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So happy to see you again @eveliinavk! this was a lovely meal. 💕

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Helsinki is such a great destination for a slow holiday. no wonder the finnish are the happiest people in the world. ✨

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Our lunch at hyde park. 🌞

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So lovely to see people carrying pots and bouquets of flowers on a sunday morning. and the excited conversations on how to decorate their homes with these flowers. it’s summer here in london! 🌷

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Goodbye paris and goodbye to our beautiful room in montmorency! friends told me that i’ll either love or hate paris but i think i’m caught in between. i loved the places we visited just that i might have caught the ‘grandeur fatigue’ if there’s such a term haha. as a tourist there’s so much to see! but i believe paris is a nice city to live in - i love that the museums are so accessible for the locals.

see you again paris! 🇫🇷

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Glad we slowed down in the last few days in paris. decided to visit a garden near our accommodation and discovered the prettiest greenhouses. it was well maintained but there weren’t many visitors. then we bumped into kids on a school trip and they were running around the greenhouse, jotting down notes of plants they spotted. my mum asked if she could take a picture with them and i think they were doubtful at first but later agreed. my mum and the kids laughed a lot while taking the pictures and the sweetest thing was that they came to us to thank us for the selfie before they left! haha we are the ones who should be thankful! 💚

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Atelier brancusi. 🖤

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Hall of mirrors, palace of versailles. from the walls to the ceilings and floors, every inch of space is decorated. ✨

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This picture taken at the royal botanic garden in sydney always reminded me of claude monet’s garden. experiencing his water lilies paintings at the benesse art museum in naoshima was unforgettable. and i can’t wait to see more of his works very soon! ✨

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