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#watchjuneeat having dinner at home with @dantransform with the kids at our feet 🐶🐶 is one of my favorite things to do! last night’s dinner was made entirely from groceries delivered to my door from @milkandeggscom. so many of you have been asking for a promo code, so i asked for one for ya. i don’t get any kickback from this code- i just really want to help you save some $$! get $20 off $40 or more using my code stirandstyle20. milk and eggs shopping list for this meal: 🍝 domenico’s fresh penne 🍅 domenico’s sundried tomatoes in olive oil (for the sauce i just dumped the whole container and parmesan cheese in a food processor) 🐟fresh 8oz halibut 🥖@breadlounge country loaf - 4th & heart ghee butter 🥗classic salads fresh spring mix (+balsamic vinegar) 🥔 @stonewallkitchen garlic parmesan potato sticks (on my salad)

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Happy birthday to my sister, my best friend, and my maid of honor @leina.lin!! even though we’ve lived across the world from each other for 9 years, our friendship not only stays strong, but continues to grow stronger. you’ve singlehandedly defined what a best friend is suppose to be because you’ve been mine since we were little ones. i can’t wait for us to stand by each other as we both get married this year! i’m truly honored to be your sis, best friend, maid of honor, and everything in between. thank you for loving me and teaching me throughout the years what true friendship is. i love you, @leina.lin!! p.s. for anyone who is confused, we’re not sisters by blood, but we’re sisters at heart! my dad delivered her when she was born and we grew up together. it’s crazy to think my dad was there 31 years ago saying wassup to his unborn daughter’s maid of honor 🤯! to us and everyone who knows us, we’re sisters forever and always 👯‍♀️😍.lei

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#watchjuneeat what’s the best food you’ve ever had at a wedding and why? one of our favorite parts of wedding planning has been the tastings!! even though i was super sick, i wasn’t going to miss this tasting with @dantransform (we even got to bring my parents along for the fun)! i’m sure it’s no surprise to you guys that food is going to be one of the stars of our wedding day. we want the evening to be filled with our favorite people eating our favorite foods! i don’t want to give away too much, but fried chicken is going to make an appearance! we decided to not go with the sliders and instead are stepping up our fried chicken game with @feast_catering! #danquanandonly #stirandstyledowntheaisle

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It’s wedding wednesday for @dantransform and me! i’m more in love with this guy than ever!! dan and i already work together, so planning our wedding is another fun project for us for us to do side by side. there’s a lot to do, but since we understand each other’s work style, our strengths and weaknesses, and how to support the other, we are enjoying every step of the way! today we’re going to finalize our guest list, design our invites, get more details on our cocktail hour food vendor, and finalize our lighting. we still have lots on our to-do list- one of them is i’m still looking for a make up artist (in the bay area) that fits my style! that one is a toughie! how does this list sound, @tickled_events 😀 (our wedding planner)? #dansquanandonly #stirandstyledowntheaisle #weddingwednesday 📸: @jessehsuphoto (thanks for such a fun photo shoot and for getting us our photos while you’re in japan! cant wait to share more.) 💁🏻‍♀️: @natalierosebbl (thank you for taming my hair! can’t wait to have you there on our special day and to brainstorm/try out wedding hair styles! 😘)

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#watchjuneeat my parents are in hong kong right now and i wish we were there with them 😫! in the spirit of traveling, here’s a video from our last trip to hk when my cousin @cchristym brought @dantransform and i to eat 生煎包 (pan-fried juicy pork buns) and 飯糰 (fried chinese donut with pork floss wrapped in sticky rice). 😍 p.s. congrats again on your engagement, @cchristym 💍😘

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#watchjuneeat i was so surprised and excited to see that the portions at @musashiyaudon are large and in charge! the noodles are chewy, fresh, and silky 🤤. there’s tonkatsu and beef in this bowl of delicious curry udon. it’s down the street from @wearesip, so you know i’ll be there often. we already went twice in two days 🤣😍🍜. pro-tip: order the takoyaki. they’re some of the best i’ve had outside japan because it’s actually crispy! 📹: @dantransform 🧢: @loveyourmelon

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Say "grilled cheese!" using 12-grain @oroweatbread for my grilled cheese adds extra flavor and texture. it's the perfect way to sneak in nutrients when you're eating grilled cheese sandwiches! take a selfie with your favorite tasty bread, tag @oroweatbread and use the #breadselfiecontest hashtag for a chance to win an amazing price of up to $10,000. #ad 📸: @dantransform

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#watchjuneeat 🍖giveaway for 1 @farmerjohnla spiral cut ham & all-natural bacon just in time for easter🥓 to enter: 1) follow @farmerjohnla & subscribe to my youtube channel (link in bio) 2) tag 2 friends you're going to cook for if you win and comment something loving about why you want to cook for them. i'll be choosing the winner on tuesday night 3/20! #hothamsofinsta #farmerjohnla 📹: @dantransform (my hot ham 😜)

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#watchjuneeat this bowl of chicken liver, chicken hearts, and chicken gizzards from @tonchinkan_izakaya made me a really really really happy lady! all i was missing was a big bowl of rice 😍! i can’t wait to go back to have this again. would you try this dish? i highly recommend you give it a taste! 📹: @dantransform

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#watchjuneeat i am missing this homemade duck noodle soup so much cooked by @dantransform’s auntie in san diego!! the duck broth was so rich in flavor, but not fatty. there was so much deliciousness in that bowl- egg noodles, duck breast, wood ear mushroom, lotus root, peanuts, and veggies. this is one of the top best noodles soups i’ve ever had (check out my “homecooked” highlights to see it being made)! p.s. dan’s mom’s voice in the background makes me smile! 😍 i’m trying to learn vietnamese. it felt great to be with family as we were all together for the 100th day after dan’s grandmother passed.

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@dantransform always reminds me to celebrate all steps, big or small. tonight he insisted on taking me out to celebrate each and every one of you, all 200k of you. thank you for sharing your days with me. thank you for spending your valuable time with me. thank you for caring. thank you for your messages, comments, love, and support. @instagram has created a world for me that i never could’ve imagined even just 3 years ago. a world where i can share my passions and make genuine connections. this week has been a bit crazy- i was featured on instagram’s instagram, reached 200k, and got verified. it feels weird to say those things out loud as accomplishments because 1) it feels like a humble brag and 2) i can understand that many people may find these things trivial and unimportant. but to me, these milestones are meaningful. they’re meaningful not because of the numbers, but because of every one of you. it means i’m able to share my love for food and life with people i would have never been connected to without social media. it means our worlds can grow and collide with just a click of a button. to me, that’s insanely cool. i’ll never take these opportunities for granted and i’ll continue to use this platform to spread happiness and positivity. not everyone is going to like my content- cue the haters and people who feed off negativity, which makes those of you who encourage me and support me so much more special. i appreciate every dm and email you guys send me sharing about how i’ve inspired you, motivated you, recommended a new dish you love, how your adorable kids like to watch my videos or just to send positivity. i try to respond to as many as i can, but if i haven’t yet, know that i’ve read your message and i appreciate you. know that you can count on me for authenticity in all that i post. i’ll be unapologetically me and am here to support everyone else who wants to live their truth and passion too. anyone who doesn’t like what they see and have negative comments ready to strike are free to unfollow. love you all!!! 📸: @jessehsuphoto

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#watchjuneeat thank you so much @instagram for featuring me on your instagram and stories today! i am so grateful for the opportunity to share my love of food and life with the ig community. thank you to everyone who has started following today and to everyone who has been showing love and support all along. i appreciate each and every one of you!! i can’t wait to continue this delicious journey with you all. thank you for letting me be a part of your days! now let me tell you about this meal- i ordered fresh italian pappardelle pasta from @milkandeggscom and cooked it with sesame oil, soy sauce, chili sauce, and oyster sauce to make it into an asian noodle dish. i love when cultures and cuisines intermingle. no matter where we are from or what we look like, food connects us all. let’s continue to spread love and positivity in our world! 📹: @dantransform (my eating buddy for life) 。 。 。 。 。 。 #noodles #asian #pasta #bbq #eggrolls #homemade #noodlepull #juneeats #eeeeeats #vidoftheday #munchies #cheatday #foodporn #cheatmeal #buzzfeast #instavideo #foodvideo #video #lovefood #phaat #instagramvideo #food #eatingvideo #mukbang #foodvideo #eating #eats #foodjunkie #girlmukbang #video

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#watchjuneeat 🍽giving away a free dinner (+desserts) for two at @plate_and_petal in glendale, ca🍽 enter to win by: 1) following @plate_and_petal & subscribing to my youtube channel (link in bio) 2) tag your lucky date and comment something loving about why you want to have dinner with them. remember that your date can be anyone including your bff or mom! i’ll be choosing the winner on monday evening! [must order: mushroom rigatoni and/or burrata bucatini] 📹: @mdulake and baby kim👶🏻 。 。 。 。 。 。 #giveaway #noodlepull #paata #cheese #freefood #noodles #noodle #juneeats #eeeeeats #vidoftheday #munchies #cheatday #foodporn #cheatmeal #buzzfeast #instavideo #foodvideo #video #lovefood #phaat #instagramvideo #food #eatingvideo #mukbang #foodvideo #eating #eats #foodjunkie #girlmukbang #video

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@dantransform is an incredible planner and he’s dubbed wednesdays “wedding wednesday” for planning our big day! can’t wait to marry this stud 😍 no one ever told us how much work planning a wedding would be, but we’ve been enjoying every step of the process! we chat about details here and there throughout the week, but wednesdays are the day to dive deep. thanks to our wedding planner, @tickled_events, we’ve almost figured out all the food we’ll be serving. to us, amazing food is a top priority for our wedding. we went to a couple tastings in in norcal last week and it was so much fun! we’ve already signed on our photographer @myonelove, videographer @memocofilms, and dj 😍🤩🎶. our next tasks are to finalize a lighting vendor, workout details for cocktail hour, and to design our invitations!! #dansquanandonly #weddingwednesday #stirandstyledowntheaisle 📷: @boudoirbylily

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#watchjuneeat drunken beef noodles from @nextrepublickitchen. it’s national noodle month. yep. that’s a thing. did i make it up? i wish. comment with your favorite noodle spot! i’m always looking for new recs 😍. 。 。 。 。 。 。 #nationalnoodleday #noodles #nationalnoodlemonth #noodlepull #thaifood #drunkennoodles #noodle #juneeats #eeeeeats #vidoftheday #munchies #cheatday #foodporn #cheatmeal #buzzfeast #instavideo #foodvideo #video #lovefood #phaat #instagramvideo #food #eatingvideo #mukbang #foodvideo #eating #eats #foodjunkie #girlmukbang #video

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#watchjuneeat this french onion soup from @kendallsdtla was worth burning my mouth for! want to win a private mixology lesson? 🍸i’m partnering with @boardroom_la (the speakeasy inside kendall’s) to give away a private mixology lesson for two with christina russo, cocktail connoisseur! follow the steps below for a chance to win: 1) follow @kendallsdtla @boardroom_la @stirandstyle 2) tag your favorite drinking buddy and name your favorite alcohol in the comments. multiple entries welcome- just tag someone new! 。 。 。 。 。 。 #giveaway #freealcohol #frenchonionsoup #soup #hot #cheese #cheesy #juneeats #eeeeeats #vidoftheday #munchies #cheatday #foodporn #cheatmeal #buzzfeast #instavideo #foodvideo #video #lovefood #phaat #instagramvideo #food #eatingvideo #mukbang #foodvideo #eating #eats #foodjunkie #girlmukbang #video

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I train hard to eat hard and look forward to my post-workout meals. i’m about that sandwich life especially when it’s nutritious like this one i made using @oroweatbread. what’s your favorite kind of sandwich? enter their contest by taking a selfie with some bread, use the #breadselfiechallenge hashtag and you could win an amazing prize of $10,000. #ad #stirandsmile

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#watchjuneeat body by pizza (and @transformfitnessdj )! @dantransform has been talking about @ranceschicagopizza for months and we finally got to try it since they’re in la now at usc village! it’s now one of our favs for deep dish 🍕. their grand opening is on march 3rd and all pizzas will be 50% from 11am-10pm! the first 50 customers will get a $25 certificate for their next visit. p.s. good thing we aren’t lactose intolerant! cheese overload is exactly how we like to live life. 🧀 who’s with me? 。 。 。 。 。 。 #deepdishpizza #pizza #cheese #cheesepull #rancespizza #usc #transformfitnessdj #juneeats #eeeeeats #vidoftheday #munchies #cheatday #foodporn #cheatmeal #cheesy #instavideo #foodvideo #video #lovefood #phaat #instagramvideo #food #eatingvideo #mukbang #foodvideo #eating #eats #foodjunkie #girlmukbang #video

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#watchjuneeat @dantransform and i don’t always eat the most balanced meals, but this meal was most definitely balanced and my mama and papa would be proud of us! we ordered everything from this meal from @milkandeggscom. i just reminded myself that i need to place an order for more groceries tonight! 。 。 。 。 。 。 #healthymeal #healthy #noodlepull #salmon #cauliflowermash #salad #pasta #juneeats #eeeeeats #vidoftheday #munchies #cheatday #foodporn #cheatmeal #buzzfeast #instavideo #foodvideo #video #lovefood #phaat #instagramvideo #food #eatingvideo #mukbang #foodvideo #eating #eats #foodjunkie #girlmukbang #video

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#watchjuneeat have you guys seen @davidchang ’s @uglydelicious on @netflix yet?? the show really speaks to me because i don’t post food because it looks beautiful or super crazy, i post because i ate it and i loved it. to me, it’s about the taste and an honest recommendation to you, not about what’s going to “hit” on social media because it’s trending. @uglydelicious just launched on friday and i was so incredible honored to be invited to @majordomola to celebrate at an intimate dinner with such a talented, inspiring, and welcoming group of people! i went to the event not knowing anyone, but left with new friends, a full belly from a majorly delicious meal, and feeling so inspired. the guest list was so tight that @dantransform couldn’t come with me, but we both knew it was a dinner i couldn’t miss! this was hands down one of the coolest events i’ve ever been invited to and i’m forever grateful. @majordomola blew me away as the space was stunning and the food was incredible! i ate that whole rib with no shame at a table full of new friends and loved every moment! @davidchang @ridingshotgunla @steveyeun @jopakka @dan_the_a @davidchoe @miwaokumura @j_huang @nickkroll 📹: @davidwma (thanks for always being so kind and genuine in all that you do!) 。 。 。 。 。 。 #shortrib #netflix #uglydelicious #davidchang #meat #dinner #inspired #juneeats #eeeeeats #vidoftheday #munchies #cheatday #foodporn #cheatmeal #buzzfeast #instavideo #foodvideo #video #lovefood #phaat #instagramvideo #food #eatingvideo #mukbang #foodvideo #eating #eats #foodjunkie #girlmukbang #video

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