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I think i've worn this cheongsam four times already this cny. anything to hide the food baby, right? 🤰🏻😂 |#dressupwithdsb #dressabellemy @dressabelle 📸 : @sashaknowles

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Third class with @definitelymayb_ and i f**k with this choreo. stank face all the way haha. so much good vibes in her classes! more on instastories 💕 #babelfit #dance

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Backlane coffee is forever my cafe aesthetic goals ✨ #sachiegoodtrip

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Happy cny eve to those celebrating! doubt i can still fit into this mid-celebration cause #ripdiet 😂 wearing this beautiful piece by @dressabelle my. use code "dsbtreats" on their malaysian site to get a 10% discount! | 📸 : @sashaknowles #dressupwithdsb @dressabelle #dressabellemy

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Happy mornings - vintage cafes, good coffee & french toast, and the company of my family & ys. wouldn't have it any other way 💕 more on my instastories! #sachiegoodtrip #backlanecoffee | 📸 : @poopeson

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In love with my new cheongsam! last minute cny shopping done right with @dressabellemy ✨ apply code "dsbtreats" to get 10% off on their malaysian website! 😍 | 📸 : @sashaknowles #dressupwithdsb

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It's been a while, melaka ✨ #ootd #ootdmy #sachiegoodtrip | 📸 : @sashaknowles

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Wearing 'flirt' on my lips from @cancansbeauty 💋 | #teamcaramel #motd #cancansbeauty

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Yay made it to my second @definitelymayb_ class! this time with le sisters @sashaknowles and @amira_deanna. this choreo is awesome but it's hard for my slow a*s 😩watch till the end to see me get utterly confused. most importantly, with a smile 😂 looking forward to next week! #babelfit

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God bless the beautiful girls in my life ✨ | 📸 : @poopeson #tb #ootdmy

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I love this outfit but damn, this type of #ootd doesn't work with our weather!! 😂💦 #tb to the other night at the #elfiraloyxmaybelline event. thanks for having me #maybellinemalaysia ✨ | 📸 : @ohzooey

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So most of you know i had to change my eating lifestyle as i got sick last year and most days i share my healthy eats with y'all on my instastory. but there are days where i get super lazy to cook, and those days @dahmakan comes in handy to save my lazy bum! their menu consists of healthy and yummy meals to be sent to your doorstep via app/website! to spread more healthy eats with you guys, use code "betasty1177" to get rm12 off your first order! so, what you gonna eat for lunch tomorrow? 😋🍴#klgoeshealthy #dahmakan #colouryourweek #mydahmakan

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Since it was our first show in alexis, i didn't expect much from the turn out but both nights were packed!! 😭🙏🏻❤️ everyone was singing along and the energy was just amazing. thank you so much for making our first experience in alexis so memorable! now it's off to another project with #tigasoul, more music coming soon 😉 | 📸 : @poopeson #throwbacktothe90s

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Have not dolled up in what seems like forever so went kinda extra for my kbuzz shoot today. loving @makeupforevermy's artist liquid matte in shade 403, the perfect deep red for my skin tone. thanks @teysimone for pampering us that day!! 💋 #makeupforevermy #artistliquidmatte #madaboutmatte #makeupbysachie

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"you have 30 seconds left" so of course i ran to my position screaming 😂 just attended my first choreography class by @definitelymayb_ and oh my gawd, yo girl died. 💦 💦 💦 but it was oh so fun. still got so much to improve on but i'm glad i decided to come out tonight. can never give up on dance ❤️❤️❤️ #babelfit

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Happy birthday to our 'modulator' @alesiadhana 🎉 🎉🎉 we've given each member funny nicknames cause it fits with what we usually do in the group 😂 so it's down to just three days to our show at alexis ampang, have you made your reservations?? #tigasoul #throwbacktothe90s ⚡️

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Vcd won't stop me from performing 💁🏻 #tigasoul will be at alexis ampang next weekend! we'll be bringing the good jams from the 90's. new songs are added, are you ready for this jelly? make your reservations now or dm me straight to book a table! 😘

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Tahun baru, musim baru!!! 🎉 #kbuzz dah masuk musim ke-8 jadi jangan lupa saksikan episod baru malam ini at @hyppinspirasi, 10:30pm! jangan lupa hantar request at my dm tauuu 🤗 🎥 : @darwinazizis

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Started the year with a bright and early hike at broga hill ✨ my health hit the lowest low in 2017 - vertigo, my acid reflux got worse, random heart palpitations which results in me struggling to breathe, and i just found out that my bad cholesterol count is high. although it sounds bad and there were many many plans that had to be cancelled and nights i fell asleep crying in agony, i choose to see the positive in things. because of this, i've learnt so much about the importance of healthy eating, regular exercise, sleep and mental health. we hear about it our whole lives, but having to actually do it every single day is a different thing. everything that happened forced my a*s to be healthier (inserts nike's just do it) and to put myself and my happiness first. i've deducted the toxic relationships from my life and worked on strengthening the good relationships i already have. "the best gift to give someone is time, for it has no price, yet it has the highest value." it is a small group of people that i am eternally grateful for. they don't care about my status, image, wealth - they love me for me. they support my dreams, accept my flaws, and embrace the best qualities in myself. no fakeness, no drama. life is too short to get caught up in stress, self-doubt, and hate. because of all that has happened in 2017, i have so much more clarity in what i want to do for the rest of my life. my perspective on success now is so, so different, and i'm forever grateful for the humble teachings life has taught me. i know what makes me happy and i'm going to keep pursuing what the heart wants. so here's to a healthier and happier 2018 🎉🎉🎉

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Happy new year everybody! one of the highlights of 2017 was definitely the travelling and one of my goals is to fill #sachiegoodtrip with as many globe-trotting adventures as i can. not to boast or just "for instagram", but i genuinely love the priceless experiences that come with seeing and being in another country and culture. the most impactful was definitely my uk trip, especially getting to share it with my younger sister @sashaknowles . the second part of the vlog series is here and this time covering a bit of london, edinburgh, glencoe and nottingham! full video is linked in bio ☺️✨

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