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A porsche gt4 leaving with soul competition headers and valved exhaust! ultimate flow with the least amount of drone possible! #soulperformanceproducts

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Dark knights | @schwaafilms put together an epic video of @8wicked9 (soundtrack by our huracan race exhaust) and @kwsimreen! check out the full vid in 4k via link in @schwaafilms profile. #soulperformanceproducts

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@deathprofiteer just trimming the lawn... with soul ferrari ff cat bypass pipes! #soulperformanceproducts

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The soul feed is mostly entertainment with great videos and photos of cars and our customers with the occasional product photo. the fabrication team has started an account to show off what goes on in the shop - r&d, fabrication, and more! give @soul_intheshop a follow if you want to see us manipulating metal! #soulperformanceproducts

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991.2 carrera revs with soul cat bypass pipes at @toptuning_bolzano! #soulperformanceproducts

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Our northern most customer @m4gnuskran3 from tromsø taking in the northern lights! beautiful! #soulperformanceproducts

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@hydramotorworks has upgraded our range rover sport svr client with soul hjs hd 200
cell catted sport downpipes and their ecu tune with upgraded pulley. sounds mean! #soulperformanceproducts

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Bloody hell - get the marshmallows! 🔥🔥 lamborghini gallardo revs with our cat bypass pipes and muffler bypass exhaust! #soulperformanceproducts

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@eman319 with a stellar sounding mclaren 570s - soul sport downpipes with @vrtuned ecu burble flash and @vividracing gt4 style carbon fiber wing. 👍🏻 #soulperformanceproducts

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Soul 987.1 september special | now through september 30th enjoy 15% off our competition headers and 10% off our performance exhaust. competition package pricing has dropped even further as well! you can have it mild with just our exhaust or wild like @boostbrothersgarage with our full package! #soulperformanceproducts

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@cocktail_lens crafted this awesome install video of our audi r8 race exhaust! #soulperformanceproducts

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Soul ferrari ff cat bypass pipes tunnel run by @deathprofiteer 😮 #soulperformanceproducts

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