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Be honest, 👍 or 👎 on the tongue? there’s only one right answer by the way. for those that don’t know, this is the new @adidasfootball #copa gloro 19.2. it has a tongue and i love the way it looks! #heretocreate #sr4u

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Better or worse on feet? #phantomvision #awakenthephantom #fifa19 #sr4u

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Serious question, would you wear these? the new limited edition @easportsfifa x @nikefootball #phantomvision elite has a lot going on. are you a fan? #awakenthephantom #fifa19 #sr4u

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The @nikefootball #flyknitultra was really special, and i was thinking today how the texture and feel of the #phantomvision elite is actually a lot like those were, but with a very different fit of course. if you liked the extra grip from the flyknit ultra, the phantom vision is worth a look. #sr4u

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I’ve decided, this was the best #predator 18.1 colorway! the look of the leather version is definitely really nice as well! what’s your favorite predator color? #heretocreate #sr4u

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Did you know the stripes are reflective on this colorway? i didn’t until i took this pic. how about the matching black reflective #sr4ulaces too! my favorite #x18 colorway so far! #sr4u #heretocreate

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Which soleplate and stud pattern would you pick? #nikegs #gs360 #bornmercurial #sr4u

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I think this goes without saying, but the @nikefootball #tiempolegend 7 elite is still a great boot even though it’s no longer the latest thing. i would even make the argument the the takedown pro variation is every bit as a good as the elite! and if you’re on an even tighter budget, the academy is very solid. probably the only line where i can recommend all 3 tiers. let’s hope nike doesn’t go too crazy with the next generation, because i’m a little worried based on how things have been going. #sr4u

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Ladies and gentlemen, the new @easportsfifa x @nikefootball #phantomvision elite! limited edition of course, and releasing on december 12th. what do you think? i personally don’t know what to think. #awakenthephantom #fifa19 #sr4u

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More predator looking than an actual predator! big fan of these boots. what about you? #x18 #heretocreate #sr4u

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Vapor or superfly? not my usual preference, but for this particular boot, i quite like the look of the superfly! both are available today in very limited quantities! link in bio if you’re looking to get a pair! #bornmercurial #sr4u

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There’s also a “golden touch” #superfly releasing tomorrow! i assume these exist in case @cristiano won. he didn’t, but you can get the boots anyways! should #cr7 have won the 2018 #ballondor? #bornmercurial #sr4u

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