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If you like silly stuff like a t-shirt with a knob for tugging ...i implore you to go watch ‘i think you should leave’ on netflix asap. it had me howling with laughter. (not an ad...just something i love!) go enjoy something weird and wonderful and hilarious! great job to a michigan treasure... @tsrobinson23 !

tc tuggers is not a joke! you don’t make jokes about ‘em, tc tuggers. you don’t wear ‘em as a joke or give ‘em as a joke gift or wear them ironically.
think about what i said about tc tuggers.

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(🔈on ) ant-man doing his expanding thang in thanos. sidenote... i’m no avengers scholar so just assuming thanos has purple insides. 🐜⚫️💥

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My two favorite sports are mini golf and emotional dad hugging, so this lines up with my interests. congrats to tiger woods on his 2019 masters win. ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️
special shoutout to the tiger woods foundation...started in 1996 by tiger woods and his dad earl woods. they do a lot of good, but it’s core mission is to ignite a passion for school, college plans and stem careers for underserved and minority students...really significant important work! (they were also one of my first flipbook commissions a few years back so that was significant too 😜)

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Love is beautiful and gross. tag the fart-sniffer in your life 💚🤢

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Just a little tribute to the hard work/magic of stop-motion animating characters by hand, frame by frame. 👇👈👉👆one of the coolest experiences i’ve ever had was visiting @laikastudios to see all the work that goes into their stop-motion their latest, missing link...which opens this friday. (scroll to see some extra videos) my jaw dropped to the floor every 5 minutes during the tour seeing all the artistry and work that goes into every single detail, seen and unseen. 🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨from stop motion puppets and the mechanics within, teeny props and costumes, vast sets full of was bonkers! it’s such a labor of love and incredible team effort to create. (it also has zach, galifianakus, hugh jackman, and zoe saldana in it, but to me the stars are the laika team.) i’ll share some more stories soon if anyone is interested. 🎟🎟🎟🎟🎟support stop motion and all this insane work...go see missing link this weekend!

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I grew up from a tiny flippist to a big flippist in dearborn, michigan...the hometown and headquarters of @ford, so its extra special to make this flipbook announcing the all-new 2020 #fordescape. 🚗👶👱‍♂️🚗

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Well...there it is. the coolest flipbook i’ll ever make! i would certainly not be making flipbooks without being a nick kid so it means more than i can say to get to make this for @nickelodeon (i’m genuinely gettin misty over here!) happy birthday nick! 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡what’s everybody’s favorite? who did i miss...maybe a part 2 some day? eh? 🥚there may be some bonus moments/characters hidden within the book if you look hard enough...shout em out when you spot em!! 💚💚💚💚💚special thank you to the amazing/fun team at nick who helped with this and especially thankful for the amazing audio mix that makes this so dang special!

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Happy #airmaxday y’all! here’s (a condensed) flipbook-sized evolution of the iconic nike air max. visit the @champssports post about it to find out how to win your own copy. #sponsored

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Happy st. patrick’s day! beware the dna jumblr! ☘️🐕

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Anyone else (proudly or embarrassingly) getting excited for that colton fence jump scene on the bachelor? this is my life now. thanks @radillustrates for getting me hooked. 🙄❤️🌹 being a former and current awkward boxy guy myself, this teenage picture of colton really makes me happy :) also...if any high-up person at the show sees this...can ya send me to one of those live audience shows ? thanks bye! *****************update************* he just retweeted this flipbook! love that dude! thanks @coltonunderwood !

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I’ve always had a tricky time drawing cars...even tougher drawing them at 200 mph in this #daytona500 flipbook for @nascar. i made it to the finish line tho...where’s my confetti?✍🏻🏁

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Posted my largest compilation ever on my youtube page. link to it in my bio. subscribe there to see my longer videos first :) making flipbooks is my heart and soul on paper and i love it so much. i hope they bring a little bit of joy into your day ❤️ thanks for watching!

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