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80’s floam💎📸 look at that paint pouring into the slime... i was like 😦 as i was filming it ahh currently outside eating korean bbq..🤤🍗 what is your favorite restaurant??

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Names? happy valentine’s day!!♥️ this pigment mixing was really pretty but the sound was glitching for some reason.. 😤😤

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Squidward’s house🏠... or zombie ver. of mr. potato head!? 🤣 the door looked kind of like his beard haha 🤠 comment a quote from spongebob 🧽!!!

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Clear slime batch 3.0🤩!! turn on the sound guys🔊 :-d i’m about to go to my slime office in few minutes to experiment w/ new recipes.. describe what you did today in just emojis!! i’ll try to guess some 😋

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Pooh’s honey🍯 i was honestly was about to post a video of my huge batch of clear slime but... i decided to post this one 😋 i’ve been working h*****n finding new & improved recipes for jelly slimes/clear slimes!!🤠💪🏼 so excited !! what is your favorite type of slime?? 🙂

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Names? 🐉 x🧜‍♀️ this slime had amaziinnggg crunches🤩 the thumbnail is giving me a tiny bit of trypophobia..😰 trying to post at an earlier time but my schedule today didn’t work out :,(

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🌈 mochi tower :-d it took so long for me to make these clay balls 😥 but it turned out pretty satisfying though!! what is your favorite throwback song? (70s~90s) 🎶 🎵 ~~ (inspo: )

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Yakult slush😋 had to make this after that one scene in ‘to all the boys i’ve loved before’ & requested by some of you guys!! 👍🏼 i still don’t know what to scent it as tbh.. anyways, recommend some good movies to watch!! 🎥 :-d

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Lovebirds slime tank🐦🐦💗:-) today marks @snoopslimes two year anniversary‼️ :-d i can’t believe i posted 731 posts in the past two years.. dang that’s a lot of slime🤧 thank you guys for always being here <3 + if you have a slime account, do you know how long it had been since you had the account?? 🙂

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32oz duck in a pond giveaway!!🦆 in honor of my 2 year anniversary of this account which will be on 2/1/19...🤠 i’ll be giving away one 32 oz slime of this to the comment w/ most replies.. !! i’ll do many more of these in the future (and each of them will have different rules), so if you do not win this one, please don’t be upset!!💗🥳 **ends 2/2/19‼️** (edit; i will be giving away two of these 32 oz to the top 2 most replied comments to try to make things more fair!)

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Red rose🌹 i read most of y’alls suggestions from yesterday’s story so i will try to make some improvements in my videos as much as possible!!🙂🙂 if you have to live in a place you are in right now for 2 years do you think you can survive?🥵 (ps: my two year anniversary for this account is coming up in few days & i am super excited 😎)

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