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Fuel hose, damper, and fuel reg setup. last thing to fit before the run-in tune tomorrow!

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Sti goodness 😁

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Head studs on point 👌

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After countless hours, or hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, tears, and patience, i was finally able to give my baby the turn of the key. still a couple of things to do, but the light at the end of the tunnel is closing in!... stay tuned 😈

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When the intake pipe is too small for the new turbo...

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Should be running by the weekend! couple of things left to do. not long now 😍

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Soon.... 😈

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Short block completed. fit the heads next week! hopefully will have her running by the end of the month!

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Thank you to comp coat sydney for hooking me up with the heat coating on my pistons! now to put them in and get my baby running!

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First big stage completed. love seeing all my hard work coming together 😍. won't be long now til she's ready to go in!

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Relaxing, away from working on the car with the other half @miss_gleeson

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Words cannot describe how certain people feel about their cars. to some, they are just a car. but to others, like myself, cars are their lives. my car keeps me from insanity, keeps the depression at bay, and it puts the joy of getting into a car so much more when you have put weeks, months, even years into a build. for now, i sit in anticipation as the final steps to my plan come together. only then, will the rush, and the raw feeling of power be felt. but until then, i keep my head up, and keep my eyes on the prize. because without it, i wouldn't be where i am today.

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