a slow-jam breakup anthem non-stop?? guillltyy!!! feelin’ this new song from ruth b. that voice! @itsruthb #slowfade ❤️⌛️💔

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(sound on 🔊) blowin’ minds and breakin’ fish hearts with this crazy double decker 2-in-1 flipbook setup :)

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Happy new year!!! where my caption pun squad at?? (thanks to @mtv for having me make this!)

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Mer-rih christmas!! gettin’ holiday punny with these flipbooks i made for @mtv featuring @justinbieber @colesprouse @badgalriri ⛄️ 🌑🎄

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Flipbook fireplace! there’s an hour-long version on my youtube if you’re a crazy person 🤪

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The b***y trap scene from home alone already feels like a cartoon, so turning it into a flipbook was natural! it especially works great with the amazing sound effects.
this took over a month to draw/color, but has always been one of my favorite movies so i had a lot of fun making it. merry christmas and happy holidays to you all! thanks for watching :)

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Here’s a few holiday flipbooks i made over 10 years ago. (with some sound effects 🔉)
special thanks to my wife for the ‘hundred/hungry’ backup vocals.

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It’s officially a trilogy now. all can be seen here: #doesryanseacreststillfollowmeoninstagram

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The fun thing about flipbooks or any art it doesn't have to make sense or follow any rules. i knew i wanted to start with a pencil but that’s all i knew. i just kept going with it until an idea came together. just took it one page at a time, and eventually came up with this little bit of weirdness. any ideas for a title? (🔊sound effects on this one!)

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