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🤔😜😜😎 there is a theory to this one, just not sure if it's a good one! haha #contaxt2

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If you are around san clemente today stop in at @leftcoastbrewco to try out the passionate (yoemans) beer!!! blonde ale with some passionfruit flair!!! there will be tunes provided by @tunnelvisionsc too! gonna be insane!!!!!

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So much yes in this photo! ❤

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Love the 🔶/🔷 color combo. 📷 @jimmicane

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Just watched this movie this morning again... such a classic! two of my all time favorite surfers and human spirits. loved these surfers journal movies they gave such insight into surfers career paths and depicted them side by side. tom c and wayne are incredibly talented beings that inspire different sides of surfing. they are my heroes. i wish these movies were still being made about surfers today.

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Journals and scrapbooks from earth. the @danedamus surf sequel of stoke and cosmo potentials. (link in bio)

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A collage with photos and pen to depict what i imagine it would be like to ride the barrel like @danedamus

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Happy easter cyber legends! and also happy #stokeorama sundayzzz! 🙌🏻 came across this photo and it stoked me out remembering when @sunnygarcia and @kellyslater came out to t street and surprised the entire community of san clemente and signed autographs for the kids of stoke! these two are legends in and out of the water and i'm so stoked i've been able to have them as examples of how to make it fun!! thank you legends for making this day a hall of famer! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 #keepthevibealive

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📍 @miahklein

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Here is a little video showing us loading up on the snowmobiles and then some of the shots i got of the experience. my battery for the light meter went out and was trying to keep the sunny 16 rule alive for @nolannow but realized it was pretty ferocious weather that day! 🤔😜

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