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Words cannot describe how certain people feel about their cars. to some, they are just a car. but to others, like myself, cars are their lives. my car keeps me from insanity, keeps the depression at bay, and it puts the joy of getting into a car so much more when you have put weeks, months, even years into a build. for now, i sit in anticipation as the final steps to my plan come together. only then, will the rush, and the raw feeling of power be felt. but until then, i keep my head up, and keep my eyes on the prize. because without it, i wouldn't be where i am today.

comment 1 star 31 6 days ago

Valve clearances under way while i have to wait for more bearings

comment 0 star 18 2 weeks ago

Main bearing clearances done! #awdriver

comment 0 star 28 3 weeks ago

Piston ring clearances all done. ready to measure and adjust the big end bearing, then its time to assemble the short block! #awdriver #enginebuild #enginebuilding

comment 1 star 32 3 weeks ago

Surge tank installed and ready to go! next week... engine 😈

comment 0 star 22 4 weeks ago

Working til past 9pm to get her finished. the things you do for love.....

comment 2 star 34 4 weeks ago

Closed deck goodness 😎

comment 2 star 23 4 weeks ago

Only the best for my baby 😍

comment 2 star 19 last month

Patiently waiting for her block to get back from machining. cannot wait to put her together and start her up!

comment 3 star 18 last month

Almost time to play 😈😬😁

comment 0 star 25 February 2018

Engine stripped down, cause of oil consumption... cracked ring land in cylinder 2. now for the rebuild 😈

comment 2 star 12 February 2018

Tear down half way there. so far cylinder 2 shows signs of running lean. will be posting up more in the following days to come. stay posted 👍

comment 0 star 27 February 2018