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Beanie season, part ii (definitely framing this one - so rare for me to get a close up smile from them both 🤗.)
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It’s beanie season 🤗. the only item of clothing i still own and wear from high school (20+ years ago), is my super well loved and well travelled @dakine beanie (photo in stories of it.) i still wear it year round, from summer camping mornings to winter adventures. so, i was super excited this year to get the boys some good quality @dakine hats of their own, as they finally fit in adult “one size fits all” and i know they will last them for years to come! my boys in beanies makes my mama heart melt every single time! more pics to come 🤗. #sponsored #lifewithdakine

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Cabin dreams . . . 🍁🍂🏡🍂🍁.

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We are a big board/card game family! are you? (we would always welcome recommendations!) we recently discovered this national parks game called, “trekking the national parks” and we absolutely adore it. the art is beautiful, we’ve all learned a lot of interesting facts about different parks, and it’s so fun to have something at home to tie into our outdoor travels with the kiddos. also, did you know christmas is in 10 weeks 🎅🏻🎄😱 - this would seriously make a beautiful and thoughtful gift for the np lovers in your life! link in bio!

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Just some pocket, the majestic beach floof, for your friday night . . .

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Morning walks with these two. .
i’m not the only one in my house who loves to take photos!
one scene, two perspectives! one by me, one by my 4 year old (edited by me.)
the #mommyandmeloop was created to encourage our kids to join in on the photography fun!
follow the loop to see more! up next: @divyawolf

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Not all the trees are evergreens around here . . . 🍂💦.

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⚓️🍂 captain of the ship
{an old fall fave.}

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Fernie bernie 🌿👀🌿.
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last week in stories, i posted our fern, bernie, with his halloween costume (aka, googley eyes.) so many of you wrote to ask how we keep bernie looking so fresh and fluffy! here is my fern advice:

1. give them a name and talk to them like a baby
2. when they appear stressed and sad, give them a nice, long, hot relaxing steam shower in your bath
3. rotate them daily, and move them around the house for new views. nobody wants to be stuck in the same position for weeks on end.

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My 3 little woodland gnomes . . . .

they comfort us, they make us laugh, they teach us about unconditional love. they deserve to be in the family photos too. follow our #petphotoloop and be inspired to get your pet in the frame. next up: @nataliegildersleeve

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An oldie but a goodie. ========================================== welcome to our #pnwfamsloop ! we want to share and support some of the other inspiring families living in the gorgeous pacific northwest. we thought you’d enjoy seeing life here through everyone’s lens too! .
tap through to the next person to see everyone’s photos, until you land back here!.
next up, visit: @therealdanaleigh
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From my fab cocktail date last weekend at @salishlodgespa with

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