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Been in the kitchen all day since i got so many great ingredients at the supermarket yesterday. (view my stories for the grocery haul!)

made some kale chips today and it’s fabbb. just lay each piece on the oven tray, coat them with olive oil and salt, leave it in the oven for 15-20min at 120 degree celcius. make sure that they don’t get burnt! afterwards, take it out of the oven and let them sit for 20min - it’ll turn crispy during this time. they taste like those crispy salted seaweed snack! ✨

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Was the only newbie in my first yoga class, found a great spot to have coffee and enjoy a book, got kale and brussels sprout at the supermarket. i loved today. ✨

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Lunch time in 5 minutes... 👌🏻

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Day out with @chxryltan.

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Tomato soup today! no i didn’t plan to cook a bowl of red soup because it’s national day today haha. but in any case, happy birthday singapore and have a good holiday fellow singaporeans!

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Made myself a refreshing mojito using bacardi superior white r*m to tackle the temperamental weather!

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Egg was a little undercooked but everything else was great.👌🏻

writing out the last report today and my goal for next week is to ‘chill a little’ haha. literally going to write that down on my daily to-do list to remind myself. life will never move at a constant speed (and it shouldn’t). taking breaks will get us ready for the next sprints! 💪🏻

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Massive saturday roast haha. yes everything on this plate is mine. 👍🏻

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Love the colours here and it feels like a scene from wes anderson’s film. no filter, no edits. ❤️

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Summer citrus salad with grilled chicken! the most satisfying salad i’ve had in a while. if you’re craving for something refreshing, sweet and sour, crunchy and juicy, you should try making this. 👌🏻 i’ve also shared a recipe for this up on the blog! link in profile. 💚

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