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Happy (somewhat belated) birthday to my good friend and colleague @jayfitnow 💪💪
i remember when i first started working with him thinking “man this guys pretty jacked and cool”. i still think that but now we’re just constantly ‘hand circle’ meme-ing each other 👌 happy birthday old fella 💪

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Pupper appreciation post 🐶

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315lbs for 12s 😤
wrapping up a deload session after doing some paused deadlifts. spent the last 4-5 weeks easing back into conventional but next week it’s game time 💦💦 thank you @melvin_wolfe for the sick angles 👌

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135lbs overhead press for 14 amrap 🤤💪
did this after a 3x10. @larrywheels i’m coming for that 5 plate+ ohp 😂

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Row row row your boat 😤💪

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Live, laugh, yeet ❤️ //missing tbay 🌩

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In these last few days, i have had more fun, laughs ( and drinks 😂☠️) than i have all year. it had been 2 years since i’ve visited last, but it felt like no time had passed. thankyou @jakeschelling for being the best friend anyone could ask for, also @jjourn for having me ( and putting up with my shenanigans😂) and all the beautiful amazing people i got to see. this was in every way a full send. i will be back soon tbay, it’s been a slice ❤️
#tswordintbay #tbay #seyton #champyonthetable

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The sleeping giant has awaken 🔥

#tsword #tbay #tswordintbay

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The boys from the bay 👌 “i could be your angel, or i could be your seyton” ❤️

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“and the bay thundered” 🌩
the prodigal son returns ❤️
#daddyshome #backwhenmarkwahlbergwasmarkymark

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Clanging some old plates around on the conventional deadlift. 350lbs 5x5 7rpe.
third week of being back on my b******t with deads and it’s feeling good ! i am so tempted to throw 4 plates on and start from there but i’m making sure i get a good base to avoid any tweaks. i’ll be strong at them again one day 😤

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Nostalgic throwback ❤️😭 the year, 2013. a couple of 16 year olds in a boring english class at superior cvi in thunder bay. when reading out loud a macbeth paragraph, this guy says the name “seyton” in a really funny way during one if macbeth’s soliloquies. “seyton” became an instant inside joke, and mantra. that’s when i knew that this man here would be in my life for a very long time. happy birthday to someone i’m proud to call one of my closest friends @jakeschelling ❤️ here’s to all of our inside jokes (cutting room) our crazy adventures (jim beam rip) our 1k+ snap streak, and the fact that in a few days i’ll be up there in tbay celebrating 🍺🍺 love ya dude ! #seyton #tswordintbay #tbay

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