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To make diamonds all it takes is either a lot of pressure or a little bit of light. #whpperspective

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Happy #saturwave. i wish the happiness of a strawberry shortcake iced cream bar on you all. 🌊🤙🏼

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🎶 “don’t care how, i want it now!” -veruca salt.

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When 2 beautiful things meet, magic happens. tonight it was delicious whisky and a smooth summer sunset in surf city, usa. @glenmorangie is teaming up with @grainsurfboards to repurpose their whisky casks as limited edition surfboards - now that’s magic. i can’t surf well so i imagine i’ll have to enjoy it like this. #beyondthecask #drinkresponsibly #ad

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Life is like tire tracks on the beach... only way more complicated.

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Today’s #saturwave is brought to you by the mavic 2 pro, my new glittering unicorn ninja butterfly toy. going to tell you more about it soon. 🌊🤙🏼 #whpdailylife

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If you don’t like autumn, don’t worry, stay home, go away, leave me alone, get back to your happiness-hating. 🍂

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Sometimes ankles have the best views. weird, i know.

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Happy labor day, that magical holiday where ol’ labor clause visits all the good boys and girls with free resume workshops and that special feeling of existential emptiness that we are all a part of a machine. what a special day. #whpcolorpalette

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My spirit animal isn’t a seagull, until it is. #whpcolorpalette

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I’ll be honest, there have been plenty of things coming up that have taken me out of my usual undisrupted hustle. my usual habits and consistency have suffered, and i’ve felt bad about how little i’ve been able to genuinely respond and appreciate all of you continuing to support my work - and, also, it reminded me that either you build good rhythms for yourself of stopping and refreshing or life finds a way to do it for you. remind yourself of who you are when the noises stop.

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Fall brings some amazing foliage but it also brings some moody beach scenes. i’ll take both.

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