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@eman319 didn’t buy a mclaren 570s to just wax it...👍🏻 soul sport downpipes with @vrtuned ecu flash @vividracing gt4 style carbon fiber wing. #soulperformanceproducts

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Our hats off to soul racer, @bluegoose987 for filling his 987.2 boxster with gifts for all the children at a local ronald mcdonald house holiday event and letting them pretend to be race car drivers! #soulperformanceproducts

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Soul 718 sport catalytic converter downpipe + valved exhaust. valves open, sport mode activated. 💥💥 available soon! #soulperformanceproducts 🏎: @gearoneperformance

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Here’s the @gearoneperformance 718 snorting and snarling with our competition downpipe and factory pse! more to come! #soulperformanceproducts

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If you’re going to street least roll on a hellcat. @911lava bypassing some muscle with his 991.2 carrera equipped with soul cat bypass pipes. #soulperformanceproducts

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@sevenwraps having some tunnel fun in their range rover sport supercharged with soul cat bypass downpipes! #soulperformanceproducts

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Fast forwarding into the weekend with @deathprofiteer and his ferrari ff with soul competition exhaust! #soulperformanceproducts

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@soul_intheshop is very excited about his new @miller_welders helmet and fabricating a run of our new gt3 valved side muffler bypass pipes....the song just popped into our heads! 😆#soulperformanceproducts

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Our porsche 718 boxster / cayman exhaust suite is coming! next month we’ll be offering a valved exhaust with the same awesome tone / minimal drone qualities you’ve come to expect from our existing boxster / cayman lineup. we’ll also have a bolt in downpipe in catless and hjs hd 200 cell catted variants. this downpipe is modular - change out the catalyst section at any time! if you want to hear more turbo sound and increase power without adding too much boxer engine note - this is the mod for you. contact us for early adopter info. #soulperformanceproducts

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Beautiful @brittany__ford in front of @selfmade.duespaid’s huracan in front of an awesome f&f mural at @rpmgaragedallas! a great shot by @pumpkin.image for a full feature at @shockerracing! #soulperformanceproducts

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991.2 gts with soul sport catalytic converters and custom 3.5” double wall bolt on tips #soulperformanceproducts

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@swift_gtrs 981 cayman s with soul valved exhaust #soulperformanceproducts

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