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Meet the go-getter: she likes to get her hands dirty, learns by doing, makes use of the resources around her, and ultimately, gets sh*t done. whether you know one or are one, we want to hear how all the go-getters like to get-er-done with the #bigideachallenge. to join in, use the hashtag and share a preview of your current creation.⠀

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The pages of her notebook are filled with ideas and inspiration that run through her mind every day. notes only she can understand, the scatterbrain is always dreaming about her next project. we're creating a space for individuals who want to do it all to share their greatest aspirations and encourage one another to make them happen. for a chance to be featured in our community, post a photo of the insides of your notebook and use the hashtag #bigideachallenge. ⠀

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You know one when you see one. perfectly organized planner, color-coded notes, nothing out of place. if you’re a type-a (or a recovering type-a) chances are your notebooks are filled with details plans for your latest big idea. we’re creating a community for like-minded planners to share their works in progress and cheer each other on as we make our dreams realized. join in using the hashtag #bigideachallenge or visit to learn more. ⠀

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She’s one step ahead, responsible by nature, detail oriented, and always on time. sound familiar? we’re creating a place for people to share their works in progress, dreams yet realized, and hopes for the future with the #bigideachallenge. share a peek into your own sketchbook/journal/pile of notes to connect with others and a chance to win a #bigideabook or have your idea be featured on w&d. ⠀

for more information, visit⠀

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Have you ever felt totally paralyzed or intimidated by a blank page? 🙋🏻 yeah, us too. the #bigideabook was inspired by my way of ideation process: to throw as many ideas on paper and see what sticks. ⠀

today we're launching our #bigideachallenge for anyone who has an idea they want to share! we’re inviting all scatterbrains, type-as, go-getters, and planners to submit their own big ideas.⠀

to be featured as part of our #bigideachallenge on wit & delight, fill out the form (linked in our profile), or submit a photo of your idea on social media and tag #bigideachallenge. our team will be featuring one entrepreneur per month through the end of the year to help make these big ideas a reality. ⠀

to kick off our #bigideachallenge, we will also be giving away two big idea books at the end of the month to followers selected at random. all you have to do is "like" this post, and tag a friend you think would be interested in entering.⠀

the challenge will end july 23rd at 12noon cst. to learn more visit⠀

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You & me print + mushroom print, each now available in three sizes. #shopwitanddelight

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Because everyone needs a reminder every once in a while. #bekind #shopwitanddelight

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The botanical boost your wall is yearning for. 🌷 #shopwitanddelight

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That's me on the balcony... can you tell?

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Idea building necessities ✔️ #bigideabook #shopwitanddelight

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Note to self: add this journal to wishlist. #shopwitanddelight

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No lines, no problems. #bigideasketchbook #shopwxd

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