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Current gallery wall situation.

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Broken bust in copper sitting pretty @madelinerosenachbar’s lovely home in st. paul, mn. #shopwitanddelight

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Getting familiar with some new brushes and acrylic paint.

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Stay tuned for some exciting news in the coming weeks... it’s been quiet around here because i’ve been busy busy busy! photo: @judithmarilyn_ #shopwitanddelight

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All i’ve been doing all day! making plans for the rest of the year and (gasp) 2019! anyone else ready to ring in a new year yet? just me? #shopwitanddelight #wholesale

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Georgia o’keefe’s brushes, all hand cut and used for different applications. such an inspiration!

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Santa fe 01 #shopwitanddelight

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Going big with my sketches...literally.

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New to the shop! #shopwitanddelight

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Lily. details. #shopwitanddelight

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I like my gallery walls all mixed up. #shopwitanddelight

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