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Thank you bruce! still have the vhs copy that we grew up on. dane and i watched it today to celebrate a life greatly lived! i want to one day dress in suits, stuff my board in the trunk of an african taxi and travel with a proper suitcase. this movie was the pure motivation to become a surfer and experience the world. thank you!!! may you rest in peace and truly enjoy the endless summer!

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The triple crown book club.

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Sometimes it feels like it shouldn’t matter if you win or lose but it’s more how you do it. great fricken year for pat boy, so tangible to see how bad you wanted it at sunset and hoping still for a double up to see you back in the spot you deserve. got to travel with pat, compete against him in most events, and be a “patty caddy” of sorts. so much respect for the shitload of hard work you put in towards making it come alive and it’s always amazing to get to duel against one of the best! go pat! #partyon #patsurfingsnapperwouldbeawesome

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Still the sickest to watch surf 🙌🏻. @nathanfletcher launch cabins

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Selfies in paradise. it’s real. it’s happening!

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Airs are real, and they are happening! 🦋❤️📸 @_danielrusso_

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Blue intensity tonight at the surferbar (turtle bay) show starts at 6-9 pm. it’s gonna be some south pacific honey caves! @vanssurf

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Hanging around the triple crown with team @vanssurf. a d**n fine time i say 📼@dylangraves 📸@jimmicane james cangle!

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Can’t wait @vans!!!! charlie brown is my spirit animal

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Yeah boyz. keep living it good. happy b day! 32to32tothefinals

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And a good morning to you!

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Weird waves wednesday with @dylangraves 🙌🏻🙋🏼‍♂️

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