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This week it’s all eyes on corduroy, the summer’s odd and nostalgic essential — link in bio. 👀 #thebleu

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Morning teleportation, the cramps, la luz, cage the elephant, and more. a killer playlist by @schecibaby — link in bio. #thebleu

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Why is eating right so d**n confusing? an essay by @meghannstephenson on learning how to eat for herself — link in bio. #thebleu

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Meet team bleu! get to know our 20-something senior managing editor, tiana lewis (@_tianalewis ) — link in bio. #thebleu

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Five of our editors discuss how they manage stress — link in bio. #thebleu (artwork: @annabukliewer )

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A (mostly) drugstore beauty routine in this week’s skin milk — link in bio. @schecibaby

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Music, love, loss, and an epic vintage-filled closet. our off duty interview with 30-something katie schecter (@schecibaby ) — link in bio.🔥 #thebleu

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Social drinker? life of the party? drink to have sex? special occasions only? sober? what kind of drinker are you? join the conversation in this week’s open thread — link in bio. #thebleu

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Find out why all eyes are on @loveshereee this week — link in bio. 👀💙

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I tried to write about my mother: a short personal essay — link in bio. #thebleu

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What to do, see, and eat while in melbourne, australia according to @martine — link in bio. #thebleu

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🔩legally screwed🔩 why getting paid for s*x is only legal if you film it — link in bio. #thebleu

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