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Flow state

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Bing and b**g

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Analogue vs digital

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Sorry my bedroom is so messy :/

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Realizing how soon tour starts, which cities are u hyped for?

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✨and on the 3rd day he said: “it’s actually just dubstep” ✨

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Everyone’s reaction to volume 4 got me feelin like

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Now thats what i call riddim vol 4 out now link in bio

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Remembering all the amazing things that happened this year, every year feels like the biggest and craziest yet and i’ve honestly stopped trying to even put expectations or pressure or labels on myself or anything like that. music ain’t about “making” it, it’s about creating something beautiful, loving the process, and hopefully maybe others like it too. thank u all so so so so so much for coming along with me on all these ridiculous shenanigans, i have a feeling they’re coming back around in 2019 but 500000x stronger. but what’s really important are the friends we’ve made and will make, the memories saved in ur brain and not ur phone, s**t ur gunna remember forever and either smile or know it’s something that made you stronger as a person.
anyways enough ranting 😂, love y’all stay safe and happy new year ❤️🌎🎉 📸 @treevalds

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I still havnt seen bird box

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