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It was a hell of a trip! until the next one! 🥰

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Productive first day!! beach day tomorrow!!

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Call me smittywurbenjägermanjenson.. because i am #1 🥇

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Just showing off my lady on a day filled with love! can’t easily put into words what you mean to me mama. you keep me afloat when i feel like i’m sinking, you keep my grounded when i have my head in the clouds. we are always smiling when we’re around one another (mostly when we’re being annoying to the other) but i honestly can’t think of anyone else i’d rather have annoy me, you are the cutest and sweetest thang anyone could ask for 😘🥰 i love you boo boo!

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My #wcw 😘🥰

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Had a great time with friends and family this weekend. much needed stress relief! thank you everyone who was able to come out! thankful for time with loved ones too! ❤️

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When @d_razorz tells you to snap a b&w photo to show off the fade/beard combo, gotta hit his page with straight 🔥

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Time flies when you are with the right person. glad we found each other and i’m proud to have you by my side mama! 😘 ❤️

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Wow... absolutely speechless.. so good!!! 🕷 #spiderman #intothespiderverse #milesmorales #peterparker #ripstanlee

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In my excitement for enter the spider-verse i found the spider-man i most identify with! 🕷 can’t wait!

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Simply thankful for you 🙏🏼

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