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Vapor 12 or superfly 6? #bornmercurial #sr4u

comment 55 star 5,322 9 hours ago

Pick one! i’ve heard a lot of complaints about the look of the new superfly, but if you could only wear one, would you pick the new ones or the old ones? please take this survey seriously! thank you. #itneededtobedone #bornmercurial #sr4u

comment 280 star 6,844 12 hours ago

I’ve been getting a ton of messages asking about what @lukas_nmecha has done to his @adidasfootball x 17+ purespeed! you can see pretty clearly in this picture that he removed the laces and simply cut down the middle of the lace cover! why would he do this? if i had to guess it’s to allow the internal sock to stretch more freely! based on the pics, despite not having the laces in, they look like they fit him very tightly, and the lace cover was perhaps restricting his foot or making it too hard to put on. should you do this to your purespeeds? probably not. #sr4u

comment 26 star 7,743 15 hours ago

Giroud testing out something new from @pumafootball? he’s been wearing the new puma one 18.1, which is only just slightly newer than the recently released future, so what else is coming from puma? is it a replacement or a new line entirely? for those that were speculating puma making a laceless boot, these clearly appear to have laces, but that’s about the only thing you can make out from this angle. what do you think they are? #sr4u

comment 33 star 6,426 16 hours ago

@sebagiovincoofficial sticking with some blacked out tiempo legend 6s, the same boots he’s been wearing for a while now! he hasn’t been under contract with anyone pretty since he made the move to @torontofc! i wonder what the reasoning for that is? for those that don’t know he was previously signed with nike. who should he sign a boot deal with? #sr4u

comment 27 star 6,376 17 hours ago

Which cleats should i feature in my next play test? i officially have a new place to record and might be able to use it as soon as tomorrow! let me know what you want to see and i’ll try to make it happen! #sr4u #sr4ulaces

comment 282 star 4,189 Yesterday

Conical studs on a superfly 6? nike has only shown the fg version up until now, but this is the ag-pro variation, made specifically for use on artificial grass, but you can get away with using it on natural grass as well! it maintains the same split sole construction of the fg version as well! if you want to learn more about them, check out my full review on youtube! #bornmercurial #sr4u

comment 33 star 6,792 Yesterday

@gabimercado25 wearing the new superfly 6 without a split sole! while pros do get custom mods to their boots, this simply looks like the new superfly with nike’s anti-clog sg-pro soleplate! there aren’t any official details about what nike will be releasing as far as stud patterns are concerned, but fg, sg-pro and ag are pretty much a lock! will we see an anti-clog option as well? if so, how does that soleplate change the fit and feel of the boot? #bornmercurial #sr4u

comment 44 star 8,351 Yesterday

Honest opinion, do you like the new collar on the superfly 6? everyone was asking for a lower collar like @cristiano had on his custom superfly 4 and 5, but now that we have pretty much exactly that, people seem to unhappy about it! what do you think? #bornmercurial #sr4u

comment 103 star 9,631 Yesterday

Here’s a look at some of the reflective bits at the heel and on the bottom of the vapor 12 in black! i really like the look of this colorway! #bornmercurial #sr4u

comment 18 star 7,302 Yesterday

Superfly 5 or 6? #bornmercurial #sr4u

comment 115 star 7,331 2 days ago

Rate these from 1-10! i will admit that i think the new superfly 6 is kind of weird looking, although it does look better on feet! however, with the changes they’ve made, i think this is the best superfly ever from both a comfort and performance standpoint! if you’re looking for specific details as to why i think that is, check out my latest review on youtube! do you plan on picking up the superfly 6? #bornmercurial #sr4u

comment 72 star 9,128 2 days ago

@leomessi tied the game wearing his custom signature nemeziz 17.1, which feature a burrito style tongue rather than a one-piece upper, sort of like what the messi 16.1 had. he seems to make just about any boots work though! also, just something i’ve noticed, messi never seems to wear an sg stud pattern! it’s always fg. obviously field conditions would be the main reason for him to change, but even when most other players are wearing sg, he seems to always stick with fg! are you a fan of messi’s current signature boots? #sr4u

comment 61 star 8,890 2 days ago

@jordialbaoficial back in his old leather ace 17.1 instead of his usual leather x 17.1! they’re pretty similar boots in terms of their overall construction, although his pairs would be custom. i assume it’s just an old pair that he really likes and keeps around for important matches. what do you think the reason is? #sr4u

comment 53 star 12,721 2 days ago

@hazardeden_10 wearing the new vapor 12 for the first time in a match! very interesting that he didn’t seem to be wearing them in training leading up to the game today! we’ll see if he sticks with them. #bornmercurial #sr4u

comment 24 star 8,574 2 days ago

Which collar do you like? superfly 5 or superfly 6? the new one is a fair bit lower than what we saw from the superfly 4 and 5, supposedly modelled off of the custom collar @cristiano has used on his superflys for the last 4 years! #bornmercurial #sr4u

comment 100 star 7,663 2 days ago

Which one would you rather wear? when the flyknit ultra came out, almost everyone was pumped about the concept of a low-cut flyknit mercurial and it lived up to the hype! they’re genuinely very good! the vapor 12, and the superfly 6, is essentially an evolution of what we got from the flyknit ultra, but somehow there are lots of upset people! i get it if you just don’t like the look of the boots because of colorways or the graphics, but the boot as a whole is essentially what people have been asking for since flyknit mercurials were first introduced in 2014! this is just my opinion of course, but i honestly do like what nike has done with the new vapor and superfly. what do you think? #sr4u

comment 279 star 10,569 3 days ago

Rate these from 1-10! i still don’t like the swoosh across the top of the toes, but this colorway makes the overall design look a lot better! i’ll also say that both mercurial colorways look a lot better in person than they do in pictures. do you still hate the new look? #bornmercurial #sr4u

comment 105 star 10,024 3 days ago

@hazardeden_10 sticking with the vapor 11 in training ahead of their champions league match! he’s been switching between the vapor 11 and flyknit ultra as of late and has yet to wear the new mercurial vapor 12 in a match! i’m going to assume that he either doesn’t like something about the pairs nike has sent him and he’s getting some changes made, or he just doesn’t want to switch for such an important match. also, for those that are messaging me about his laces being untied, lots of pros warm up without tying their laces. not an uncommon thing at all. thoughts on this situation? #bornmercurial #sr4u

comment 62 star 12,556 3 days ago

Black or orange? for me it’s a no brainer. #bornmercurial #sr4u

comment 229 star 14,566 3 days ago