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Getting back to the everyday starting with a pain au chocolat from johan bakery. and finally returning to this issue of the plant magazine. this morning was blue and quiet. ☁️

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Wishing for a warm p*t of tea after these new year feasts. and erm.. also itching to play mahjong haha. i haven’t touched any tiles this year! 😩

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Look at this glorious mango tart! thank you to friends at for the sweet treat. my friend felicia at pare made the entire tart from scratch using isigny ste mere butter and cream. and it’s topped with such a generous amount of sweet mangoes. i was surprised when she told me it’s just $38 for this homemade tart! 💛 • whips up a new dessert every month, based on interesting concepts they’ve experienced overseas or when seasonal ingredients are available. unfortunately this mango tart is already out of stock but you can see more of what they do at or over at their instagram page . currently there’s a flash bake sale of the chocolate hazelnut slice that’s just going for $7 a slice! 👌🏻

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Pmq, hong kong.

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Yesterday’s hike. it felt like we were on some deserted highlands rather than a city. you hike, take a pause and turn back to view this wonderful scenery that grows more and more beautiful with every step you take.

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10 minute soba mushroom stir fry recipe is up on the blog! fast, easy to cook and costs around s$3 if you don’t go for some fancy mushrooms haha. if you do meal preps, this might be a good go-to recipe! link in profile.

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Comforting bowl of beef stew by stylo dad which was all i needed after going crazy at laneway yesterday. really enjoyed the performances by @theinternet, @macdemarco and @anderson._paak!

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It’s like a scene from an impressionist painting. ✨

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Attempted nigella lawson’s chicken and peas traybake recipe on sunday. the theory is to lay the peas below the chicken when you cook them in the oven, so that the juices from the chicken will help to cook the peas and you’ll get a plate of savory and sweet peas as a side. 👌🏻

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*an edit to the recipe! yesterday’s lunch was a simple soba bowl topped with pork belly and mushroom stir-fry. i marinated the pork belly for 15 minutes with soy sauce, dark soy sauce, sesame oil, cooking sake, mirin (1 tsp* respectively for 1 serving) and ground black pepper. stir fry 2 cloves of minced garlic, then add in the marinated meat and finally the mushrooms. top it with roasted sesame when serving. the savory stir-fry and the sweet vegetables complement the soba well. also, go for fresh meat and not frozen because it really makes a difference in taste and texture! hope you’ll have a great sunday lunch!

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The weekend is near! 💪🏻

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Finally... the recipe to napa cabbage kimchi (korean fermented vegetable) is up on the blog! link is in my profile. writing the post makes me want to make kimchi again soon. hope you find the recipe useful! 😊

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My stomach is growling... cold weather makes you hungry! • some toast and coffee from corner house bali, a beautiful cafe that we stopped by during team trip with @foolproof_ux last year.

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Last year, friends from instagram came to singapore for a visit and i brought them on a food tour to introduce some of singapore’s iconic dishes. view our stories on @instagram! many thanks to instagram for the opportunity to share a singapore story to the world! ❤️

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It’s lunch time! the craziest bowl i’ve made - salmon, cherry tomatoes, avocado, sunny side-up over soba. 🍣🍅🥑🍳🍜

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The weather is beautiful these days.

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Soba in dashi stock with soy sauce chicken. ❤️

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Happy new year to you! • my 2017 resolution was to learn to relax and haha i think i’m pretty good at it now. i’ve shared some rituals i’ve followed in the past year that helped me feel refreshed and ready for the day. it’s on the blog and the link is in my profile. have a great 2018 everyone! ✨

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Spending the last day of 2017 visiting some farms and escaping from the hustle and bustle with @rachmloh. this nasi lemak was from bollywood veggies and i believe the vegetables here were grown by them. 💚

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Brunch and shopping date with stylomum yesterday! do spend some one to one time with your parents, it’s really really precious and fulfilling! ✨

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