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When you see sonnie badu you will hear ’baba ooo’ ... can you believe this song is 11years old? well yesssss and it’s always been ever green. that’s what we call grace ... someone asked me if i am willing to help the next generation and here’s what i said : ‘hmmm this social media generation are superstars overnight , they want glory before story ‘... but guess what? we are raising a new people and you will hear about them soon .. #coza you rock

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My concern with the youth today is that they are more passionate about social media than the bible... if this carries on and unaddressed, then i'm afraid we will have a serious problem in the next 10 years ...remember i said this ..

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22 years in the music ministry,10 years in the preaching sphere, yep we keep waxing stronger and stronger in jesus name . last night was simply remarkable... now, will you believe me if i told you my rehearsals are always done via facetime? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 so proud of my children ... #sonniebaduliveinconcert #sonniebadu #sonniebaduliveincoza #fromafricatotheworld #waitforthebignews #wetakingithigher #proudafrican @biodunfatoyinbo #icelebrateyou

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Last night @cozaglobal was just superb. from preaching the word to concert, my father @biodunfatoyinbo unleashed both missiles out of me 😀😀. @thegratitudecoza was so amazing to singing with...and oh, the crowd was incredible❤ .. thank you nigeria for this love ... i'm feeling the nigerian blood in me all over😂😂... #sonniebaduliveinconcert #sonniebaduliveincoza #concert #word #globalgrace #africanlion

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Tonight at the home of winners @therockhillchurch #totalrecovery ...join us as mysteries will be unveiled .. #drbadu.

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Abuja nigeria 🇳🇬, @cozaglobal @biodunfatoyinbo we can’t wait to pick the mic tomorrow. i love you papa... thank you for everything and thank you for believing in @therockhillchurch see you soon ... #sonniebaduliveaincoza

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Happy birthday mummy .... @ifeanyiadefarasin love you loads .. #drbadu

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Ladies this is for you .. tell the ex goodbye....

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Jesus the healer ... his healing streams is free ... see you tomorrow evening.. #drbadu #throckhillchurch #atlanta

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Some need emotional healing , others need physical healing , some are struggling to pay for hospital bills because there is no money. tomorrow night is our covenant day of healing , there is no situation too big for god , make it a date with us at @therockhillchurch the home of winners as we build an altar of worship and engage him , please bring the sick the oppressed , rejectd and dejected, jesus will heal them . #drbadu #executivesunday #konwingjesus #trinityinternationaluniversityofambassadors #atlantachurches #globalgrace #therockhillchurch #divinity #musicology #teacher #preacher #seerer

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A lot of people do not have value for the blood of jesus, yet the enemy we are running from fear the blood and cannot stand it. the only reason an enemy is deemed more powerful than you is because you believe they know something you do not know, and so today i release the blood of jesus on your hands. i mark your children, your household, your marriage and your business with the blood. i decree and declare that you will not die but live.. activate the blood it works .. #drbadu #divinity #musicology #manonamission #globalgrace #teacher

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This sunday, we continue our executive service on the theme " our covenant day of healing." i heard god clearly asking you to send in your prayer requests on healing. just text your name and what you want god to heal you of. i understand somethings are private, so still text your name and back your healing request with your faith. the prayer team will note them down and place them on the altar. i encourage you to believe god for your healing miracle in jesus name.....amen #drbadu

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