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A fun time had by all at odd mall taking pictures with krampus and his keeper. #krampus #krampuslittlehelper #oddmall

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Keeping it spooky all year long. #christmastree #spookytree

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Andy hopp. the man. the myth. the @oithling. thanks for giving krampus a reason to visit. #krampus #oddmall #oddmalloutpost #dannydevito

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I had a excellent time today at the oddmall outpost taking photos with folks. catch me there again dec 15 if you missed it this go around: #krampus #oddmall #oddmalloutpost

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You’ll get caught up in the...#crossfire

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The world’s largest and most elaborate piece of cloth made entirely from spider silk. the color is natural to the spiders’ silk. 1.2 million golden orb spiders and a fleet of people were used to make this piece. on display at the royal ontario museum as part of their spider exhibit. quite a beautiful piece. #romspiders #spidercape #goldenorbweaver #spiders

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Frankenstein(‘s monster for you a******s out there) is my favorite of the universal monsters. as a side note to canada: when you’re ready to lose this give me a call. i’ll give him a new home. #hamburgerfrankenstein

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Vip royalty up here in #medievaltimes

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Was in a panel at #cononthecon called “geeksters court” doctor who vs doctor strange who is the better master of time and space. doctor strange was ruled the winner and it was a ton of a fun to participate in!

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I think we all remember riding around on a #tricycucle as a child.

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Go do the thing #vote

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Sometimes i have to take a step back and appreciate that i get paid to do things like this.

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