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Happy #saturwave everyone 🤙🏼🌊this weekend i’m home and will be watching the skies and water. @instagram #whpawaywego

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If a dream is a wish your heart makes, my heart has a lot of hopes for missed flights and weird interactions with people from high school.

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I nearly lieutenant dan’d this night and swam straight towards the sun.

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I just posted a different shot but i figure if it’s gonna tank because it’s black and white i might as well share a fun picture that is outside of my typical subject. haha. have a good monday. if u want to talk to me today bring espresso. @instagram #whpblackandwhite

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I know it’s silly but i grab handfuls of dirt and breathe in the hay dust and roll my windows down when i can smell cattle. and editing yosemite in black and white has a similar rightness to it, as cliche as it might sound, it feels claimed by the past and as colorful as it is it’s a simple thing to enjoy. #whpblackandwhite @instagram

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Happy #stpatricksday and a little green #saturwave everybody. may the salty froth of life wash over the board shorts of hope and the spring suit of love and happiness and smartness. 🌊 🤙🏼

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So much drama in the lbc.

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Not all of life is shiny. learn to love those matte moments.

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I recently had a hometown friend tell me one of my shots made him miss home, and the more i reflect on it that’s about the top honor i could imagine. from now on i’m going to search for shots that make people miss home. this 🦄 infused one goes out to all you hb/oc natives. #whp🦄

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Happy #saturwave everyone. enjoy this 🦄 trickery of snagging the ☁️ and putting them in the water 🤙🏼#whp🦄

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If we need a control group to test the impact of introducing siestas into the american work day i’ll volunteer. i’ll also put my name down for discovering how many tacos it would take to eat before it’s harmful. i’m a giver.

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Rumor has it it’s more rare to see the captain donning his sideburns and sweet mustache. comment when u see it ;). oh also! my new site has launched! presets, prints, and bears oh my. link in bio and msg me if you want a print added.

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Travel, both to new places and returning home, has taught me something great; there’s nothing that isn’t a teacher. unfortunately we (i) don’t always listen because they’re either too old, too young, or too often, or too quiet. #whplandscape @instagram

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It’s into your and my clumsy hands that all the good and delicate things of the world have fallen. @instagram #whplandscape

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When i loosen my grip it makes room for all kinds of good to pass through. tonight was all kinds of 🦄 shenanigans. #whplandscape #sealbeach @instagram

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I wouldn’t believe in heaven or forever, but i’ve seen them already. happy #saturwave everyone, i wish the gnarliest of shreds for all of you. #whplandscape @instagram

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Being a fraud and failing sucks, being a fraud and succeeding is worse.

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Here in southern ca we’ve heard tell of this thing you call “winter” and i’d think it a foolish tale had i not seen it with me own two ganderin’ eyes.

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The streetlight doesn’t want the sunset to have all the fun with those warm glowing amber vibes. and s/o to the bike riders who go straight on into the night #whptwinning

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It’s a double fire #saturwave. what does it meeeaaannn!!? 😭#whptwinning

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