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Absolute hellfire from @dubloadz! 🤘😈

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Nightmare festival (2017) - yup, that's how long i've been smashing this @moodygoodinit plate! goofball ep is out now [link in bio]

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The energy in these @calciumdubs records is ridiculous. pumped to watch this kid b**w up this year! ☠

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Im trying to use the phone cc: @space_laces [link in bio]

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.@kompanymusic keeps getting better with every release 💪🏽 cop the long awaited vol 6 mix intro along with 3 other slappers now! [link in bio]

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Vol 6 is out now! aka the day you realise that the ids you've been trying to figure out from the mix are actually double / triple drops 😂 [link in bio]

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For anyone who didn't catch the premiere, the vol 6 mix is officially live on soundcloud & spotify worldwide. it's been a helluva year for the gang, shout out you lot! [link in bio]

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Never say die vol. 6 || dec. 14th [presave link in bio]

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Me and @trampamusic are joining the (zom)boy wonder on the rott n' roll tour. chicago stand up! [ticket link in bio]

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Atl ho

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We're back at it again this week. slc, vegas, atl & red rocks 😎

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When you realise you've just played the next dj's song 😬 [@tomophotograpics]

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