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The new datejust 31 in 18ct yellow gold features a dial crafted from malachite, a natural ornamental stone chosen for its intense green colour and beautiful structure. yellow gold and green: the perfect combination of rolex’s two emblematic colours.
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Butterflies taking flight on the datejust 31 in 18ct everose gold version. the newly designed dial is set with 262 diamonds and inlaid with 20 pink mother-of-pearl butterflies in 11 different shapes, delicately arranged by hand, one by one. the natural pink hues of the mother-of-pearl echo the everose gold to create perfect harmony.
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Every white mother-of-pearl dial on the new generation datejust 31 features its own unique patterns and natural hues. enhanced with diamond hour markers in 18ct gold settings, it exhibits iridescent reflections that vary with the light.
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Purple jewels in the new-generation calibre 2236. with a hardness only surpassed by diamonds, these synthetic rubies have a vital mission: minimize friction between moving parts, increasing accuracy and reliability. the rolex datejust 31 features thirty-one rubies to ensure a superlative level of performance.
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The quintessence of excellence.
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On the datejust 31, the lugs and sides of its elegant oyster case have been redesigned, ensuring seamless visual continuity between the bracelet and the case. a new process of design and production also gives the polish a stunning radiance.
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The expression of natural beauty. the new datejust 31 in 18ct white gold, with a diamond-set bezel and a white iridescent mother-of-pearl dial.
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Everose gold. the exclusive pink gold alloy created, cast and formed by rolex. featuring a slightly stronger colour than the standard pink gold, it also exhibits subtle bluish nuances, adding another layer of sophistication to the prestige of the day-date 40.
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Venerdì 27 aprile.
the day-date 40 in 18ct everose gold with chocolate dial indicates the weekday in italian. the day-date is available with the day of the week display in 26 languages.
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Beads of 18ct white gold cast by rolex for the day-date 40. the “presidents’ watch” is also available in 18ct yellow or everose gold, or in platinum.
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Mardi 24 avril. 
the day-date 40 in 18ct white gold with an olive green dial features a weekday display that is available in 26 languages.
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Gold. symbol of perfection, purity and eternal brilliance. rolex 18ct yellow gold alloy is cast in its own foundry to ensure a peerless lustre that graces the case and bracelet of the day-date 40.
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