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Ok, so new project, 04 gt liberty with a noisy turbo. think i found the problem. makes my old blown turbo one look like new! 😂

comment 6 star 47 2 weeks ago

New radiator installed, couple more things and she's ready for the track!

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Dyno results at 337awkw. drives like an absolute dream! could not be happier! all those hours paid off! now to hit that 350 mark...... huge shoutout to @scaysbrook @msengineering @tommo_9 for the advice and answering all those questions :)

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Late night working on your car with your best mate . life cant get better than this!

comment 4 star 55 August 2018

New turbo arrived and fitted, final tune booked in for the 24th, what does everyone think the final numbers will be...? will be running e85 ;)

comment 11 star 66 August 2018

Fishing for gold #subaruwaitara #gold #ej257 #subarusactuallypayout!

comment 0 star 35 July 2018

That was too close! lucky i caught it before it did any real damage!!

comment 11 star 50 July 2018

I asked nicely.....

comment 8 star 31 July 2018

Out with the old, in with the new!

comment 4 star 55 July 2018

Fuel hose, damper, and fuel reg setup. last thing to fit before the run-in tune tomorrow!

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Sti goodness 😁

comment 1 star 63 June 2018

Head studs on point 👌

comment 1 star 44 June 2018