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All love to all 💕 so my granny rosemary and i off to ibiza tomorrow to vape, eat and drink cbd oil for a week in an effort to help cure her of cancer. i’m checking out of social during this time, prioritising health and this journey with her. family first always 🙏🏻

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Happy sunday. whipped up some chilli cheese french toast. possible ring of fire tonight but it was worth itttt 🍳

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15 mins ago i was drooling on myself, thank you @bobbibrownuk @amaliemakeup_art @marykatrantzou for sorting me post o**l surgery for @marieclaireuk awards tonight 🙏🏻

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Potent and powerful is the empath, sensitive, vulnerable voice within us. it is where our strength, creativity and sense of purpose comes from but it’s hard to be quiet enough to hear it 🍃 #repost photo @healthishell #mentalhealthawareness

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Ever heard of an award winning, female run, coffee plantation that also makes it own biogas?
this is one of the most exciting initiative fairtrade is supporting and his month i am going out to kenya to meet the wonderful farmers of the zawadi plantation. ☀️
in just three years, this empowering community project has been providing jobs, redefining women’s roles in the community and allowing them to take more control over their lives. it’s an initiative that has my heart as not only are they making award winning coffee but redefining the social and economic standards for females. im so happy to be involved and learning about such a wonderful project
☕️ sadly the coffee is not yet on sale in the uk (it will be soon) but for more info on the initiative , check the link in my bio.

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Self care 🍂 nurturing in nature ☀️ soaking in the sun 🍁 picking up dog poo ✌🏽squabbling with my mum 🙏🏻 oh blessed is this imperfectly perfect country life 🍃 #theoxygenissuffocating

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Saturday shout out 🔊 to the amazing @hugdecook who is giving me breakfeasting inspiration for the weekend. this hot cross bun french toast looks 🤤 there is a pannetone french toast on my site, in case you wanna try something similar.

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Lick me once, crunch me twice 🌮 recipe for these nachos are on my youtube 😋

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Quick tomato soup and vegan truffle mushroom toastie for dinner tonight 🍅 recipe on es mag website .... who’s tried this?

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Weekend brunch plans? my new fave mushroom ragu with grilled polenta and parmesan is on my youtube if you are in the mood for something autumnal

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Wind in my eyes, sand in my pants and damp from the sea. i love it 😂 i’m a beach girl at heart

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Morning buckwheat with mango jam, coconut and raspberries ☀️

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