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A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to sign up for the paradise club. through the course of the year i am wanting to have giveaways, zines, stickers and just keep you updated on blogs, photos, and edits. it’s gonna be fun! if you haven’t signed up but want to i’ll put the link in my stories and bio! thank you again! #theparadiseprojects

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Hot in the streets// new @captainfinco thruster set out now! feel the burn 🔥🍉❤️🍉

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Heading to bells to check out @patrickgud soon. sharpening up the pencil with the best ever @markocchilupo. i idolized the hell out of this bells section since i was about 10 years old. skins event on an absolute heater. thanks occy and jack mccoy. this movie is still in my top 3 of all time.

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Happy monday morning! super stoked to share this video with y’all. 🚨🗽🙌🏻i am starting an art project this year. wanted to have a place for quite awhile to keep creating and sharing what i love about surfing. it’s going to be my photos, stories, scrapbooks and surfing in one space and place. it’s called www.theparadiseprojects.com 🍕. yes!! i really hope you can check it out and hope you enjoy it too! i’d be way grateful if you joined the “paradise club”. you’ll be the first to know of edits dropping, zines printing, and any other fun things pertaining to the search for paradise. have a wonderful day. please tell a friend if you can! 🎥🎥☯️🕉

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Make it a great day 🙌🏻🍉

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The league of shadows 🎥 @jimmicane

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A great day to have a great day// good luck to everyone kicking off the year at snapper, respect for all the hard work and dedication! but i ain’t shy when i’m saying @patrickgud for the top dog spots!!! go patty!!!

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Rg3 coming at you live!! @positivevibewarriors grom of the week!! rg been on fire lately🔥🔥🔥, @kekoabacalso gave us the heads up! check out the link in story!!! tag a friend you wanna see as grom of the week cause we wanna meet and celebrate them!!! 👊🏻🙌🏻👊🏻

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Nowadays the surf is always small. i honestly love watching @missteahupoo going huge with these speed lines! it keeps me waxing up and trying to max the speed and turn it up! thank you kelia! keep the shred up, it’s keeping me stoked!!! 🙌🏻🍉🙌🏻🍉

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First step is admitting you need some help! haha!!! anyone with some trick tips out there?!?!

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Keep it primary! 🎁💙💚❤️💛 @vans // @vans surf

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Thank you @vanssurf for the donation to the collection! the k**l ✌️ is a hit!

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Shouting out a massive thank you to everyone who has supported @positivevibewarriors. it’s been such an insane experience getting to see the tribe grow and definitely keep the vibe alive! much love to everyone! super excited to launch the membership kits today for the year of 2018 all proceeds go to the foundation to keep passing the positivity through ocean education and awareness programs and the surfboard drives to emerging surf cultures! love allways! 🙌🏻🦋 (link in bio and stories)

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Beautiful morning for a ride! thanks again @scottnow this thing is a cadillac 🍉🍻

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Freight train express!!! 🚛🚜🚚 📸 @toddglaser

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Rocky, occy and a bunch of madmen going off in one of the sickest mccoy films with a hall of fame name. how sick is sik joy!

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Happy b day motorbike mike! thanks for sprinkling all the magic dust on my boards you legend!!!! have a 🍻 for me! yew! @mike_andrews3

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It’s a rocket 9 wide ❤️

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Guy chi is real and it is happening!

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