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Dance of the sugar plum fairy🧚‍♀️ new christmas themed slime!! 🎅🏼 wanted to have a christmas slime that’s very simple for those who prefer minimalistic decorations in slime :-))✨ what is the first word that comes in your head when you think of winter??🥶

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Thanos’ car metallic💪🏼 wyr have thor’s hammer or iron man’s suit? (you are able to use the item) it’s pretty cold here 😕 just filmed 4 videos and my hand is completely dyed with food coloring haha & also, rest in peace stan lee, you will be missed. 💞💞

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Orange chicken & fried rice🍛 first half of the video is fried chicken 🍗(just the making of it)— last half is fried rice slime🤪what is a weird food combo you like? 🥓🥗🌽🍱🍠🍤🥑

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-orange chicken fizz☺
-fried rice slushy☺
-alice in the wonderland duo
-barry b. benson clear slime
-beauty & the beast clear slime
-candy land cloud slime
-carl & ellie clear slime
-cherry fluff cloud slime
-choco mousse butter slime
-duck in a pond clear slime
-frozen lemonade
-fruit punch fishbowl
-ice cold coca-cola
-jelly belly clear slime duo
-jerry's melted cheese butter slime
-magic kingdom cloud slime
-mary poppins clear slime
-mine! mine! (finding nemo) clear slime
-moo-shroom clear slime
-no, this is patrick jelly cube slime
-ohana clear slime
-red velvet cake batter butter slime
-sheep in a dream clear slime
-shooting star cloud slime
-sprite slush slushy slime
-starburst fizz
-sugar cookie fluff cloud slime
-sugar cookie frosting butter slime
-unicorn's egg clear slime • ☺ = new slime!!! • please have the parents & the cardholder’s permission when you are purchasing. i am not responsible for lost packages so make sure to put correct address when purchasing.

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Mary poppins👒🌸 i love the concept of this slime!! it’s so pretty😋 if you could have a brunch with one slimer, who would it be?? tag themm :-d

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Golden butter👑 wow do y’all see that inflation!! i made two new slimes today (sneak peek on my story) & i love how it turned out 🙂 comment your favorite food/dessert you want me to make out of slime!!😛

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Candy bomb💣🍭 this slime was so crunchy🤩!!! i got featured on @instagram so go check it outtt:)) the color of your eyes + the item right next to you + jelly bean is your new favorite jellybean flavor... 🤪

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Mountain berry fusion slime 🍃 sorry for such a late night post.. it’s been a verrrrry long day today🙂 the quality is a bit 👎🏻 for this video...😖 on bus right now & suuuuper tired but still grinding on that slime work 💻💪🏼

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Cafe mocha cloud slime☕️ i always love any coffee scents in slime:))) it smells sooo nice☺️ what is your go-to starbucks order?

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Pigment mixing💎! i got my account back. thank you everyone for the endless support and help in the past week and a half... it’s truly not the follower count that matter but the amount of support that you guys have continuously given me while sticking by my side is & is another reason for me to say thank you for how grateful i am. i’ll be posting multiple videos throughout the day to make up for the past few days💗 & i’ll provide a coupon code for my next restock (next week!)

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Butter bomb💣 if there’s ‘glitter bomb’ in the slime community there should be ‘butter bomb’ 😂 i broke two of my acrylic nails yesterday.. ouch 😭 what’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done that you don’t have a proof that you did??🕺🏻⛷🤸🏻‍♀️

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Clear slime batch 2.0🤩 it’s so thickkkkk😮 late night post 💤... what is a song you can listen to without getting tired of it??

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