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Yes, eat people meat. #longpig #peoplemeat #cannibal

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Snow on the genesee #rochester #ny

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Ready to cut anything #giantscissors

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My partner in crime and adventure like no one else could be. love you @chiallamariaconchitaconsuela. we don’t need no stinking holiday for what we’ve got. #nerdlove #vday #partnersincrime

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Going for a new look, but still maintaining my usual level of awkward. #newlook #kingofawkward

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Maybe the quintessential “that guy”. whether you realize it or not you’ve probably seen a movie with d**k miller in it. over sixty years in film and television. you had a great run, sir. #dickmiller #rip

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I don’t remember signing my likeness rights over to anyone. #screamculture #skeletonman #skeletoncult #itme

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This may be the first time i ever put on doctor strange well before all the extra bits i added. maybe someday i’ll go out with this simplified version...or maybe not. #doctorstrange #throwback #wheresallthestuff #ilikeallthestuff

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I just want it on the record that we own several of these sexy lady swizzle sticks because @chiallamariaconchitaconsuela bought them. #swizzlestick #vintage #gandt #ginandtonic #mygotodrinkfortherecord

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Mah bois. mostly posting because as you can imagine getting a picture of these two is a lighting nightmare. appreciate my kitties! or don’t whatever.

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