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Kiwi jelly🥝 just came back from graduation ceremony🎓!! school is officially over for me and i’m really excited for this weekend to meet you guys at slimepop austin convention!! what did you guys do today?

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Rose butter🌹 mia & i made this clay creation yesterday and it turned out so nice.. i’m actually quite surprised how well it turned out like!! we are going to try to make a clay sunflower next..🌻 if you were a flower,, what kind of flower would you be?🌷🌹🌺💐🌸🌼

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Guess what!!😎 i’ve been featured in @statesman ‘s latest article .. it was such a cool experience to be interviewed by them & you guys can go check it out here: ( ) (📸: @brontewittpenn )

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Names?🐟 pigment mixing!! i love this video because it was some really good pokes & bubble pops..🤠 slime pop is this weekend and i am so excited!!

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Sugar bearries🐻 hey guys.. i’m back!! one more week of school and i will be on summer break!! 🏖 my schedule is still so crazy & busy right now :// how many days of school do you have left?? 🏫

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Today’s slime restock list (restock time: 8:00pm cst)
-barry b. benson clear slime
-beauty & the beast clear slime
-blue raspberry slushy slime
-carl & ellie clear slime
-cherry bubble slime
-choco mousse butter slime
-clair de lune fishbowl
-coke sherbet slime
-duck in a pond clear slime
-frozen lemonade
-magic kingdom cloud slime
-mint chip cloud slime
-ohana clear slime
-pegasus's egg clear slime
-sheep in a dream clear slime
-sprite slush slushy slime
-starburst fizz
-sugar cookie fluff cloud slime
-sugar cookie frosting butter slime
-too citrus slushy slime
-ursula metallic slime
-yakult sherbet slime

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Names? 👁 the last clip has so many sizzles in it and it sounds amazing!! i did an interview today w/ the austin stateman and it was such a fun and cool experience!!🤠 also, i totally forgot to chose the giveaway winners for the tickets last night. i will announce the winners by tomorrow morning on my story. so sorry 😖

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Bloop no. 4!! (edit: # 5?) (editx2 # 8)✌🏼guess who is back... i have gotten so many requests from you guys to bring bloop back so here it is!! let’s make this bloop pretty w/ good add-in combinations 😉 goooo comment down below which add in i should put in next!! (if you don’t know who bloop is, it is basically a slime that i put the most requested slime add in each week commented by you guys- and after many weeks we see the results.. 😎)

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Frozen mermaid🧜‍♀️ a new edition to my @ “frozen snow fizz”series!!❄️ there were some crazyyy things that happened over the internet the pst couple of days and i’m 👀.. the first 3 letters of your name + aid is your mermaid name 🤠

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Today’s slime restock list (restock time: 8:00pm cst)
⭐️=new slimes!
-frozen mermaid⭐️
-poppin sugar floam⭐️
-spaced out slime⭐️
-barry b. benson clear slime
-blue raspberry slushy slime
-candy crush clear slime
-cherry bubble slime
-choco mousse butter slime
-coke sherbet slime
-cows in a field clear slime
-dragonfruit slushy slime
-duck in a pond clear slime
-emerald fishbowl
-grape bubble slime
-magic kingdom cloud slime
-ohana clear slime
-pegasus's egg clear slime
-piggy bank clear slime
-pineapple refresher clear
-singularity clear slime
-snoopslimes clear slime
-sugar bearies clear slime
-sugar cookie frosting butter slime
-sweet pea cloud slime

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Hey guys!! @snoopsshop and i will be attending slimepop events in austin, texas!!🤠 i am so excited to sell & meet you guys there :-) all of the information is down below along with a giveaway consisting two vip tickets to this event! 👇🏻
grab your tickets at !! palmer events center | austin, texas
sunday, may 26, 2019 | 12pm - 4pm

#slimepopevents -
if you can attend @slimepopevents , comment below why you want to attend this event along with #slimepopevents & i will choose two lucky random winners for one vip ticket each! 🤩

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Names?🌚💫 i posted this yesterday but i edited some clips so it’s technically a repost.. i have a surprise coming up in few hours!! 🤠 who is excitedddd??

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