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Late night working ☁️✨ when does your winter break end? [mine already ended] 💫

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Happy new years studybuddies! wishing you all the best for 2019 🍄☁️ what year were you born? [2000 for me]

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For the holidays this year, i got a little buddy for my kånken pencil case... a kånken keychain! what did you get this year? 🎄☁️

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Happy holidays studybuddies! hope you’re having a great time during you’re break because you deserve it after a long long semester/quarter of studying! ✨☁️

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Good luck on finals studybuddies! ✨☁️ when do you have your first exam? [mine’s today]

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Cozy season ☁️🍁🍂 are you ready for thanksgiving break?! i can’t wait ^_^

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New video on my after school night routine on my youtube channel [link in bio] ☁️☀️do you own a kånken + what color is it?

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My november weekly spread! 🎨 what’s your astrological sign? [i’m a scorpio]

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What’s in my pencil case 🌻📝 do you have mildliners?

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Have a productive day! also, pls rate my current desk setup 1-10 📝🐡

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How to make a bullet journal spread in under a minute!! the full video will be on my igtv —> @studywithinspo 🐡☀️

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Hi studybuddies, today i’m taking over @instagram so please go check out my feature and story posts!! i’ve been working on this since august and i can’t believe it’s finally here!! lots of love to all my fellow bullet journalists, this community rocks and i hope as the year ends we’ll be even bigger and better than ever 🌻🌼 here are some of my biggest inspirations: @chey.barton @studyquill @tbhstudying @amandarachlee

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