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😱what are you going to be for halloween this year? let me know on the comments 👇🏼this was my hair look from last year inspired on cleopatra and dark horse video by katy perry 😍❤/ de que se van a disfrazar este año mis amores? déjenme saber en los comentarios ❤👇🏼este fue mi look del año pasado inspirado en cleopatra y en el vídeo dark horse de katy perry.#katyperry#cleopatra#halloween#hair#hairstyle#hairstyles braid#braids#shorthair#snake#brunnette#diy#tutorial#diy#videotutorial#video#halloween2017

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1 2 or 3 ?😱😱fav school hair hacks 😱tag your friends needing these hacks 👯👯‍♂️ believe me if these hacks work on my heavy hair 😜work on short and thin hair for sure 👌🏻 1. updo using a pencil 2. braiding without hair tie 3. use your own hair to tie it 🙊 hey my loves! i'm sorry i haven't been posting that many tutorials lately as some of you might know, my handbag was stolen in ny 😭and i lost a lot of important stuff of mine including passport and papers, it is been a little bit of a difficult time and i appreciate your love and concerned❤️🙏nothing was returned to me 😣but i'm glad and grateful i'm safe❤️i'm moving on with life thank you b***s and love you so much! ❤❤❤ 1 2 o 3? hacks de pelo para la escuela 1. recogido de pelo usando un lápiz 2. hacer una trenza sin usar elástico 3. usa tu propio pelo para amarrarlo 🙊 #hair#hairtutorial#braid#braids#hack#diy#video#tutorial#hudabeauty#wakeupandmakeup#anastasiabeverllyhills#trenza#penteado#peinado#tranca#beauty#brunnette#school#backtoschool#pencil

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Let the hair do the talking 😏comment your 6 most recent emojis! mine: 👀🔥🌙🙊🇭🇳😱lol let's see what you all have been talking about, what do you think i have been talking about? 😂 it is not what it seems i promise 🙊/ deja que el cabello hable 😏 comenten sus más recientes emojis, los míos: 👀🔥🌙🙊🇭🇳😱🙄😒🙈 jajaj miremos de que han estado hablando todos 🙊#hair#hairstyles#hairstyle#braid#braids#brunnette#diy#hudabeauty#ootd#anastasiabeverlyhills#fentybeauty#penteado#peinado

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Happy saturday from ny ❤how is the weather where you are right now? 😱new york is about to get really cold, but september is still a beautiful month, i do enjoy that there is not a lot of people at the beach after summer 🙊and the weather is still nice 😜 good for taking pictures and not feeling uncomfortable with other people around watching me pose lol, i basically had this place for myself😍 💃🏻🙆🏻 snapchat: sherry maldonado 👻/ feliz sábado desde ny ❤️como está el clima donde estás ustedes? 😱ya saben new york está a punto de ponerse frío, pero septiembre es todavía un lindo mes, realmente que disfruto que no hallan tantas personas en la playa después del verano 🙊y que el clima siga bonito 🙆🏻bueno para tomarse fotos y no sentirme incómoda de otra gente mirándome posar jaja, prácticamente tenía este lugar para mí sola 💃🏻🙆🏻🤗😘#thehamptons#nyfw#ny#braid#braids#hair#hairstyle#diy#penteado#peinado#beach#montauk#hudabeauty#anastasiabeverlyhills#ootd

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How to achieve the perfect at home blowout using @bumbleandbumble 😍 i have to confess…because of all my hair, giving myself a blowout is a long process i do not enjoy… but with the help of these bumble and bumble hairdresser’s invisible oil products it’s almost effortless💁👸 yayy! and great news! bumble and bumble is now available at and in select stores starting this week! you can shop the link in my bio to get your bumble and bumble products to create the perfect blowout at home😱 and to participate in my contest to win a set of products for yourself. giveaway has closed winner will be contacted soon ❤🤗 #ad#hair#hairstyle#blowout#diy#tutorial#hairtutorial

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1 2 or 3? 😍which mini corset braid was your favorite from my last video tutorial and where would you rock it this style ? 😍/ 1 2 o 3 cuál estilo fue tu favorito de mi último video tutorial y donde lo lucirías? #hair#hairstyle#braid#braids#hudabeauty#brunette#penteado#penteados#peinado#corset#corsetbraid#anastasiabeverlyhills#sherrymaldonado#ponytail#diy#ribbon

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1 2 or 3? 😱😱mini corset braids 😱perfect for any festival, cheerleaders 💃🏻or if you just simply want to add an extra touch to your hair ✨tag your friends 👯👯‍♂️ i haven't been a big fan of the corset trend over my clothes lol but i definitely would add a little ribbon to my hair 🎀 i have seen people wearing big ribbons to create similar looks but i think a small and thin ribbon like this looks best on my opinion 🤗 very subtle, delicate and sophisticated 💃🏻hope you like it and that i have inspired you ❤❤ all you will need: 🔸2 needles 🔸ribbon eyelashes: jade #13 by @shophudabeauty 💁🏻 bronzer: tantas -tic by @marcbeauty lips: snobby by @shophudabeauty mini trenzas de corset 😱perfectas para cualquier, festival, concierto desfile o simplemente si quieres darle un toque extra a tu cabello 💁🏻 no he sido una gran fan de la tendencia de usar corset sobre mi ropa 🙊pero definitivamente si añadiría un listón como este a mi cabello🎀, he visto a varias personas con looks similares solo que usando un listón más grande y la verdad en mi opinión, pienso que un listón pequeño, delicado como este se ve muchísimo mejor y más elegante 🤗espero les guste los quiero mucho ❤😘 #diy#video#tutorial#corset#corsetbraids#braid#braids#video#hair#hairstyle#hairtutorial#penteado#penteados#trenza#peinado#shophudabeauty#hudabeauty#anastasiabeverllyhills#ribbon#cute#ponytail#marcbeauty

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Spraying my hair with champagne 🥂for shiny, smooth and glossy hair ✨😱tag your besties 👯 all i used: 1/2 cup champagne 🥂 1/2 cup hot water 💦 i know it is sounds kind of crazy spraying champagne on your hair 🙊i actually heard the amazing @hudabeauty talking about she spraying champagne on her hair, so i was really curious 🤔 and decided to give it a try a couple weeks ago🤷🏻‍♀️ believe it or not my hair doesn’t want to shine all the time, sometimes it gets really dry because of the weather changes.🙄☀️💦 we all know champagne can be expensive😲you could use any sparkling wine instead, they are all extremely high in antioxidants due to the grape seed extract protecting the hair's vital collagen and elastin👌🏻 attention‼️this works the best on blonde 😚✨👩people, because brings out the blonde tones. brightens their color and adds additional golden tones to their locks👯 how i do it i spray it on my clean hair after shampoo and conditioning and let it sit for about 15 minutes, then i rinse it off with cool water💦 ps: i do it every 9 days, or just for when i really think my hair needs it, don’t do it very often because it can have the opposite effect. rociando mi pelo con champagne para darle brillo! todo lo que use 1/2 cup champagne🥂 1/2 cup agua caliente 💦 se que suena un poco loco decir que rocio esto en mi pelo 🙊pero de hecho escuche por primera vez a la bella @hudabeauty hablando acerca de que ella lo hacia, me entro mucha curiosidad y pues decidí probarlo!🤷🏻‍♀️ aunque no lo crean mi cabello se pone seco y pierde su brillo muy a menudo por el cambio de clima etc, así que este ha sido mi pequeño truquito para reavivarlo últimamente 😜✨ atencion‼️esto funciona aún más de maravilla en las rubias ya que les da un realze espectacular a su tono cabello. #hair#haircare#champagne#champagnepop#champagnebottle#diy#video#tutorial#hudabeauty#anastasiabeverlyhills#brunomars#24kmagic#braid#braids

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Meet teodoro 🐻 do you have a teddy bear? what's the name? 😱i used to collect teddy bears when i was a kid i had teddy pigs 🐷 bunnies 🐰, chicken🐣 etc lol but this one was big and soft enough to cuddle together every night 🙊😂❤i always get so happy when i come home to visit my family and see him, i knew we deserve a picture together 😜 and introduce him to you guys lol 😚conozcan a teodoro 🐻 tienen un peluche? cuál es el nombre? 😱🙊 solía coleccionar muchos peluches cuando era pequeña, conejitos, cerditos y pollitos de peluche pero este era lo suficientemente grande y suave para dormir juntos abrazados 😳😊😆siempre que visitó mi familia me pongo tan feliz de verlo, sabía que merecíamos una foto juntos 😚y presentárselo a ustedes jaja 😚#teddybear#bear#memories#braid#braids#hair#hairstyle#brunnette#cute#happy#hudabeauty#anastasiabeverllyhills#peluche#white

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Pampering my skin at home💁🏻 with these korean products 😍😱 @yesstyle i was always so curious about korean beauty products🤔 and honestly who hasn’t heard they are amazing on the skin so i’m so excited i got to try them 💃🏻and the best part they are affordable and worth every cent!👌🏻 the products i used are all from skinfood 🔸egg white pore mask: omg guys this smells really good😍 and feels so refreshing on the skin✨ i love how unclogs and minimize my face pores inmediately🙊, the product is very rich and you don’t need to apply a lot so it will last for a long time. ( i leave it on my face for about 20 minutes, and then remove it with cool water to close my pores back again)💆🏻 🔸premium peach cotton cream moisturizer: i always warm up any face moisturizer in my hands first👏🏻, it will thin out the consistency and make spreading it on the face so much easier, and it will deep p*******e so much better into your skin👌🏻👌🏻✨! take notes! 😉 🔸salmon brightening eye cream: use ring finger that is the weakest one and a gentle touch is always necessary on the eyes area 👀✨👌🏻remember this is where aging shows first so be very delicate with it☝️ up to 60% off korean beauty sale at yesstyle. enter coupon 2017bts to save extra 10% off when you spend over us$50 /consintiendo mi piel en casa con estos estupendos productos coreanos 😱😍👌🏻 siempre estuve curiosa acerca de los productos coreanos de belleza🤔 y honestamente quien no ha escuchado que son buenísimos para la piel, así que estoy súper emocionada de haberlos probado y la mejor parte es que no son muy caros y valen la pena cada centavo. 🔸mascarilla cerrar poros a base de clara de huevo 👌🏻 🔸hidratante de melocotón para la cara: siempre froto cualquier hidratante en mis manos antes de aplicarlo, esto hace una mejor consistencia y cuando está tibio penetra mejor en nuestra piel 😉 🔸crema de contorno de ojos a base de salmón: siempre uso el dedo anular ya que es el más débil y debemos ser sumamente delicados con esta área, recuerden que es donde primero empiezan las arrugas ☝️ así que a tratarla con amor ❤️ #yesstyle#ad#koreanbeauty#skincare#skincareroutine#beauty#video#tutorial#hudabeauty#anastasiabeverlyhills

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Happy friday my angels ❣️i will start this weekend having a glass of wine 🍷 on this balcony! how perfect right 😍what about you? love you! feliz viernes mis amores ❤️ voy a empezar este fin de semana con una copa de vino 🍷 en este balcón 😍y ustedes? #balcony#view#wine#hair#summer#ootd#game

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Diy heatless spiral afro/curls inspired 😱😍tag your besties 👯 all i used: 🔸skewers 🔸water 🔸hair elastics. doing this on my hair was a bit of a challenge you all know i have a lot of hair and it's long so i don't know if i would call this a diy or a challenge on myself 🙊🙈and i always have been a big fan of the amazing afro hair 😍so i knew i had to try to do this one time al least 🤗 for those who are curious i used a total of 115 skewers👀and i waited for about 4 hours before i took them off. if you have very straight hair, i would recommend always spraying water and apply hair mousse and leave them on for about 6 hours 👌🏻and i break the skewer two inches away because of my hair length, but most of the people can break it in a half and use two hair elastics on both side to secure the hair 👯/ eyelashes: @shophudabeauty individual lashes blush and bronzer by @marcbeauty foundation: @makeupforeverofficial hd eyebrows by @smashboxcosmetics diy rizos estilo afro sin usar calor 😱 lo que utilize: 🔸palillos para pinchos 🔸agua 🔸elásticos para el cabello les confieso hacerme esto en el pelo fue más o menos un reto, ya saben tengo bastante pelo y es largo🙊 para los curiosos jaja utilize 115 palillos en total y los deje puestos por 4 horas. si alguien de ustedes piensa hacer esto y es pelo muy lizo les recomendaría, siempre usar agua 💦 y aplicar si es posible espuma para cabello y dejarlo por más o menos 6 horas 👌🏻 #afro#spiralcurls#curls#diy#hair#hairstyle#hudabeauty#wakeupandmakeup#makegirlz#tutorial#video#hairtutorial#rizos#peinado#beyonce#braid#braids#heatlesscurls#marcbeauty#shophudabeauty#smashbox#makeupforeverofficial#smashboxcosmetics

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