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Is there any better “product shot” than grown from the ground, country rooted, real and delicious produce? we think not!
these grapes are from the delightful @toppersmtnwines in the beautiful new england 🍇🙌🏻 🍷 .
did you know they have a charming cellar door near tingha? you can explore the vineyard and enjoy a charcuterie board by appointment.
sydneysiders, you’ll find their amazing wines at @rockpooldininggroup @ariarestaurant and @northbondifish

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Agh friday.
deadlines collide, but the weekend lingers, let’s do this! 🖤

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Hands up 🙋🏼‍♀️ if you need a little help talking to the media?
we’re excited to announce we’ll be running workshops in tamworth, coffs harbour, port macquarie and armidale soon 🙌🏻. this half-day course is taught by an experienced journalist and includes a mock interview that we’ll record and analysis with you.
you will learn how to:
👏🏻understand the modern media cycle for regional and rural australia. 👏🏻 pitch to the media.
👏🏻 prepare for an interview.
👏🏻managing your message across multiple platforms.
👏🏻speak with authority & overcome nerves.
👏🏻craft quotes and soundbites to engage your target market.
👏🏻communicate in a crisis.
👏🏻position yourself as a industry expert.
places are limited, but feel free to reach out here, or send us an email to register your interest today.
🎤 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥

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Monday. new week. blank canvas. make it happen 🙌🏻

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A supersized thank you to all the super mums out there.
and big hugs to those who have lost their mums or babies, i know today can be tough.
much love

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‘tis the season, when head colds have you feeling and sounding a little flat 🤒.
if you’re sick, but can’t move a speaking gig, we recommend:
* microphones 🎤.
* ditch vocal extremes, like shouting 🗣.
* drink tepid water, really important you keep your vocal cords hydrated 💧.
* breathe from the belly!
* a cup of warm water with lemon & honey (antiseptic and anti-inflammatory) 🍯 🍋

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Weekend wardrobe goals ♥️
the weather has finally turned and we’re celebrating by pulling out the knitwear, although still preying for rain! we might even light a fire tonight 🔥
have a beautiful weekend!

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Smile! it’s the freakin’ weekend 🙌🏻

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Want. need. love!
important question- are you a heels person 👠 or flats 👟???
but seriously, do you have the goods to put your best foot forward in a media interview? 📸 @sophiawebster

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We want to be all like “yay! monday 🙌🏻let’s do this!”
but in truth, we’re like “again...don’t leave me weekend! where’s the coffee?” anyone else?

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🍋current obsession, lemon 🍋

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also, in daily dealings with the media, you really should try to avoid saying “no comment.”
the are more effective ways to handle curveball questions and unwanted questioning.
want to know more? talk to us about #mediatraining today.

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