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21,100+ people — a sellout — watched @thenccourage beat @thornsfc in the nwsl championship game today. #thehatersarefurious

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Heat seeking p**s missile

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Congratulations to kevin parker! city were relegated to the third tier of english soccer 20 years ago. fans would have stroked each other off for a chance to play in the uefa cup (aka europa league) 10 years ago. but now you are too cool to go watch your beloved club lose to lyon in champions league. bravo! you, sir, have the prestigious honor of being named sam’s p***k of the week™️ — the first of what will no doubt grow to become an illustrious list of dummies, d********s and dipshits.

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Kings stay kings #europa

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Well that's just mean (h/t @jackgrimse )

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Eyeing up that gamewinner like

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99.8% of american soccer fans at some point today when they turn on fs1 but don’t find champions league

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Blood and guts and human entrails everywhere. why you got to do dat mans like that, @paulodybala? in front of his family no less!?!
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September 17, 2000: the day he arrived in barcelona

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Here lies brek shea. he played soccer. but he's dead now. #tsps #ripip

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Atlanta falcons vs atlanta united 🤔

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It's honestly impressive how much naughty douglas costa fit into just one game

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