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One of my favorite young guns @jackfreestone just dropped a sick edit. check it out on the @villagergoods website!

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Always trying to learn how to improve my body and how i use it. the active hang: these positions allow me to work on full activation of my core. by fighting against gravity to keep my hips and rib cage stacked, i am strengthening my body’s ability to keep my upper and lower body connected. the key to this is iap or intra-abdominal pressure, where the diaphragm, all abdominal muscles, and pelvic floor must be properly engaged. strengthening this will allow my upper and lower body to stay connected resulting in more powerful turns when surfing. thanks @enlightened_savage_101 for the knowledge

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Cutting through the chop. @clubmedsucks 📸

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Nice to be able to ride a step up finally! round pins have such a smooth feel. @reef @chris_borst_designs @clubmedsucks 📸

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Feeling the new @chris_borst_designs tk3 model around some corners. @clubmedsucks 📸

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Mlk... a voice of change when our country really needed it. legend. art by walter mere @artofmere_

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Offshore winds are a surfers friend. @reef @gopro

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Throwback to 2005 on @bonzer_front 3 fin bonzer rocky point session. 16mm frame grab by @ananda_pictures

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I was sad to hear about @dusty_payne getting hurt today at pipe... this guy has been working b**t off to get back from his last injury and has been ripping! heal fast bro, your a warrior.

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There’s going to be a great event for local girl kira... she recently found out that she has a tumor and isn’t going to let that stop her! our community is awesome at getting behind our local surfers so if your around please come down and support or surf in a fun contest:).

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This to me represents our political parties lol 😂 @peterkingphoto 📸

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A slice in the @kswaveco pool from @aetherfilms.

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Pumped on my new @carverskate model. closest feeling to surfing on land. @tsherms 📸

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Happy new year’s day everyone! i’m thankful everyday for my family and friends.... hope 2018 brings more awareness this world needs it.

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The reason i’m always working on rotation in gym. @chris_borst_designs @reef @villagergoods @fcs_surf @clubmedsucks 📸

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What a cool hang last night with some buddies that i have had shared a lot of life with... @rookproductionsmedia thank you so much for cooking up a storm! the best thing that has come from this career is the friendships.

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On a recent trip to the north @alyssa_spencer1 jumped off the highest pier i’ve ever jumped off. alyssa you rule! @fish101restaurant

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Wish i had this marvel @kswaveco in my backyard. felt very fortunate to have the opportunity to ride it:). @reef @chris_borst_designs @villagergoods @onamissionsurf @vertra @fish101restaurant @carverskate

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The best vision for a surfer ever. @gopro

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Congrats to @john_john_florence for taking the title. it was an incredible run with @rosswilliamshawaii by is his side who knows a thing or two about ripping:)

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